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Thank you for favouriting "Dreamwalker Dash"! :scootangel:

Thank you very much for your cacophony of favorites! I'm quite glad that you like my poetry.:pinkiehappy: Thank you for your follow as well.

1576818 your welcome and merry Christmas to you to the :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for the fav. And Merry Christmas to you.

Thanks for the Favorite on Destinies for a Day! :twilightsmile:

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My new OC picture

My new Windwhirl OC picture was done by one of my best friends her name is Devon Windwhirl but most of what Windwhirl looks like are mostly my ideas, Devon had some ideas that I loved! So what do you think of my OC Windwhirl?😃

I am a 25 year old pegasister. I love making OC's. My best friend draws the OC''s that I discribe because I can't draw to save my life! :)

Windwhirl's pics