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Hello faithful viewers! I am here for all your parody needs. What is this group for, you may ask? Putting in parody stories! It can be a parody of a genre of stories, parodies of other stories, stories with parodies of songs in them, pony parodies of other works and all that. Here are the rules.

1. We do allow mature stories.

2. Be respectful to everyone, even those who make the type of stories you are parodying.

3. No submitting stories twice/spaming

4. You may put in your very own Weird Al style parody song in the forums. I'll be excited to see what you all come up with.

5. Have fun.

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Congratulations! This group was listed in New Groups. It was deserved because of its freshness.

It's so wierd that I run into this group as I'm writing a Rainbow Factory parody.
It's destiny.

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