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Fimfiction's Story Idea Grab Bag

Do you have a IDEA but don't know how to write it !?

Want to write but don't have a idea !?

This is the place. Put your ideas here, and some one will make a story out it

If you are here to add to our possible story premises, just go to our forum and make a new post to the appropriate thread. If your idea fits into a category we don't currently have, feel free to make a new thread. Links to posts from other groups are also acceptable, as long as you include a brief description on your post here of what the idea is and where the link goes.

If you'd like to write one of the story premises you find here, be sure to submit the story to the group. It's very important that you cite the source of the premise you used; it would not be fair to the person who submitted the idea if you did not credit them for your inspiration.

Happy writing!

p.s. If you can make a Icon or banner for the group I would love it


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I Had an idea for a story.

Characters involved. Twilight (Princess mode) And possobly mane 6.

Plot: Diplomatic mission to (X- Foriegn country, I chose sphinxes at the time it hought of it) and she goes to try her best. Only she does something considered bad in their culture or insults them or something.

um yo here's my idea its a displaced as the psycaptain from mutants genetic gladiators in a version of equestria where mutants are common place and can even be tamed the mutants cab be dangerous your character must know the game somewhat and he must be at a gaming convention not a comic con.please try and keep pairing straight and not cringy oh and the character must begin with the basics like everyone else.

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