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This story is a sequel to Power Ponies: Harmony Forever

Three months after Discordant Convergence, hundreds of ponies started to gain superpowers. To solve the mystery of why or where they came from, the Power Ponies will have to travel the world in search of the New Heroes. Along the way, they encounter betrayals, faces from the past, and secrets hidden from those close to them.

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Oh this is good. I expected Spike to run into Terry in the woods

Let's see, Tirek, aka Arcanus is the Dread to the point where Darkmatter, aka Sombra has heard of him and seems scared, the Dazzlings, or rather the Sirens here, are working for him, the Power Ponies's pets now have powers, and Spike/Hum Drum is now indestructible, or at least made of diamond, add that to him being a small dragon which includes imperviousness to heat and fire breath (If he is a dragon) and he might actually be pretty useful.

So Wynona can turn intangible, Gummy can turn into metal, hopefully for him, mobile, Opal can create waves of energy by scratching the air, Angel can teleport, (his name is GENIUS!), Tank can fly even without his magitek copter and Owlowicious, or whatever, leave it to Twilight to give him a complicated name, can create tornados like Taz. Nice, I do hope we get an explanation for why this happens, albeit this is a comic book universe so, as long as it sounds semi plausible if we suspend our disbelief, then I'm good.

"Except we shouldn't waste any time talking about our escape and spend it on fighting our enemies," Gryphon Galore said strictly.

You mean Gryphon Galore has some degree of Genre Savvy? :pinkiegasp:

"Hum Drum with superpowers," the Mane-iac said. "I've gone crazier than ever."

Well at least she's aware that she's insane.

"Well, looks like we're getting an extended time with our psychiatrists," the Mane-iac said. "I've been meaning to tell him about my middle-school days when my imaginary friend kept stealing my lunch money."

I'm not sure if I should laugh or feel bad... though by this time, Mane-iac is probably on a first name basis with her psychiatrists, luckily she isn't as skilled in manipulation as Joker or else she might be even worse, but there's still Anar D and Lord Arcanus who are skilled with words and Adagio, or whatever she's called here, is pretty good with them too, but, we'll see.

Suddenly, the pets started doing their powers also. Their owners were surprised when they saw it.

This feels a bit clunky, perhaps it's work better if they went back to their HQ where they saw the pets demonstrating their new abilities and how they are in a sense, related to their owner's powers/personality, for example, Saddle Rager is a perfectly nice, if very shy pony when she's not mad, and probably wishes she could just teleport away sometimes which Angel can go, for Whirly Bird, Wind is one of the 4 traditional elements and Matter Horn can fire elemental beams from her horn, Gummy turning to stone is the exact opposite of Fili-Second's Super Speed, Wynona turning intangible would negate Marevelous trying to catch her with her lasso, Opal's energy slashes remind me of Radience's energy constructs but for pure attack with less finesse and Zapp is a pegasus and now her pet can fly. Unintentional Fridge Brilliance.

"Then it's obvious," Filli-Second said ominously. "This is all orchestrated by an evil demon that's capable of making us weak and making himself stronger. And once he's done with us... he'll destroy us all!"

Fili, while Arcanus is undoubtably dangerous, and good at manipulation, but, that seems a bit far fetched for him to affect the pets.

"I can change myself with diamond-hard skin and become indestructible," Hum Drum said. "And since I'm a dragon, I'm impervious to extreme heat. I can't be hurt. I see no downside. Come on. This is what I've dreamed of for years.

He has a point, short of possibly powerful sonic vibrations shattering his diamond form, I don't really see any downsides, he's practically indestructible.

"I'm down with that, homie," Filli-Second said.

Never say that again, please.

"You're probably right, Devastator,"

Transformers reference ahoy!

Also, I had a weird idea for a superhero, using Fancy Pants, aka The Dirigeant, his powers are mainly hypnosis and mental suggestion, it's based off of how influential he is, he's essentially capable of mind control, but not overtly, but a mental suggestion like a Jedi Mind Trick, planting the seeds of an idea in someone's head making them think it's their idea in the first place, or outright hypnosis if he has to, however, due to his abilities and his name, other heroes tend to be weary of him, thinking that he could easily become a supervillain if he so chose. So, waddaya think of him?

5479194 Fancy Pants/the Dirigeant, eh? Um... We'll see. Not making any promises, though.

I'll give you three guesses who I based Blue Comet after.

Flash Sentry?

"IT'S BREAKING," she screamed. "THE BALANCE IS BREAKING!" She opened her eyes and had fear gazing in them. "AND HE'S COMING!"

That doesn't sound good...

"Only one entry per customer," the stallion said. "The Siren Sisters are strict on these terms."
"The Siren Sisters," Mistress Marevelous asked.
"Serena, Carol, and Melody," the stallion said. "They're humans and they've got the best voices in Equestria. In fact, they performed a little number for me before I decided to work for them." Suddenly, his eyes began to flash green. It creeped the Power Ponies out.

So that's what they're called instead of the Dazzlings, nice.

"This is it, girls," Serena said. "The moment we've been waiting for all day."
"Dinner," Carol asked.
"No," Serena said. "We're going to do our enchanted performance."
"Ooooooh," Carol said.
"So we do the exact same thing we did last night," Melody said. "That's a lot more ponies than there were last night."
"Which only makes it better," Serena said. "When these ponies make Lord Arcanus strong enough, not even the Power Ponies can stop him from getting back."
"But we can still have dinner after, right," Carol said. "It's Pizza Friday."
"Just follow my lead," Serena said.
"Or my lead," Melody said.
"MY lead," Serena growled.

*grins* This is like the exchange in Rainbow Rocks.


That sounds sinister.

I gave this song the same tune as the one in Batman: Brave and the Bold, "Birds of Prey". With three girls singing to an audience, it was too easy.

Fair enough, not to mention that they're not exactly very nice, with only one of them being particularly nice, Black Canary, or here, Carol, though Carol I see as Affably Evil, she's a perfectly nice girl, but also a sadistic Siren.

I'll give you three guesses who I based Blue Comet after.

Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! I KNOW! I KNOW! I KNOW! PICK ME! PICK ME! It's Waifu Stealer! Sorry, Brad Boring! Sorry, Flash Sentry! Did I get it, did I get it, huh, huh, huh?:pinkiehappy:

"Anar D," Mistress Marevelous asked. "As in Anar D, Anar D."

Do you know any other Anar D?

"Wait a minute," Mistress Marevelous said. "At the siren's show, the host said their manager was named Dr. Mark Tate. Scramble the letters, and it says..."

Reminds me of when a Discord went under the alias of Drocsid.

"He has a new body," Anar D explained. "He's become a robotic werewolf; a 'wirewolf', to say."

Wirewolf, very clever.

"Rrrright," the Shadow Blot said. "This is Devastator. He can combine himself with other technology to augment himself. And if he has to, he'll swallow everything he sees."

That is f*cking awesome, what with the Power Ponies universe having much higher tech.

"Not really, kid," Timberwolf said. "Devastator has a very limited grasp on the English language. Devastate is pretty much the only thing he can say when it's not 'Devastator smash'. We wirewolves are the only ones who can understand him."

So a cross between Groot and Hulk.

"OH, NO," the princesses gasped in fear.

I dunno, this feels a bit off somehow, maybe instead of that, it could be like this: (Could being the key word, your choice in the end)

The Princesses paled in horror "No." whispered Luna, hoping against hope she had misheard, or that there was some mistake.

5487766 When did Discord use an anagram?


Not in your fic, but I remember seeing it somewhere.

5487766 Yeah, that surprise is better. I just had a shortage of surprised reactions in this chapter.


It's OK, noone's perfect, I just thought it felt off for the Princesses to react like that,they're obviously horrified, but for them to react so openly? Celestia is usually calm and composed,the only time she's ever lost it is when Discord got loose where she was obviously hiding her terror, probably hoping against hope that Discord wasn't free, then in Lesson Zero when she managed to nullify the Want It Need It spell, then Canterlot Wedding against Chrysalis and before against Twilight, she doesn't take well to the thought of her little ponies being hurt in any way, Luna seems a bit too prideful to react like that and seems more like the kind to react with more subtle horror and Cadence, while younger then the other 2, has shown to be level headed and while she may be good at thinking on the fly, such as Shining throwing her in Crystal Empire, even she has limits such as her growing annoyance in Glass of Water. Basically I felt a more subtle reaction would work better, but that's just my opinion.

But before we sealed the portal, we heard Arcanus vow to return and plague Equestria with 1,000 years of darkness."

Clever reference to G1 Tirek, nice.

"My wild imagination, huh," Filli-Second scoffed at Zapp.


"I leave you all alone for a few months, and look what happens," Anar D said. "Everything's gone to pot."

Best pony.

Anar D is the almighty accident.

That's a new one.

Now, you better hang on to your seat next chapter, because Anar D is going to make a choice that will affect his friendship with the Power Ponies.

Oh dear...

That G1 Tirek thing... That was unintentional. I've never seen G1 Tirek.


He's from the G1 premiere special, Rescue at Midnight Castle, he spends the first half of his appearances in the dark, which gives Hm a menacing feel, he weirdos the Rainbow of Darkness which mutates ponies into Dragons to pull his chariot of midnight so he can bring about the Night That Never Ends, so Nightmare Moon's plot was be same as his, which makes sense as FIM was going to be a reboot of G1. Anyway, Tirek when revealed looks fairly menacing for a 80's villain of a little girls show but less threatening then when he was in the darkness on his throne, Scorpan is his servant in this version whom he frequent,y mistreats and Scorpan only serves him because or else he'll kill G1 Spike, whom at one point Tirek threatened with decapitation. Dark.


That would just annoy him.

"Glad to see you girls haven't changed much," Anar D said. "And just so you know, garlic and silver bullets wouldn't even work on the Boogeyman."

Or you for that matter I should think.

Anar D looked and Darkmatter was behind him. Darkmatter's horn glowed and blasted a red beam. Anar D split his head and dodged it. "You must be Darkmatter. In that case..." He then popped up a matador costume and held up a red blanket. "Torro. Torro."

Should have seen that coming, incidentally,bulls are colorblind, they only react to the wild flapping movement of the cape.

"Oh, please," Darkmatter said. "I've seen it all before. You're falling into the same trap that befell my brother."

Darkmatter had a brother? That's new, who is he? The good King Sombra ffrom the Mirror Universe arc in the comics?

"Welcome to the show," Carol said. "Ooh, that could be a good song name!"

It is.

Now, Anar D is evil again. That guy should make up his mind

He's Discord, Spirit of Heel Face Revolving Door. Plus, I'm half expecting him to either fall into the same trap that claimed Discord with Tirek and all that, or have some sort of backup plan in case they betrayed him, being one who is used to betraying, while it might be odd to be the one betrayed, it's not entirely impossible and since Anar D has been shown to be a bit more Genre Savvy then the original Discord, he might, or not. I'm interested in seeing where this goes.

"According to the radio," Dusk said, "The closest town with any report of a New Hero is Sweet Apple Acres."

Big Mac?

"One hour, three minutes, and twelve seconds, I'd say."

That'd oddly specific.

The Power Ponies and Mighty Machines gasped in shock. They didn't see the Earth pony standing there before. He had a brown mane and a white collar and black tie. His Cutie Mark was an hourglass. He took out a pocket watch and opened it.

Doctor Whooves! or more commonly the Doctor, but the pocket watch thing makes me think of Professor Paradox from Ben Ten Alien Force.

"Wrong questions," the stallion said. "The real question is, when?"

Definitly Paradox.

"Hmm," the stallion pondered. "I've been traveling for so long, I've seem to have forgotten my name. Well, until further notice, just call me the Doctor."


"We should call him a good therapist," Zapp whispered to her friends.

I like this one! :pinkiehappy:

"It's a prophecy, Sherlock." the Doctor said. "I was trying to be mysterious. Well, I'll see you all in a couple of weeks... or sooner." Suddenly, a bright light glowed from his body. When the light dimmed, he wasn't there anymore.

Propecies, always so damn vague. And usually self fulfilling.

"Duh," Carol said. "We're making them heroes because we also put something else in our spells." Serena stroked her fingers across her throat angrily. "What? What did I say?"
"Come on, Serena," Anar D said. "We've known each other for 10,000 years. Couldn't you tell little ol' me?"
"Don't bother," Darkmatter said. "They're not telling me."
"All you need to know is that we are called the Order of Change because that's what we're going to do to the world," Serena said.
"Oh, yeah," Carol said. "What she said is what I meant... to say."
"And it's what you would've said if you weren't so lame," Melody groaned.
"You are," Carol argued.

I love these small references to the appearances of these characters, like here, Rainbow Rocks.

Serena grabbed both her sisters' hair and pushed their heads against each other.

You mean, she smacked their heads against each other?

"Fine," Anar D complained. "Then I won't teach you the lyrics to Glass of Water." He disappeared.

*4th wall cracks* *sigh* I got it.

"I trust the guy who banished us to the Netherealm as far as I can throw him," Serena said.

Fair enough, and he probably doesn't trust you much either.

Suddenly, three young ponies landed in front of the ponies and wirewolves. There was a yellow Earth pony that rose with vines, a white unicorn that materialized slowly, and an orange pegasus with rockets on her skates. They were wearing costumes and masks that matches their manes.

The CMC?

"Nowhere Mare," the white unicorn declared.
"And Turbo Girl," the orange pegasus declared.
"C.R.U.S.A.D.E.," the three shouted.

Nice names.

"Apple Bloom," Mistress Marevelous asked in shock as she recognized the yellow one as her little sister.
"Sweetie Belle," Radiance asked in shock as she recognized the white one as her little sister.
"Scootaloo," Zapp asked in shock as she recognized the orange one as her biggest fan.

Well I do hope somebody picks up that phone. Because I f*cking called it!

"HEY," Apple Bloom shouted revealing herself. "You just broke the secret identity code!"

Oh dear, this can either be dismissed, or it will end up with the three fillies going Syndrome from the Incredibles, also, Carol's talk about having put "something else" in their song spell does not in the least bit reassure me, in fact, I think it's not going to end well for the heroes.

"Oh," a small, snarly voice said. "The big unicorn has some fine jewelry on her."
"Can we take it now, Spot," a bigger snarl said.
"Not now, Fido," the small snarl said. "Let's just watch until the right time."

Diamond Dogs, this should be fun, since Radience not only has her wits and unicorn magic, but also her superpowers.

"You've got superpowers," Apple Bloom shouted. "That's so awesome!"

It would be, if the Sirens hadn't put something in the superpowers giving spell that will probably give Arcanus an army when he returns, also, think about it this way, if everypony is super, nopony is.

"Forget the pony," the higher snarl said. "We must have... the dragon."

Please tell me you two are serious, because he could probably outsmart you, out fire breath you, and if he doesn't want to cooperate, I doubt you can do much.

"As opposed to what I'm saying now that I found out another way," Mistress Marevelous asked. "I am very angry with you kids; so angry, I can't think of a punishment harsh enough."

Oh come on MM, they're fillies, they aren't as moral as you girls.

That's good enough."

I find that hilarious for some reason.

"I know what those things are," the Masked Matterhorn said with fear in her voice, "And I know why they want Hum Drum! And I know that if we don't find them, Hum Drum won't make it out alive."

Oh come on, Hum Drum isn't that bad, he's a dragon, he'll probably make it out alive since I doubt the Diamond Dogs have anything that can pierce dragon scale.

"Oh, forgive my brothers," the dog said. "They're not big on manners. We are an underground tribe of jewel-worshipping mutts called the Under Dogs. I'm the Alpha of the pack. The name's Rover, but everyone calls me the Under King."

Well at least he's better then the canon Diamond Dogs, hopefully he's a nice guy and will be helpful later on.

"On the contrary, kid," the Under King said, "You've done something legendary. Throw this dragon, Hum Drum, a feast!"

Seems I might be right.

C.R.U.S.A.D.E. turned their eyes to the rope and felt strange. They saw it glow in a rainbow of colors. They felt the same glow coming from their eyes.


"You're right," Seedling said. "We shouldn't have sold our services."
"We were just too tempted," Nowhere Mare said. "It's so easy, but we just couldn't stop."
"But give us one last chance," Turbo Girl said, "And we will never lie again."

You actually never lied, last I checked, but you have a point.

"No problem, sis," Seedling said. "In fact..." She pulled out a gold coin and gave it to her sister. "I got this from dishonest means. I'm giving this to you as a vow to always be honest like you."
"Thanks, I guess," Mistress Marevelous said accepting the bit.

I think I can see where this is going.

"Like I told you, we Under Dogs worship gems," the Under King said. "That makes you a perfect guy to worship."

He has a point.

"Of course," the Under King answered. "That particular diamond is Tarastone, the rarest and most precious gem in all of Equestria."

This reminds me of a book series called Tara Duncan, where the main protagonist has a streak of differently colored hair, just like Twi, has incredible magic, like Twi, becomes a Princess, like Twi, is awesome, like Twi, a girl, like Twi, and eventually gets a magical stone. Ironic.

"So as soon as we heard you were coming," the Under King said, "We cleared our vaults and gave you a feast of gems big enough to satisfy 10 grown dragons. And if I may give you a suggestion, eat your gems while you're in your diamond-form. You'll get better resiliance while you're eating."

So the gems would go into reinforcing his diamond armor, nice.

"Oh, you already are," the Under King said. "GRAB HIM, BOYS!"


"Well, everyone worships jewels," the Under King sang,
"So let me be crystal clear
What we're going to do
Is chip all of you
Until there's nothing here"

That could kill him.

"Oh, for a bunch of dirty dogs, they make great musicians."

*shrugs* Everyone has hidden talents.

"Nowhere Mare... *sigh* ...will turn invisible and release Hum Drum. Is everyone celar on the plan?"

Clear you mean.

"Oh, yeah," Masque sighed carelessly. Everyone panicked when they saw him strolling down the hallway with each step going along with the music. "I'm gone."
"NOT YET, MASQUE," the Shadow Blot panicked.
The heroes tried to catch him, but they saw Under Dogs carrying Hum Drum closer to the end of the hallway. They hid and waited for their friend. The Masked Matterhorn reached out to him, but before she could catch him, the door slammed open in her face.
The door slowly closed and the heroes saw a female Under Dog dance out of the doorway and scatting. They saw the robotic tail behind her, so they knew it was Masque in disguise. The tail turned into a dog's and Masque continued scatting. Fascinated, the Under King danced and scatted with Masque.
"Getting mad, baby," Masque said.
They continued scatting until every Under Dog went to the big finish.

This is like that scene out of the Jungle Book, interesting...

"TAKE ME HOME, DADDY," Masque shouted.
"ONE MORE TIME," the Under King shouted smacking Masque on the back.
Masque didn't notice that the hit messed up his disguise. Now, every Under Dog looked and stared as Masque was dancing not knowing he wasn't in disguise.
"YEAH," he sang alone,
He continued scatting until he took a good look at his body. He stopped dancing when he saw that the jig was up.
"Man," Masque said.

This IS a shout out to the Jungle Book!

When the smoke cleared from the wall, there was a unicorn standing in the hole. Darkmatter was standing tall. The Siren Sisters were behind him.
"Good evening, dogs from the deepest dumpsters," he said. "We are tonight's entertainment. I only have one question: where is the little monkey, Twilight Sparkle?"

Oh pants.

The whole song is based off of "I Wanna Be Like You" from the Jungle Book movie.

Thought so.

Also, DUN-DUN-DUUUUUUN! The Order of Change have arrived. What will this lead the team to?

Probably to them getting defeated, despite being a team and outnumbering them, Darkmatter is very powerful, the Siren Sister could probably cause a cave in, and they are experts in spreading disharmony, every little argument feeds them, making them stronger.

5513112 that is one long list/comment .:rainbowderp:

Well, I'm calling it the Tarastone because it's named after Twilight Sparkle's voice actor, Tara Strong.

I , for one, have no complaints about your long comments, because I enjoy how you take quotes from my story and say what you think about them. Keep on doing it. :pinkiehappy:


Oh. Well, I'll gladly continue.

You can imagine a hallway with 5 doors on each side. The Power Ponies, the Mighty Machines, C.R.U.S.A.D.E., Shining Armor, Darkmatter, the Siren Sisters, Anar D, and the Under Dogs chased each other through each door and had completely random scenarios. The last one was when C.R.U.S.A.D.E. was chasing Serena.

So, Scooby Doo doors, love this stuff.

"He said dogs of a pack have each other's back," the Shadow Blot said.
The Under King looked at the boulder above him. He saw it glow in a rainbow of colors. He felt the same glow from his own eyes.


"What," the Under King asked. He looked and saw that the Machines were right. He was lifting the whole boulder on his own. And just as easily, he put it safely on the ground.

So he gets super strength, eh,a bit generic, but it works.

"Oh, goodie," Fido shouted. "I love Let's Pretend!"

You're even dumber then Sonata/Carol and Fili-Second, Ok, that's a bit unfair, they're not dumb, especially Fili-Second, they're just a bit ditzy sometimes.

"Yes," the Under King said. "In fact, I'd like to offer my services in your search for the New Heroes. I'll send Under Dogs to every corner of the globe in search for those the Siren Sisters enchanted. Also..." The Under King reached into his pocket and pulled out something. "The pups in Arts-N-Crafts made this. I want to give it to you as a sign of my change for the better."
In Radiance's hoof, the Under King gave a thread spool with a string wrapped around it. The string was covered with different colors like a rainbow.


Your Honor, this isn't possible, the Diamond Dogs, or Under Dogs here, may have hands, but they look more like paws, and they are far too large and thick to create a spool of rainbow thread like Coco had in the show!


"Absolutely not," Darkmatter said. "I'm just tired of chasing her. For over a decade, I've been going after her. I think it's time that she... came to me."

Oh dear.

I think Darkmatter is going to capture Matterhorn's friends, and then theres a note where to meet him, and then she trades herself in order to save her friends.

Hopefully this makes sense. :facehoof:

its funny that Darkmatter and Matterhorn both have the word Matter in their Supper/Villian name's.

The Mighty Machines then looked at Saddle Rager sternly and pointed at Devastator. As soon as Saddle Rager understood what they were trying to say, her face fell in shock. She cheered and hugged Devastator.
"Devastate," Devastator said hugging his old friend.


"Warn the others about what exactly?"
Timberwolf saw the Order of Change behind him and gasped. His teeth let go of his knee and he fell back to the ground.
"If you're going to finish me off, just do it."
"Finish you," Anar D said. He picked up Timberwolf's head. "Oh, no. Actually, we're going to put you back on your body."
"You are," Timberwolf asked. "Why?"
"We need you walking," Darkmatter said. "We have an important message for you to deliver to the little monkey, Twilight Sparkle aka the Masked Matterhorn."
"What sort of message," Timberwolf asked preparing for the worst.

Oh boy, I like how sinister Anar D is here in his own little way.

I was sort of right about Twilight/matterhorn turning her self in part.:facehoof:

"Here we are, team," the Masked Matterhorn said as the Harmony Wind landed in a barren land. "THis is the next location for the next New Hero: the Pie Rock Farm."

You capitalized the H, also, a lot of homes being visited, a sense a trend.

"First, my home," Mistress Marevelous said, "And now, Filli's. I'm sensing a theme here."


The team followed the crack down the forest. They came to a large clearing and saw a gray pony in the middle of the field. She had a gray mane, a gloomy face, and a dark-green turtleneck sweater.

Yay Maud! And I think it's dark grey more then dark green, and she doesn't seem gloomy, more like deadpan to me honestly, but I nitpick.

"Yeah," Filli-Second said. "I know what you're thinking... We're probably twins!"
"Not exactly the word I'd use," Hum Drum said.

Nor would I.

"I don't know if you noticed," Maud said, "But I don't really express my feelings the same way my sister does."

Fair enough, while Pinkie very much shows her emotions, and is very energetic, Maud is fairly reversed, she's not a robot as she does show emotion, but you'd probably have to be a Pie to be able to tell, my guess her facial expression changes very subtly when she's in different mood, but most ponies and creatures can't tell is all.

"It's called geokinesis," the Masked Matterhorn said.
"Or, in other media, Earthbending," Filli-Second shouted.

That is freaking cool. On the rock farm where there's no shortage of rocks or ground, she's nearly invincible!

"Yeah," Filli-Second said. "You need a superhero name. I'm thinking... Terrani

Terrani, not bad, not bad, personally I'd go for just plain Terra as a sort of Teen Titans homage, but oh well, your fic, you decide.

"Never change, Maud," Filli-Second said hugging her sister. "Never change."

Agreed, this is really Heartwarming, those moments that just give you the warm and fuzzies.

"No," Shining Armor gasped. "Darkmatter knows the secret of killing an alicorn, the Siren Sisters can change society with their voices, and Anar D can defy the laws of reality. Together, they can bring down the entire world."

Yep. All 3 aline would be able to take down the world, so all 3 together AND Tirek/Arcanus, hoo boy are they in for a fight.

"Unless you turn yourself in to them, they'll attack Maretropolis. They'll be taking their time making sure that every room in every building is burned to the ground. If you don't give yourself up, the Order of Change will burn your home to the ground."

... Well this just got dark.

HOLLY MATTERHORN! How will Power Ponies get out of this one? Let hope this will be good. Next time on Power Ponies. Same Power Ponies time SAME Power Ponies Channel.

"Destroy Maretropolis," the Masked Matterhorn asked in shock. "They can't be serious!"

To quote Discord, "A weighty choice is yours to make, the right selection or a big mistake, if the wrong choice you choose to pursue, the foundations of home will crumble without you.", one of his more sinister moments.

"Make this broadcast worldwide," Darkmatter said. "I want to be certain my little monkey sees me."

What is it with him calling her a monkey anyway?

"ARREVEDIRCI," Anar D shouted.

I think it's spelled arrivederchi. Also, nice call back to Return of Harmony, and It's Our House now is a very fun villain song.

"NO!" Shining Armor returned to the group with fear filling his eyes. "TWILIGHT IS GONE!"

*sarcastically* Shocker.

"Oh, that was a good tongue-twister," Carol said. "Try this one: the Sinister Sorceress sent six super-sized skates and silk socks to Soaron."

That is a good one.

"The Siren Sisters offered me something better than simple tea parties," Anar D explained. "For the past three months, I've worked my tail off because of a favor for you and the others. I thought it was because we were friends. Now that I think about it, when I returned you didn't ask me how I was or say 'welcome back'. You didn't even give me a hoof bump. Personally, if I had to choose where to be imprisoned between friendship and Pandora's Box, I'd choose the latter."

... He has a point, I mean, the Power Ponies haven't exactly been friendly to him, I mean, weary of him is one thing, it's normal, he's a high level reality warper with a penchant for sadistic mind games, but, they haven't exactly been trying to keep his friendship, I'm sorry, but I have to side with Anar D here.

"The truth about us," Darkmatter said. "You see, I call you a monkey, because that makes me..." The Masked Matterhorn was not prepared for what he said next. "...A monkey's uncle."


The princess hero widened her eyes and tried to believe that he didn't just say what she thought he said. But she knew what she heard.

I would have reacted the same way

"We're in the Everfree Forest," Filli-Second said. "I've heard rumors say that it eats your brain and rots your mind... Kind of like cartoons."


Interested in Zapp's words, the Lone Mare looked at the box that the artifact was in. She saw it have a rainbow glow and she felt the same feeling in her own eyes. She smiled and looked back at Zapp.

Probably a pin or something. Also, Rainbow Glow of Loyalty means I've figured out the riddle, and riddles being what they are, it's doubtful that it's something material. It's more of a concept most likely.

The zebra smiled with confidence. "'I always stick, but I'm not glue. You don't choose me, I choose you. No matter what, I'm here in the end. Just accept and see me as a friend'."
The Lone Mare breathed in confidence and declared. "The answer is... Loyalty!"
"That is..." Madame Arocez said, "...Correct." She reached to the box behind her and presented it to the Lone Mare.

Called it.

"Thanks," Zapp said taking the pin. Suddenly, the pin glowed in a rainbow of colors and Zapp was surprised. "This must be that Pin of Loyalty."

Should have known.

"That's it," Timberwolf asked. "That's it?! That's what this Everfree Forest gets its creepiness from?! That little, hollow cylinder?!"

Eh, Weird stuff is as weird stuff does.

"Yes, I'm a traitor," Anar D said, "But you're the one shackled and bound for death."
"He has a point," Carol said.

He tends to. Have good points that is.

"The truth about us," Darkmatter said. "You see, I call you a monkey, because that makes me..." The Masked Matterhorn was not prepared for what he said next. "...A monkey's uncle."

Superhero cliche number 25, villain is related to hero in a way. Also, that monkey's uncle line reminds me of Scar from Lion King. Darkmatter now has the voice of Scar.

Also, Arocez is based off Zecora (her name backwards) and the Lone Mare is based off of Daring Do.

Yes, no offense, but between "I work alone" and "Rhyme on a dime", it wasn't particularly difficult to figure out. What IS/ARE Lone Mare's powers, anyway?

5538728 Sorry. I should have cleared up the fact about the Lone Mare's powers. It's identity transformation; changing from the small, meek A.K. Yearling to the brave, courageous Lone Mare with amazing stamina and skill. Sort of like Freakazoid or Danny Phantom.

"That's exactly what I'm saying," Darkmatter said. "Your father, Velvet Sky, is my older brother."

His canonical name is Night Light.

"You're kidding me," Anar D said with a disappointed tone. "You're telling me that this whole thing was all about jealousy? You're weirder than I thought. And what about your little method for killing alicorns? You know, there was a very, very small chance the kid was going to be princess."

I have to agree with him here.

"Oh, yeah," the Masked Matterhorn asked. "I faced sinister sorceresses, an army of Changelings, a dragon made of my own magic... even Hum Drum's morning breath. I can handle anything."

Sinister Sorceress. Capitalize both words, it is her name.

"Do I," Darkmatter said. "Not as long as I have this!" He held up a little necklace. At the front, there was a red jewel surrounded by a decorative, black alicorn on it. The Masked Matterhorn gasped when she saw it.

Oh dear, Trixie with the AA was bad enough, so Sombra/Darkmatter with it? Oh dear...

"Because there's a side-effect of the Alicorn Amulet," Darkmatter said. "The more you use it, the more it takes influence over your body. I can't risk my mind."

Good move, he's Genre Savvy enough to that he can't risk his mental stability if he wants to win.

"What mind," the Masked Matterhorn asked.

As hilarious as this is, you need to put a question mark there not a comma.

"Instead, I've got a weapon in storage upstairs that'll work," Darkmatter continued. "It absorbs the magic from any artifact and makes into a focusing beam."
"So when you put the Alicorn Amulet in the machine," Serena said, "It becomes some kind of... death ray for alicorns."

Death rays, of course, a comic book supervillain is never complete without a death ray.

"Whew," Anar D sighed. "I thought they'd never leave. Now, then..." He approached the control panel and started to push buttons. There was no reaction.
"What are you doing now," the Matterhorn asked in anger.
"Oh, what does it look like I'm doing," Anar D asked trying to tug a piece of the tube off. "I'm trying to get you out of here so we can stop them from freeing Arcanus."
"What," the Masked Matterhorn asked in confusion. "But... I thought you betrayed us."
"You actually bought all that," Anar D asked in a chuckle. "Kid, the last thing I want is to join forces with the very girls who tried to kill me 10,000 years ago. I'm still on the side of truth, justice, and the Equestrian way and all that jazz."


"Why," the Masked Matterhorn asked.
"Because that's where they're going to bring back Arcanus from," Anar D explained. "I convinced them to tell me they're plan. When they gave the New Heroes superpowers, they also put in a life-draining spell that takes away their essence. Once they're at the highest point here, which it the top of the tower, they'll use the essence of superheroes to open a portal and break the chains off of Arcanus at the same time. And if that happens, the New Heroes are goners!"

That's, darker then I thought, I thought that they'd have put a subconcious mind control spell in their "give superpowers" songspell, so that they could have an army, or a buffet for Tirek/Arcanus. Oh wel.

Anar D pushed a button, and everything the Masked Matterhorn said couldn't be heard.

And you're not simply using your powers, because?

"Hold on," Anar D said. "I can explain."

Considering he seems to be slightly nervous, I'd replace that period with an exclamation mark.

The Ponies and wirewolves attacked Anar D, but the draconequus didn't try to fight back. Dusk blasted shadows from his claws into D's face. Masque tripped Anar D with his tail. Timberwolf ripped off his arm and smacked Anar D with it. Filli-Second ran in a circle around him making him dizzy. Radiance formed a hard-light flyswatter and smacked him with it. Hum Drum turned into diamond form and punched him with it.
"THIS IS FOR BETRAYING US," Saddle Rager shouted turning into her monster form. She and Devastator punched Anar D back and forth between each other like a ping-pong ball.
Finally, Mistress Marevelous levitated her rope and hogtied the draconequus.
"Whoa, whoa, whoa," Anar D shouted. "Where's the fire!"
Suddenly, Rodan reached out his claws and fire came out of it blasting Anar D. The fire cleared and the draconequus was covered with soot.

Guess I'm right and this stuff is doing little more then annoy him.

"Back when you were evil, you trashed my living room," Blue Comet said. "That was payback."

I like this characterization of Flash, a fairly nice guy, but more then willing to simply let Anar D get trashed because his living room was trashed by said draconequus, then again, it's probably also because he knows it won't hurt him much.

Suddenly, everyone screamed when they saw Darkmatter at the doorway. Next to him was a large, mechanical cannon with the Alicorn Amulet in a capsule on top.
"So, Anar D cannot be trusted with anything," Darkmatter said. "Therefore, you must be destroyed along with the little monkey." He pulled a lever and the cannon started to hum.

You seriously think Anar D doesn't know how to DOOOODGE?

Determined, Devastator reached the front of the group and faced the death ray. Suddenly, the death ray blasted and headed towards the big wirewolf. Then, Devastator opened his mouth really largely. The inside of his mouth had boring tools. The blast went right inside of the big guy. As soon as the cannon stopped firing, Devastator closed his mouth. Darkmatter was astonished when he saw that Devastator's belly was glowing.

He ate the death ray. He ate the death ray. Wow. I'm impressed.

"But you're a mindless beast," Darkmatter said nervously. "How?"
"Devastator..." Devastator said. He then opened his mouth pointed at Darkmatter. A larger blast shot out of his mouth and he shouted the rest of his sentence from it. "...SMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASH!"

*squees in delight*

The red beam covered Darkmatter and his death ray. Darkmatter screamed wildly as he felt major pain flowing through his body. When the blast cleared, the death way was gone, but Darkmatter was standing with cracks covering him. He looked at the Power Ponies with complete anger.

Death Ray. R. Not W. Also, complete anger sounds, clunky, why not pure rage instead? It sounds smoother to me... But it is your fic.

"Hey, Anar D," Saddle Rager said, "Why didn't you just use your magic to teleport Matterhorn out?"
"AW, MAN," Anar D shouted.

You're an idiot Anar D. and again, not comma, exclamation mark.

"Not so fast, Siren Sisters," the Masked Matterhorn shouted as she bursted through the door with her friends.

Superhero comic book cliche number 37, "Not so fast."

"All right," the Masked Matterhorn declared. "Let's Power Pony up!"

In anything else except a superhero comic book, that'd be uber corny. And here, it still is, but it works.

"NO," the Blue Comet shouted as he flew in front of the beam. He was pushed toward the Masked Matterhorn. He didn't pass out, but his mask slipped off of his face when they hit a wall. When she saw his face, the Masked Matterhorn gasped.
"News Flash," the Masked Matterhorn asked, "The TV reporter? But why..."
"Talk later," News Flash said putting his mask back on.

Good. And again, Exclamation mark not comma.

"We... We did it," Anar D said. He then celebrated. "WEEEEE DID IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT! WE WON AT LAST!"

I think your troubles have just started actually.

"Oh," Anar D said. "All right. Ask me anything, friends?"

Period. Not question mark.


Actually, not capitalizing "sinister sorceresses" is correct, as she was describing who she had faced, rather than just rattling off the villains' names.

Everything else you mentioned was spot on!

5539432 Hey, could you please not give me any grammar mistake comments in the future?


Sorry, just trying to help. And it's not entirely gramatical errors, I have put actual commentary on the chapter in the comment.


Glad you can comment again, and keep reading. You'll see how right you are.

"It was all a set-up that I made," Anar D said. "I came up with it on the way to apprehend them. We still didn't know why they wanted the New Heroes and I knew they would try to convince me to join their side, so I played along and gained their trust until I could learn their plan. After that, I'd reveal myself as a double-agent."

As expected of the Master of Manipulation, Discord is very much that good. This pleases me. Have a Spike.:moustache:

"So... this whole thing was an act," Mistress Marevelous asked. "What about all the devastation you brought here in Maretropolis?"

She has a point.

"I only pulled some harmless pranks," Anar D said. "Think about it. I popped off Timberwolf's head, but that happens to him all the time. I could've followed the Order of Change into the Under Dog catacombs to capture you, but I didn't. And during our siege for Maretropolis, no one got hurt because of me. Those should've been obvious signs."
"Obvious," Mistress Marevelous asked. "Anar D, those were as subtle as a black spot in the dark."

To be fair, what may be obvious to Anar D may not be obvious to you, or the other way around.

"Don't you think this should've been something you could've told us," the Masked Matterhorn asked. "You should've kept us in the loop. Why didn't you let us in on it?"
Anar D sighed and revealed his intention. "Because it was personal. During my 3-month investigation, I have learned a terrible secret. When Arcanus was banished, he placed a curse on Equestria to suffer from Discordant Convergences every three years until he returns. He knew that one day, the result of one could lead to his release. So, in a way, Arcanus is responsible for turning me into a draconequus and bringing the wirewolves to the Netherealm and... seperating me from my sister. I did it on my own because it was personal and I didn't want you all to get involved."

Make sense, and it's sepArating. Besides, if the Power Ponies knew about Anar D's plan, it wouldn't work as well.

"Of course, Saddle Rager," Anar D said. "You're all my first friends in 10,000 years. You're all like family to me. Personally, if I had to choose between getting what I want and friendship, I'd choose the latter."

I suspect though, that if he could have both though without having to compromise either, I don't think he's mind.

What they didn't know is that Carol, the blue-haired siren, listened in on the whole conversation. She lowered her head with her mouth covered.


"Well, thanks for the truth, Anar D," the Masked Matterhorn said. "And... I guess what you said was right. We do seem to take you for granted. From now on, we'll act out to be more friendly to you."


"That's all I ask," Anar D said. "Now, if you'll excuse me..." He placed the Siren Sisters in a large cage with wheels. He held onto the strap. "I'll be taking these three to Canterlot." He whistles as he left the area.

I think you mean whistleD, past tense, if you want to do it in present tense, then go ahead, all I ask is that you be consistent, it makes things less confusing.

Suddenly, without warning, the Masked Matterhorn leaned in and pecked her lips on his cheek. The Blue Comet jerked his head in shock.
"W... What was that for," the Blue Comet asked.
"It's to say thanks... for taking that blast for me earlier."

Fair enough.

"Hey... Radiance," he said getting her attention. "I was wondering... would you be interested... for a nice dinner?"
Radiance took a moment to think, but she then smiled. "All right."


"How'd you like some coffee," Anar D asked.
"Is it poison," Melody asked.
"Yes, kid," Anar D said sarcastically. "I pretended to be by your side, gave you a fake box, hesitated on arresting you, and spared your lives when you were arrested... so I could then poison you."

You should have. And Melody's question may need a question mark instead of a comma.

Serena started to chuckle. Then, she laughed loudly. "You really thought you stopped our plans?"

Part of it, yes, but I get the feeling that this won't end well.

"We did tell you we were going to blow up the New Heroes, didn't we," Melody asked.

Question mark not comma.

"The box I gave you," Anar D asked. "Again, pay attention! I gave you a fake box! That thing has as much control over me as a rubber ball."
"If you know what's best for you, you'll free us now," Serena said clutching onto the box.
"I'm not listening," Anar D cried out covering his ears. "Lalalalalalala! Lala... AAAAAAHHHH!"
Anar D felt a great jolt of pain coarsing through his body. It was like the inside of him was being electrocuted. He looked at the box and was terrified when he saw it glow.

And they now have the real box. Well pants.

"Surprised," Serena asked. "You didn't really think we'd trust the very guy who turned us into freaks of nature, did you? We guessed your little charade and made a little switch during our Maretropolis takeover. Now then, open the cage and let us go."

Well, I'm impressed, nice work displaying Serena's Genre Savviness.

The Siren Sisters grew their wings from their back and formed a red glow. Anar D was terrified to see the determination in their eyes. They then sang in unison.

Oh boy, that doesn't sound good...

Suddenly, green mist brushed past him and he was curious at what they do. He wasn't prepared when he saw the smoke enter the New Heroes' noses and mouths. Suddenly, the New Heroes jolted straight up and their eyes were glowing green. They all then spoke in unison.
"What's going on," Shining Armor asked. "I got to get out of here!"
Shining Armor ran out of the door with the help. He then looked back and saw the New Heroes break through the walls and ceiling. They swarmed over Canterlot and attacked everything they saw. The civilians were frightened by it.
Suddenly, a large vine appeared underneath him. He was tied up and C.R.U.S.A.D.E. approached him with their green eyes glowing.
"ALL HAIL ARCANUS," they shouted.
Shining Armor looked across the street and saw other New Heroes attacking. He recognized Terrania...
"All hail Arcanus."
...And the Lone Mare...
...And even the Under King.
Shining Armor was horrified at what he was seeing.

Oh double pants.

Meanwhile, in the Netherealm, Lord Arcanus was still bound to his chains, but that didn't bother him anymore. He had a diabolical grin.
"It has begun."

So it appears, and I am suddenly scared as to what may come.


What does that mean, "Genre Savvy"?


Spandex. I'm guessing, I was really making that stuff up for fun really.

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