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This group is for stories Featuring Batmare, MLP version of him Called Batmare, Bat-Stallion, etc.


1. No flaming, insulting or war starting with others. If you don't have something nice to say, don't even type it at all.

2. No trolling whatsoever, unless trolling is just good joking.

3. If you put up a thread, it can be anything as long as it's either related Batman, My Little Pony or both.

4. Don't insult Batman or his family, if you don't like any of them why are you here?

Story regulations:

1. If you submit a story, put it in the correct folder labeled as such.

2. The story must be relevant to something Batman related.

3. NSFW(Clop, or incredibly dark even for Batman standards) stories must be put into the folder saying it.

4. Stories irrelevant will be pulled and you will be informed for it.

5. If there's a folder you would like in this group, please PM me on the matter

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Could someone do a batmare peril story. captured, bondage , nsfw, but not explicit.

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