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This short story tells what happened after the episode, Fame and Misfortune and how all the ponies outside the Friendship Castle handled themselves.

*This is not to be taken on a serious note and it is NOT against our fan base. This is just my prediction on what happened after the episode.*

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Comments ( 7 )

Well done, buddy! Another very good written one-shot! I've saw the episode and I guessed that most of the comments some of the ponies made were sort of a little similar to everyday fan comments! Also, love your second OC!

Thank you for enjoying this story! :)


Can we get an epilogue of Celestia desperately trying to swim through an ocean of friendship letters?

"I know I said I missed Twilight's reports, but I didn't want this!"

Maybe some other time.

I'm surprised their allies that live in town didn't try nad get them to stop.

Seriously, I think this would have gotten SOME attention. (Heck, maybe even have them learn about how to NOT make a doof out of the people around them. Especially when the town itself is being torn apart by these rabid fans)

This made me feel a lot better after I watched that episode. Thank you so much for writing this!

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