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The most powerful of changelings, Hive rulers, Emotional Powerhouses. Skilled in magic.

For the swarm, for the hive.

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We could use a banner art thing, if someone is willing to make one.

Feel free to add stories to the user submitted folder...

I just read that, it was very good. I would recommend it to people.

Sociopath Chrysalis is pretty cool.

Besides the headcannon stuff, I am also making a changeling OC with GIMP. I do not usually use GIMP for image making, but the paths tool is very useful, especially when I also am using layers.

Then hypnosis will work just fine with those other species/races/beings right?

344276 Well, the hybrids are not necessarily loyal to queens, and yes, less explanation.

And that makes our work easier...right???
I mean the part that we dont have to explain or go into detail regarding the crossbreed part.
I also had the idea that instead of making crossbreed changelings they simply hypnotize them (like Chrysalis with Shining Armor) and make them do their bidding (while the changeling responsible for that is nurtured enough that is)

344265 Well, my main issue with what you just said is that it would be too simple, to the point where it feels like a deus ex machina. The unpredictability is a tad more complex, but it feels much more natural. As for the "genetics" and "DNA" explanation I gave, it is something that would be inferred from the stories involving hybrids. Unless you are going to have some "egghead" section of the story where "science ponies" are trying to explain the unpredictability, there is no need to explain it because it is simply inferred.

Fair point, but instead of breeding in the normal way why dont we simply corrupt the infants with changeling blood?
That way instead of worrying about crucial things like genes and stuff, we simply corrupt their blood while developing in the fetus or egg and let nature take its course, that way they will all have the same abilities and weaknesses.
Besides that way it will be much easier to mass produce those type AND make sure they are all OBEDIENT to the Queen/higher ranking members of the hive :yay:

344261 No problem really, I thought some of your points were quite well made, and I think you will be a great help with this "headcannon".

My main issue with hybrids is that, oh say, Pony A x Changeling A hybrid will be genetically different from Pony B x Changeling B hybrid, as the meshing of two species' DNA would not always happen the exact same way. You could have PonyxChangeling hybrids that are changelings with pony wings/horns/manes, or unicorns/alicorn-ish ponies with changeling powers or even holes in the hooves. Hybridization is a messy business, and it is nearly impossible to quantify, as replicating results is nigh on impossible.

You arent making any mistakes, I was just clarifying some holes in your data and making the categorization of the changelings easier.
I agree that making a list of cross-breed Chageling species is quite the trouble and honestly I just added those to make the changeling armies a bigger threat than before (nothing more, nothing less)
Now I understand what you meant by "limitless" regarding the storage capacity of all Queen units, I thank you for clarifying that doubt I had


Well, first off, what I am essentially doing is creating my own "Changeling Universe" where everything is exactly how I want it to be in terms of changeling stages and powers. And anything someone other than me thinks is "wrong", is not necessarily wrong in terms of this specific headcannon type thing, as I am the one making it. I am open to suggestions though, if you feel that I am making a tremendous "mistake" that could cause problems with things later on, or if you think something would be good to add.

Also, I do not want to delve into hybrids explanations with the headcannon type thing, as that would make it about 20 times longer, and ignoring that it will already be about 10 pages long without covering hybrid species, I feel the hybrid area should be more open ended, leaving the writer some creative freedom as the capabilities of a hybrid can be unique compared to other hybrids, regardless of parent race.

As for body stage names, they are not something that would be put into stories, they are more for organizational purposes. And on that, the "limitless" power limit of a queen just means that the power limit is so obscenely high that it is unattainable with practicality (as in it would be impractical for a queen to max out in a reasonable amount of time, like farming 1000 ponies at the same time using the forbidden magic that converts life energy into magical energy at the cost of the pony).

I would like to add some mythical species as well

Mandrake/Mandragora: these plants have the nasty habit of killing those who get near by screaming or draining their life away, if they can be corrupted with changeling blood they will bleed dry the emotions of those nearby instead of their life. Since they will be part of the hive mind they will send the excess love to the hive and let other feed

I-See-You (Ya-Te-Veo): A supernatural flesh eating tree that snatches its prey from the floor with its branches and feeds on the blood, flesh and organs of the prey as it slowly rips it to shreds, as stated with the Mandrake's, if the seeds of this tree is corrupted with Changeling blood they will harvest the emotions of the prey and then dispose of the body

You are wrong in some points (but I am highly impressed on the data gathered)
Larvae and Nymphs dont exactly have a low level of storage capacity because it depends on what type of changeling specie they belong to, even if all are larvey or nymphs its not the same a berseker sub-specie larvae than a infiltrator larvae (just like it depends on the sub-specie type of ant larvae depends on its needs regarding on feeding and needs in order to grow and become useful)

Also the emotions they absorb aren't enterily their magical supply, the emotions (mainly love) they feast upon is their food more than anything else.

Instead of making up names like lesser drone, major drone, heavy drone etc. you should use the names of ant species
Lesser drone: worker changeling
Major drone: scavangers, gatherers and hunters
Heavy drone: warriors
Infiltrator: hoarder (of resources or information)
Hive-subcommander/commander: generals
Queen: Queen (just like in ant societies, the Queen is the highest rank possible to obtain/achieve)

Some side-notes, its impossible to have a limitless storage capacity, it would make more sense that the Queen is able to send all excess food/love that isn't able to be used at the moment to the hive in order to feed all of the subjects and make them stronger for the tasks at hand/hoof

And this is my only additional information I will give to you (and everyone who reads this)

Apparently when an Infiltrator/Queen changes its (the gender of all Infiltrators isn't specified) her appereance it must change its entire physiology and bone structure as well, making the changeling specie the "joker" in the sense that they can breed with any specie that they are able to imitate/copy.

With this stated they can also have more highbreed/crossbreed changeling species at their disposal
For example: Dragon changeling, Diamond Dog changeling, Manticore changeling, Hydra changeling, Quarry Eel Changeling, Gryphon Changeling, Minotaur Changeling, Alicorn Changeling, Spirit Changeling (Discord least the specie he belongs to)
Both of us have a lot of research in order to fully categorize what changeling's are able to do if they set their imagination free

But I also have some data on some species of that list

Dragonlings (Dragon + Changeling) they are capable of a tremendous storage capacity thanks to their enormous size, are capable of breathing fire or love (love is mainly used to empower other changelings that are in the affected area) thanks to the holes in their chitin they can transport hundreds or thousands of changelings within their body and fly at speeds that no changeling can achieve, could be used for HEAVY artillery and bombardment on enemy lands.

Doglings (Diamond Dog + Changeling) these are experts in making efficent, elaborate and well made underground tunnels thanks to their sharpened claws and light sensible eyes, not as effective in combat as other changling species but they are highly effective in causing massive damage to ground enemy lines by making dunes, bobby traps or pits in order to capture those who fall and use them as "fuel" for other soldiers as they bleed them bone dry from their emotions (mainly love) thanks to their fascination towards gems and other precious stones they are capable to make weaponry (spears, swords, daggers arrows and the like) that cut nicely the flesh and bone of those they strike

Minolings (Minotaur + Changeling) because of their size, weight and poor coordination they arent very useful within the hive but they are one of the most effective when it comes to making weaponry, armors or structural improvements to previously made structuers (pillars, walls, doors and the like) thanks to their already superpowered strength and physical durability they can make very high quality weaponry and armors for the soldiers and make near impenetrable the hive that they consider home; just like a normal bull, they can be used as mounted transports in order to move heavy objects or resources to other parts of the hive without causing much unwanted destruction (Doglings, Grilings, and Eelings can be used to transport heavy objects or resources as well but in other types of terrain)

Eelings (Quarry Eel + Changeling) just like their predecesors they live in packs of high numbers (20-more) thanks to their "pack" mentality they operate very efficiently when grouped with high numbers of their own specie, sadly because of the same reason they dont work very well with other Changeling species (unless mounted and domesticated) thanks to their long, strong and sturdy bodies they can take a lot of punishment before backing away or retreating. It also seems that normal Quary Eels have an acute and highly developed sense of smell and hearing making them perfect trackers to run-away prey or escaped "food", normally they are found in mountains or places filled with hard-to-grind stones that they use to make their own hives

Hylings (Hydra + Changeling) thanks to their unnatural ability to breed heads when one is slashed or cut away they are expert centinels to the surrounding areas they call home, sadly because of their predecesors they cant leave murky places (or places with a high amount of water) since they need the water to lubricate their skin/scales, but since they have chiting instead they can live in dry places (deserts, tundras, mountains, plains etc) since Hylings are part reptile they put a high amount of eggs after they breed and that allows for a huge supply of Hylings to other hives. Note: Hylings need to be tamed, domesticated and mounted as soon as possible in order to prevent them from going wild and hunting down other changelings to feed their voracious appetite

344208 Well, I already started work on it...

This is what I have so far.

I could help in that department.
I might be kind off new in this part of the internet but I am good at explaining things like Changeling habits, nature and way of living.
For those interested or curios in what I have to say just answer this comment and I shall explain as best as I can

Gonna make a headcannon thing to explain some of the unexplained things about changelings and stuff.

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