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With Chrysalis' defeat, Princess Luna recalls a bitter memory from her own darker days. Resolute on absolving herself, the Princess finds it in her duty to prevent the death that she foresees: she cannot allow herself to let the darkness of Chrysalis to reconstruct itself outside Equestrian borders.

She sees in herself a chance at atonement--a change to forgive herself for past wrongs.

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Chapters 4 and 5 are the same chapter. Also lay off the purple prose, mate. It's clogging the reading flow.

Also Chrysalis is the evil one? Really? Luna is a fucking necromancer.

Hmm, Seems interesting.
I do however wonder what luna actually intends to do.
Is she going to give Crysalis the same chance at redemption she was given,
Or does she intend to kill Crysalis and in doing so hopefully atone for the evil she herself commited.


Ok im officially horrified by whats going on in this story,
But i feel compelled to keep reading.

I currently have no idea what is going on.

Damn Crysalis, thats cold, i mean....just wow.

Wow i loved that ending.

I like this...

I like this a lot.

It is one of those complicated stories that makes you think about things. (to put it into blunt terms)

Ah, that last scene made me realize I've read this before. Must be a republish. Still good!

Wow... that ending.

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