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This group wants The Feature Box back on every page.

I believe that The Box was an important tool for not only finding the latest trending stories, but was also a good way of finding a story that would be likable without looking for one.

The admins think that the removal of The Box will encourage people to look for new stories instead of just reading what everyone else is reading, the truth is that people will just go to the front page if they want to read those stories. This is not an effective means to an end. The Feature Box's removal mainly affects people like me. With where the box was I saw it every time I went to a new page, and sometimes one of the stories would catch my eye, so I put it on the read later pile. I typicality enjoyed the story as it would have to be a good story to make it to The Box.

Please support our cause and join our group.
You can post whatever stories you like, just as long as you desire the return of The Feature Box.

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The Feature Box was the Nepotism Box. It wasn't used to promote underrated fics, it was used to promote short fics by system-gamers and beloved "Big Writers" with their own "Verses".

... Yep. This group is dead.

Also some self promotion
Hello everybody,
I just added Spike the Knight.
It is an action adventure story with Spike as the main character.
Hope you enjoy.

Huzza! Others who wish to bring back the Featured Box! I shall join and lend a plushy hand and rifle!

299233 I just realised that I have never written Twilight in any of the fan-fics I have written. Ones that I have or haven't published.

299173 That's a bit complicated, and I'm sure coding it would be tricky as Tartarus, but I like your idea.

(You say that like you don't already wright out my name constantly.)

But on a serious note, they should bring it back but split it into 3 separate categories; New writers, experienced writers and well known writers. I.E.: have 5 stories that come from a writer who, when the story made the feature box, had less than 25 or 50 followers. Then they should have 3 stories from authors that have between 50-100(or so) followers and finally 1 for those authors who have 100 or more followers. Or a similar system, it'll help smaller stories and it'll keep it so that a well known story can still make the feature box.

I'll advertise this group in some other groups I am in, I think that this needs to come back. I was in the same boat as 296936, I would have a quick look through the feature box every day and see if there was anything good to read. I miss it, I want it back

(Also sorry for the random quote, couldn't be bothered to write out your name)

299143 and my raging wing boner,

You have my sword!

I do want it back... But I want them to fix it a bit, there were stories up there that would have less thumbs than my prized story, and would be featured. So i would like that to be fixed, but also it was just such a symbol for FimFiction. And I would like to see it back soon.

I like to support!:pinkiehappy:

I believe that The Box was an important tool for not only finding the latest trending stories, but was also a good way of finding a story that would be likable without looking for one.

1. That little fugger started wars

2. Most of the stories up there were typical clopfics and crappy stories by well-known authors

3. It easy to get on

But the only reason I want it back to where it was is because it's like FIMFic's national landmark.

Hm you do have interesting points about this feature box Twilight Sparkle.. I shall join this group!

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296932 Not everything is good in opinion. Preference still plays a large role.

296930 I have off-site work to do. I am trying to put forth a story but it's slow going. Also, the group is still growing, maybe it will be large in size sooner or later.

We obviously have very differing opinion of what's good.

296927 You think his group won't work, I think the opposite. What more is there to say? I'm not going to try to change your opinion. If you think the site is better without The Box, then good for you, you can find happiness were I can't. I envy you. This group is to see if the majority agrees with me, or not. This is not a debate, your either with me, or not.

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