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Are you tired of seeing unoriginal ideas featured, and leaving all of the completely original ideas left in the dust? Are you annoyed that you put many days, weeks, even months of effort into your stories that you made from your own ideas, yet they get no attention? Are you bored of seeing a repeating idea that never seems to end? Look no further, my friend. Everyone in this group is done with paying attention to bland, unoriginal fics. We see the exact same idea over and over again, getting annoyed at the highly-loved repeating ideas, like fics based off of "My Little Dashie", "Fallout: Equestria", "Cupcakes", and "The Conversation Bureau". Though we may or may not dislike the originals or some, maybe even most of the spin-offs, but we're tired of seeing these ideas being done over and over again. Join us to help original ideas be put up on top.


1. We do NOT attack unoriginal fics. If you see someone in this group giving massive flame on some unoriginal and making this group look bad, PM an admin with a link to their comment and we will "talk" to them. (And by that, we may or may not mean kick or ban them from the group.)

2. Only put original ideas in the folder. No fics based off of another fic (not including OFFICIAL sequels), crossovers that have been done over and over again, or fics that are based around an idea that has been done a lot. (I.E. Zombie ponies, vampire ponies, etc.) The entire idea of this group is to lessen or prevent these concepts.

3. If you feel you were unfairly punished, PM an admin. (Goldy is your best bet.)

4. Admins' words are final. Period.

5. Hate us for some reason? Then leave, or if you weren't a member in the first place, shut up. We don't care about your opinions not being the same as ours, and shoving it in our faces is annoying and won't help anything.

6. Do not post anything unrelated, whether it be a story or forum post.

7. Don't link or post anything NSFW.

8. Follow the regular FiMFiction rules.


~Goldy and Not Dan

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i was literally thinking this entire post . it was hilarious to see this!:pinkiehappy:

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