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I read a lot of incomplete stories then hate myself for it.

Dead stories that I really wish weren't dead

Seriously. I would be so happy if any of these storis suddenly began updating again.

Final Solution, or the whole of A Soot-Covered World in fact. The first book, Days of Wasp and Spider, supplanted my previous top favourite story on fimfiction by the time I was less than halfway through. While most of the list is in no particular order, this one is definitely among the very top ones.

One of a Kind is one of the very few first-contact HiE stories that are actually good. Plus it's got awesome sci-fi that's firmly grounded in actual plausible science, and what looks to be a self-consistent, coherent explanation of magic that's actually compatible (to a degree) with the science. Aaand it's completely dead, after stopping on a cliff-hanger.

Six Brides for Two Sisters A classic - I don't expect it will ever be revived (though stranger things have happened, and I have seen 5 year old stories update again), but still worth a mention.

True Colors Was supposed to get taken over by a friend of the author's... two years ago. Was such a great story, too.

I Wasn't Prepared for this

Nightmares Don't Last Forever An absolute classic, and also probably the most hopelessly dead out of everything on this list.

Night's Favoured Child Among my favourite stories on this site. Why do so many good stories have to be dead?

Love Mine

Hard Reset 2: Reset Harder Horizon's pretty active too, so it's actually somewhat frustrating the story is currently dead.

Composure I'm not usually one for shipping-focused stories, but damn this one was good. And it ended on a cliff-hanger with only one final chapter left, too!

Mr Numbers as a whole - came back! Mostly. Demesne is still incomplete, but Mare in the Moon is and that alone makes me very happy.

No links because I'm lazy.

Some other extra-favourites

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Woo, I accidentally deleted a perfectly fine 2-year-old comment. And now there's a big fat "comment deleted". That's what I get for browsing on my phone I guess.

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2006266 You're welcome; I was actually quite surprised to find that I wasn't already following you.

Thanks for the follow!

Thanks for the extra fave on The Luna Cypher! :twilightsmile:

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