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Another story for Rust and Blackwing's ever-popular universe, Chess Game of the Gods.
Our hero this time is a gamer, who has awoken on our favorite planet full of ponies, gryphons, and other lovely creatures.
But it's not the area he wished to start.
Not in the body he believed he would obtain.
And quite certainly, not in the current situation.

Taking on the name of a famous hero, he's hoping to rally the forces against those who would eradicate the dead. Adventure awaits in the four corners of the world, and he's gonna explore...a good portion of it. And throughout it all, he hopes to prove two things:

Light does not mean good, and Dark does not mean evil.

All respective game references are copyrighted to their respective owners. No, it's not a crossover with any of them, even though the hero is one of the monsters.

New coverart by Deviant Xxcron! Check out more of her work! http://xxcron.deviantart.com/

Chapters (51)
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Comments ( 716 )

interesting story. I'll give it a try. :twilightsmile:

Just seeing that this story exists makes me SO HAPPY!!!!

Not bad. Looking forward to seeing where this goes.

And you didn't make any grammar mistakes! Congrats!

Ah good I got here before the others.
Well, Hello I am Troutking the unofficial greeter to our game!
I like the story so far. Skeleton still surprised your the only one to do the human skeleton thing.
Anyway good luck on your story and thanks for the feeding

Only one thing, how does the king already know about our hero and his intentions? Daniel's literally just walked into the town and only shared his plan with a single individual.

926789 It will all be told later. :trixieshiftleft: Much later. :trixieshiftright:

Heh, I don't think Griffin the griffin is going to like someone touting the title of King Griffin, or maybe he will, and will push all the paper work to him.

P.S. props for the time warp XD

I will find you and drown you in thumbs sir. keep going! :derpytongue2:

Lol Medievil i loved that game

Whats the time warp? btw love the story so far! :pinkiesmile:

wow i like this wana see where it goes next:pinkiehappy:

"Try not to lose your head."

And then Daniel kills it by losing his head and having the chupacabra choke on it.

I mean common what an idiot .

Dumbest necromancer ever (none could top it). Funny if his sponsor or deity watching over him gets bored and changes his form from one undead to another later down the line while he is in a slumber state.

942006 What sounds like something you would do?

release the Stalfos and get killed by them:pinkiehappy:

Jim's Earthworm Farm... I see what you did there... and it was quite clever might I say. :rainbowkiss:

I'm enjoying this story way to much. keep going! :pinkiehappy:

pointed to the left. Amazingly, they cheered. I pointed to the right. They booed."


At first, I didn't trust Keeta. I thought that he was a bad gut trying to trick Daniel into releasing him. Now that I heard opinions about him, I'm starting to like him more.

Also, 5 bits to the Skeleton!

Ah yeeees. Captain Keeta. That guy. Took my brain a couple of twirls to get that.

congradulating me on a well-earned victory. ----- Congratulating.'

952941 Really?!? I keep misspelling that one word! Fixed.

Would you want me to use my Evil Eyes.
Then there is a lot you might be able to expect.

Okay, last chapter for now. From here on out, I have no idea when this'll update.

Melody explained. "He was [...]because he was just a force to be reckoned with.---- End the thing with a ".

"(Again, how do ghosts DO that?!? Gotta ask Melody next chance I get)" Magnetism? (Deep inside joke)

953010 Actually, that's unnecessary. As long as the speaker continues to speak in the next paragraph, you don't need an end ".

Long answer: was way to long so I skipped it
Short answer: I can fully acknowledge that it is correct grammar but the 1% of my brain with extreme OCD really dislikes how it looks.

Surprise, my readers! I actually managed to get this done today! Also, I notice I have a dislike. Well, disliker, I have this to say... (Before you ask, no, that is NOT me)

FIRST!! dude, this story is absoloutly amazing, keep going! :eeyup:

A message from Skeleton Jack, Goddess of Tartarus:

"Your ass is mine, Stalfos. Come to me and I will bring you to glory, deny me my rightful place and I will break your armies and shatter your lands."

A message from Skeleton Jack:

"A city of undead? I should send the Wardens to investigate, nopony, griffon, or otherwise is allowed to rule the dead but ME!"

I really loved the Stubbs the Zombie reference there, you earn a moustache for that. :moustache:

A message from Skeleton Jack:

"Note to self: find cyclops."

I wonder what these guys think of the Wardens?

A message from Skeleton Jack:

"He's alive?! Son of a - only I get to do that!"

YAY NEW CHAPTER but a bit short:fluttercry:

970573 I formally apologize for the length of this chapter being too short. I will not make promises of longer chapters, but I CAN say I will try my best.

I can only hope :D
Forever free in the Everfree


And also Ha! Dracula!

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