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I am a proud Brony, a passionate lover of reading and writing, and I wish my fellow Bronies and my readers well

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After centuries of service to the crown, the Aristocratic Council is about to be abolished and reformed into one comprised of councilors chosen by democratic vote. But not everypony is thrilled with this change...

As more changes unfold, a conspiracy to overthrow the alicorns is underway and a new hope must rise up to save Equestria before it's too late!

Chapters (16)

The suicide of multi-millionaire business-pony Blackberry Hossmane, revealed to be the most ruthless and powerful crime lord in Manehatten, has left a power vacuum and Manehatten's most power-hungry and vicious criminals are looking to stand at the top

The Brotherhood of the Evening Hoods are sent in to quell this situation, and their leader is licking his lips with anticipation....

Chapters (2)

A sequel to "From Another Plain" and a collaboration with Spirals95

A few weeks after an accidental misadventure into an alternate Equestria, Midnight Blaze heads out to meet his own universe's version of the pony he met in the alternate one, the creative and friendly inventor pony, Techorse!

But he finds Tech in a troubling situation when a bossy bureaucrat is on the verge of evicting Tech from his home and place of business, deeming him an undesirable, spurring Midnight to step in and make a wager: Techorse must invent a useful invention by the end of the week or he'll be packing his saddlebags and be sent on the first train back to his hometown.

Will a new friendship solve this problem or is it something that can't be fixed?

Cover Art by HoodwinkedTales

Chapters (8)

He journeyed throughout the history of Equestria but was struck down before he could complete his journey.

Now he must undergo another way by going through another life!

Chapters (3)

The Big Day is nigh as everypony comes together to prepare the union of Fluttershy and Big Macintosh, and the bride and groom could not be happier!

Alas, a few hiccups along the way sets Fluttershy's heart at unease as the full impact of what's about to take place comes down on her!

But in her tender heart, Fluttershy holds onto the image of seeing her Mackie at the altar....

Cover art by BobtheLurker from DevArt

Chapters (5)

On the night he tests a new invention involving time magic, Midnight is somehow transported well over a thousand years into the past! Figuring out his circumstance, and realizing his invention is his one way home, Midnight must journey through the very history of Equestria, and along the way he witnesses various events minor and significant, causing others, and having adventures and overcoming obstacle after obstacle in his desperate quest to return to his own time and find his way back to those he loves!

Chapters (50)
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