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Faith and winds guide you, and may you never fall to corruption my friend. Ever.

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About that... · 1:12am Nov 6th, 2015

Hey all, DM here, and just a heads up, Bringing the fear most likely won't be updated for a while, I am currently at a loss of what to put in as well as no requests, so I have set it to hiatus until further notice.

Forevermore, DM

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Name: Classified to most
Age: 15
Sex: Male
Occupation: Artist / Story writer
Relationship: N/A
I'm usually a well going guy in person, but I tend to jump to conclusions faster then expected. I usually stay in seclusion on electronics, but when I do go outdoors, I have fun with friends. I anger easily and unleash rage if necessary to the situation, sorrow as well, though I have no one to talk to about my life problems as they are either never online or they have forgotten about me entirely.

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thank you for faving equestrian fox!!!~:raritywink:

Thanks for favoriting my story, friend!

1736122 well, the reason why is I actually have read the first one already, and i enjoyed the content of that, so I decided to fav this one aswell.

Thanks for faving The Life of a Wanted Changeling Season 2 may I ask why?

1719933 lots of countless deaths but still =P

  • Viewing 2,562 - 2,566 of 2,566
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