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Comment posted by CDFA deleted Nov 15th, 2013

Going to favorite this story and could you do either Twilight or Trixie next?

First, this seems like a good enough clopfic. I mean, it has sex in it.

However, I'd recommend trying to find someone like a prereader, or even an editor, to fix some of the mistakes that are here and there (totally willing to help; looking for work).

Again, seems like good clop, with an interesting idea, and a nice setup (characters at the spa/spa day gone right).

So, yeah. That's that.

This clopfic is good please do twilight next

Woah this whas one intens firs chapter. Can't waite for the rest of them also the romance tag mean thet there is porn in it only or there will be a love story in it?

so far this is good but you really need a pre-reader dude or just simply go through it a couple of times checking everything to make sure its sounds and looks right for us readers sometimes the absence basic vocabulary and grammar can throw some people of as for the clop its pretty good i'd give it 7-8/10 especially since its you're first clop fic too so good job and keep this up :twilightsmile:

2356107 well man i do really need some help and if you are can help me i would really apreciate it very much


Just PM me and we can get this show on the road. Whatever you need, I'll be more than happy to help.

2357878 um pm? sorry to say but i'm not sure how to do that. i'm not the good when it comes to technology.


Is there some way I could contact you, then?

skype i have
any other ways i could pm this.

*reads, then spots certain anatomical details...*
Woot! Anthroponies! :pinkiehappy:
Heck, I'm in!

a few grammer mistakes and the indeseshen to contnu but other then that :moustache::moustache:

Ps must continu

Nice story man. I hope to see twilight next or Fluttershy from a request from Rarity.

I liked it, please continue, oh and Fluttershy can be next? Perhaps with Rarity? I want him giving his special treatment to the princesses but leave them for later own, I want him, to build up experience before diving into the challenge ones?

Also, in this world did estrus exist?

Very nice. I would to see either Pinkie Pie or a three way between Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. :pinkiehappy: Imagine with Pinkie Pie, she would do stuff that would blow your mind among other things. With Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, when they reach heaven, the "Royal Canterlot Voice" would come into play from both of them if you catch my drift.:ajsmug:

2361154 well so far if you read some of the comments. some are prefering twilight, while another are prefering zecora, fluttershy, applejack and even trixe

Anthro? Yeah. Stamp of approval.

As others have said, recommend a pre-reader/editor then this fic would be near perfect. Good job!

Nice story so far, the execution of the love scenes are great, nice dialogues too. Be sure that you don't put all your big guns on one character as it would make the other scene stale and repetitive, character's personality notwithstanding, have some unique variety to create some diversity between each character. I also recommend use the major cast (like Mane6, the Princesses, etc) sparingly as they are like the main course of the story, I suggest using like a background character or 2 before using the next major character, as it would give some...time to think up some great scenes that is involved with them.

However, some work still needs some work. Such as some grammar errors, such as having character name capitalized, and some paragraphs are not consistent with the flow. However, having a proofreader to fix common grammar errors and having a editor to rewrite sentences, will help you out with that.

Hope this helps

Wow......... Just.... Wow.......:rainbowderp: awesome story:raritywink:

2361238 i'd love to see applejack, and that's logical since you must really get tired and stressed from all that farm work:pinkiehappy:

Not really a romance story, but still a good read.

ok after reading this a second time I noticed that you need to work on the grammer a bit nothing to major just a few words in the wrong places and if you what I can point you to a guy who is great with 2nd person fics:eeyup:

Sign up for our Heavenly Paradise Massage. It'll make sure you come again! And again. And again. And again.

Hope you update soon this fic is good

2407211 that's one on pinkie
:pinkiehappy: looks like she wants it too huh

Applejack, Excellent story so far.

2407333:ajsmug: well looks like applejack agrees with this as well. one vote for her

oh yea I have been wiating for this one your awsome so ...very ...AWSOME

:ajsmug: looks likes aj's on a roll here that two votes for a favorite farming pony here

hahahahahah wow applejack became popular when i mention her huh. that's 5 votes for applejack and one vote for pinkie pie and the rest zero.

AJ and I cant help but feel this was lower quality then the last ch but undersandeblu consdring school and what not:eeyup:

pinkie pie:pinkiehappy: Applejack can wait.

Woo Hoo! Twilight got the second chapter!
A poll for next chapter? I choose AppleJack! :ajsmug:

I will have to say…Applejack, and the next one could be Zecora, she could need a good massage.

Hey and what was with Lotus and Aloe? Did they needed a massage too? they were the ones with the idea. Boy did he will have problems finding a girlfriend, considering his job.

P.S: I know is difficult that happen, buuuuut…perhaps Candace could use a massage?

Okay, as much as I want to read and enjoy this story...
I found several points where it changed from 2nd to first person perspective, and a huge amount of grammatical mistakes. This story has a great deal of potential, but it needs some major editing.

And…for what mare or stallion you vote?

No vote until the editing has reached the point where I can read through it and stay immersed in the story.

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