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Most these here stallions treat mare like property

A little much don't you think? Also you do realized you rushed the whole sex scene to fast and to early in the story.

Kinda rushed the sex scene but.... Okay, story is getting really good, keep going m8!

I like it so far go with the flow :raritywink:

i like stories that have the arc of most stallions treat mares like property it makes for great romance stories

Wee bit rushed

:facehoof:I tried that with my first story and I didn't end so well since most viewers got the wrong idea about it being a trollfic.:ajbemused:

:moustache::moustache::moustache: out of 5 but not bad not bad needs more detail i can pout you t words some pros if you want

hey man thanks and awesome man

I really think you should have looked this over before posting. This chapter is full of mistakes.

I wonder how Twilight will react to see them like that

That's gonna be an interesting morning.:rainbowlaugh:

This chapter was a bit rushed in my opinion

Yeah, bit rushed, but I like it..

so correct me if I am wrong. twilight almost beats scott to death and she get's away with it without any punishment a scolding hell not even a slap on the wrist ? you do know we are talking about attempted murder right ? or at least Voluntary manslaughter. I mean sure she is the element of magic and the student of princess celestia but that doesn't mean she can do what she wants without any repercussions

Overall a good chapter. A little rushed and twilight wasn't slapped by barb for jumping to conclusions.

I know that I have no right to gripe about another persons story but it feels very rushed to me. Its almost like boy meets pony, they both say hi and then mare decides to boink human without a second thought. This story has potential but I think some character development and more descriptions would go far here. Keep writing and never stop striving to improve and grow.

James isn't one to hold a grudge against her since Barb is like a sister to her so he can relate. I also forgot to mention that he didn't want to piss off Twilight more that Scott did.

f****** hilarious

hhhhm, these 2 guys are really in for it rough huh? decent chapter

just one question ... how the fuck do some characters get into shit like this

not bad but to make a good clop fic don't just say make analogies or syliaques. try reading a dragon's journ on my fav box on my page it is some of the best you will ever find

that was enjoyable and hilarious.

Nice. :eeyup:
Can't wait for the next chapter!

It is a good chapter and well made.

a Drake is a male Dragon

not bad keep up the good work

Dude, I love the way you didn't make this all clop! Keep up the great work!!

I want moar!!!!!!!!

You could always edit and rewrite it when you have the time. Hope you feel better.

I know where have I seen this before I mean read.

I see there will be a lot of gender swaps.

jesus scott you need to keep your hands to yourself man. no wonder why ur ending up in the hospital more times.

Must have Eris and MORE

Is there going to be a rule 63 for Shinning Armor or Fancy Pants later own? at this rate its look like this Equestria has only like 3 or 4 stallions at best

3880288 im starting to get that feeling to

if there is a gender swap from male to female it seems w are guaranteed sex........ hmmmmm

Great chapter, but poor pacing.

Yeah dude, I know this is suppose to be a clop but I think you are starting to exaggerate with the amount of females that are everywhere

Oh god...your profile pic...the Block Oni...

Gonna be laughing my ass off if Blueballs(Blueblood) is female...

Oh god…if he had sex with a female blueblood…unless she is gag I imagine she complaining the whole thing saying she is being 'entertain' by a mare commoner 'and that he should fell honor she is letting such a low life into a realm he will only wish he dream of

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