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Josh and Sam had been friends since school, they had stuck with each other through thick and thin and are now close room mates, always joking with each other yet being there when it really counts. However, when they enter the world of Equestria, they have to start off in a world they know nothing about, doing whatever they can to earn the money to repay the ones that help them while trying to live a peaceful life. One can only hope that their lives are peaceful.

(Hi guys, sorry about the description, I didn't really know how to describe the story. I really want to just say that they go through various crazy antics. If you like the genres then please give it a try before passing by it, I understand I haven't written the description well. Please don't leave bad comments because it's HiE or anthro, if you don't like that then don't read the story. Criticism are always welcomed. Minor sex stuff like jokes, references and leading up to clop but there won't actually be any, obviously seen in the fact there's no mature tag. Cover picture by juliefofisss)

Holy hell, this got featured :D

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i like it! keep up the good work:pinkiehappy:

Most interesting :rainbowderp: I have to admit I liked the little tidbits of culture references from Josh and Same; my favorite being “We gotta move! I think Kirby is breaking into our house!”

Overall it looks good and I for one would like to see how you flush this story out and develop it.

Keep up the good work, hope to see an update.

attention all "gents" we have an apple class alert, steel sports cups will be dispensed shortly we advise you do not taunt the "threat", make fun of its accent, do anything to make the "threats" friends mad or sad(from here on out the associates of the "threat" will be known as "mini threats"), do not ogle the "threat" or "mini threats" or lie in the "threats" preasence..that is all...god save us all:eeyup:

if it's Just references and sex jokes that is a teen rating

hope next chapter comes soon, love this story:twilightsmile:

lol i hope luna pays him back with pranks:rainbowlaugh:
have a stache for a great chapter:moustache:

I wonder if they become friends with luna once they find out that she is also a gamer like them?

Why do I get the horrid feeling that Molestia is going to show up?
This can only end in disaster.:trollestia:

I have this bad feeling. First Luna will tell that in the end, she fell kind of nice when she huge the human and, after a couple of weeks will want to hug him again to pass the night, maybe even offer to reduce his depth to half.
Then Celestia will get intrigue an will ask for the same favor offering the same thing but to Josh, and without any of them notice their debts are solve…but Celestia will not tell them and will find a way to continue paying their depths in hugs, that will start to grow to something else.

I just hoped that Trolestia o Molestia are not in this world. And that the depth of Sam will be sold quickly, I hated when the characters stay in Equestria not by their own will, but because they own something to someone, it feel almost as they are becoming slaves, I just have a thought, when the spell is complete, why don't they take all their salary and save money to repay all?

2070752 I can see what you're saying and don't worry, their debt will not be paid off so easily. I have plans :rainbowdetermined2:

Actually, I was hoping for the opposite, but mostly, I am hopping that their depth will be paid quickly, but as you said not so easily. That way they can decided where ever stay in Equestria by their own choose and not because they are in depth with someone.
They will be free of depth eventually right?

Also I hoped you mess a little with Celestia too, you know, she was complaining that she is bored and want something exiting, then Josh and Sam appear, and bring exactly that…but she will learn the old classic lesson of "careful what you wish"

great chapter! keep up the good work:pinkiehappy:

Hey so mens here, can get away with whatever they want? Perhaps they can solve their debt and help with their problems at the same time. Instead of bits they can do a work with the society to make rules that will teach the stallions not to mess with mares but at the same time, don't be under them.

By the way, you put the names wrong, I cheek and was Sam how end in Luna's bed not Josh. You should consider fix that, and when the sisters spoke I get confuse in witch tease witch until you ad Luna blushing and do the nature of their talk the part of warming to them could have being any of the two. Especially with Celestia having a genuine smile with the answer of both of them and being sad that they are in their are extremely young and will die in what I consider in pony standard the beginning of puberty

2097915 I do have a way on how that past will interact with the story but that's my secret. As for your other points, I don't know how you think Sam was in the bed with Luna as he does not appear once until after the scene, when Josh meets him in the throne room, I suggest you re-read that bit if you don't believe me.

Oh sorry, I guess I confuse names

Oh I almost forget, Fluttershy is older than Pinkie, in the episode of Gilda, she confirm that, by the way did Gilda will appear latter on?

2103093 You got me there. As for Gilda, it is a secret.

The next chapter will come up soon?

2127779 It will in time, I just started on it. I've been having a lot of troubles in real life lately so I haven't had time. I will make sure the next chapter is up at some point next week if not tomorrow.

What's the point of the drastic differences in life expectancies? Unless eqqus' years are shorter than earth's years, I don't see the point. :rainbowhuh:

2174801 Don't worry, everything has a point. It might not be as big as other things but it's there for a reason.

Lyra "let me examine you, take off your shirt"

. (hides behind Samuel)
loving this cant wait to see who the bush stalker is...though the buzzing noise makes me think I know who it is maybe

Is only had pass a day and the changelings already want t capture them? Ok, that is not they searching problems, that is problems reaching them. So the princesses better don't start charge at them if damage happen, as much they should apologies to them for any future emotional damage they may endure, and reduce some of the money.

Loving the Vicar of Dibley reference! XD

2203246 I love you sir! I was hoping someone would get that :pinkiehappy:

pinkie pie THE BAKE OFF:rainbowdetermined2:

A question. Are the ponies anthro, or just weridly colored humanized? From you description of them it sounds like the latter. Can you please answer, and give a picture that best shows how they look in this story.

2207653>>2207653 They are anthro, I have stated that they do have fur and the like plus it says it's anthro in the description.

“You think he's gone to eat something sweet right? Her farm is called Sweet Apple Acres, it's in the title.”


Warriors? Did Sam and Josh had a anime movie on their tv? Oh I hoped they were watching dragon ball, that could be very funny if the Changelings think they can turn super saiyan, and run and scream like girls if one of then start said kame.

Also, did Josh got a job in sugar cube corner? I bet he can feel like fish on water there, Sam on the other hand, well I do hoped he go for something like massage or something with the mail, or constructer, working in the farm I start to seeing as something a little awkward, besides I want to see at least one the famous, ponys melting because of his hands. Je, classic

2256377 Yeah, not my best line...

2256397 Not Dragonball Z but you're on the right track. I don't know what Sam will have as his job yet, I think the SAA job is done a bit too much so I don't know if I'll go with that.

:rainbowlaugh: awesome chapter

Oh ok, but must be something worth of earning a good pay and quickly so they can get rid of the royal payment. Oh I know, they could work as a stand up comedians. They get pay very good.

Also a second chance, there were watching…Walker texas ranger?
Oh I know, game of thrones, that would be interesting if they now think they can control dragons or can make wild giants wolfs to obey their commands, plus it will funny if Chrysalis offer them that in exchange for their help she will help them get the throne of the north

Amusing chapter.
Though I have to be honest, if you never told me that they are real anthros, and that the cover image shows what they look like I would still be confused. You make no mention of if they have pony faces, and you had the boys say that they looked human.
So yeah.

Disregard my last review.
Anyway, this was a funny chapter. Though it is kinda messed up that Celestia just hussled them.

You going with that age thing is a bit surprising. And kinda sad. Especially sense this is a romance.

So, changlings huh. Well this should get interesting.

I like this story so far. On to the next chapter.:pinkiehappy:

I'm liking this. Please go on.

I'm enjoying your story very much. I read one more chapter before I go to bed.:pinkiehappy:

So I notice I got one more chapter to go. OK I read that then it off to bed.:pinkiehappy:

Great there no more chapters I'm so putting this in my favorites. Awesome story my friend I I can't wait for the next chapter. Now I'm off to bed and going to the land of equestria. Good Night.:pinkiehappy:

Hey are you going to give them powers. For an idea you should give at least one of them telekinesis.Not like Twighlight's but like Pain from Naruto without the sam side effects. And maybe elongates their lifespan. Just a thought.:eeyup:

2277439 I really REALLY want to answer you but I don't wanna spoil anything. Why u no ask question I can answer?!

That was totally a funny chapter, I'm so glad that I started to read this now.

Now it reminds me of the story with the whole age thing "The Scent: Lust of Mares."

Actually I'll just reply to you instead now that you've shown up.

Darn it not that annoying "pony fearing humans because they canines" thing again. It's a thing I keep seeing more often, but now that I think about I don't think wild horses ever been coexisting with predators like normal people, so the reaction might be okay. But here's the thing, with all these ponies in these story saying "You're a predator" to a human, then what goes around eating ponies that are not animals from Everfree Forest?

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