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Cory's a human transfer student at Canterlot University. His parents pay all of his school expenses while he pays for food and living expenses. He's got a decent job and he splits his bills with his roommate, so he's living relatively well. The only problem is that he doesn't know what to do with his life. He's meant for something more, he knows it, but he can't figure out what it is.

Fleetfoot is a member of the elite flying team, the Wonderbolts. She isn't as popular as Spitfire and Soarin, but she doesn't mind that one bit. She loves being a Wonderbolt, she really does, but she feels like something's missing.

When these two cross paths, will they hit it off? If they do, will it even last?

Supporting characters include Spitfire, Soarin, and Gaffer from the MLP comics.

Cover art by me.

NOTE BEFORE READING: This story takes place within the same universal context as my previous story, in which the human and pony worlds have been in contact with each other for a few years.

Chapters (13)
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Comments ( 173 )

Lets get this party started! Bring on the booze and barwenches! Or just bring out some awesome new chapters. Either way, I will enjoy myself.:moustache:

Outside of a couple minor (but obvious) typos, it's looking okay. I'm not the best judge though, I just started reading here yesterday and you're story number 2.

Can you point them out to me so I can fix them right away?

Don’t’ burn down the place while I’m gone.”

Get out of here before the colts live without you.

Fleetfoot sighed to herself as he stretched again

Even though Fleetfoot was Soarin’s senior on the team, he was the most well-known member

1. Random apostrophe.
2. Live or leave?
3 & 4. Random sex changes for the win!

There may be one or two more, but I'm in a rush now as it's almost show time.

Actually, for that last one, I meant to say "he," because I was referring to Soarin, but thanks for pointing out the typos. :pinkiehappy:

Wait they don't have a fleetfoot tag?

Whoops. My bad on the last one. Still new to this and assumed it was female. And no problem with the rest.

Well, she's never had a speaking role in the show, and she's never had a solo appearance. Plus her name was only mentioned once in the show. My desire to write this was inspired by her appearances in issues 9 and 10 of the MLP comics.

Okay I just read and finished this chapter. Once again solid and you did not force feed the anthro.

Comment posted by emilydash 215 deleted Oct 26th, 2013

Fleetfoot isn't an OC. She's an official character of the series. She's been mentioned in the episode "Sweet and Elite," and she's been featured in the official MLP comic.

dis gon b gud!
I wonder if there will be troubles with some celebrity gossip. :raritywink:

I plan to have some of that. I'm just figuring out how to put it into the story without making it look like it was shoehorned in.

Oh boy since they're going to be in the same place, I'm betting Fleetfoot would be cautious of the human at first.

Nice first chapter, looking forwards to more. :pinkiehappy:

Fleetfoot is a girl?! Oh yeah, the mare-shaped muzzle...:rainbowderp:

And now the awkward run-ins will begin. First, they run into each other at the mall or other place of shopping, then the two will run into each other at a place they both like/place catering to same hobbies, and finally, one of them will walk in on the other while bathing. Mix it up, and have Fleet walk in on Cory. That would be a chuckle.
Anyway, great job, liking the character development.

The odds of that happening again depends on the writer of the story. :rainbowwild:

So far, so good. :pinkiesmile: Interested to see where this is going, and are you going "show" anything that tells this is connected to your "Chaos Next Door"?

Why does this seem so Sitcom-ish? Also, why does this seem like something I would watch...You think Gaffer should be played by Charlie Sheen?
Anyways, good stuff as usual. I like the pace this one is going at.

Hey I give your fic a shot it not bad. I like it. My only complaint is the beginning of the story but I can't really put it in to words.:facehoof: However what I can say that positive I love how what your doing with the two characters Fleetfoot and Cory telling us what there doing before and after meet up. I don't think I read a fan fic that did that before. So bro hoof for that.Looking forward for the next chapter.:scootangel:

Decent story ya got here. I do believe that I shall be following this. :twilightsmile:

I would mention that I find that thoughts are more easily separated from the body of text by either italics or 'single quotes'.
More of a personal preference tho.

Keep up the good work and here's hoping for another chapter soon. :moustache:

Heh nice Eric cameo :D!!! How old is Eric at this point, btw?

Well, he was twenty-two ant the end of Chaos Next Door, and this story only takes place six months after, so he's still twenty-two.

Sorry I'm new to your stories:fluttercry: but I read Chaos Next when I have some free time again.:scootangel:

Comment posted by emilydash 215 deleted Oct 26th, 2013

Lets have a scene where Cory meets Discord while the God of Chaos is at work. And Cory has the book "Chaos Next Door" in his hands. Hijinks insue. :scootangel:

As Cory woke up he looked at the clock that was resting on his bedside table

"04:24 AM" he grumbled to himself.

As he tried to go back to sleep he quickly realised that he couldn't go back to sleep again.
With nothing better to do he desided to go down stairs and watch some TV to pass the time, and hopefully make him tired enough to go back to sleep again. As he grabed the remote and sat down he switched between the different channels. He ended up watching the late night news.

"Greetings Equestria, this is the late night news, this is tonights storys." the reporters on the tv news started.

Most of the news where nothing special, just the uppcoming days weather and what was happening around different parts of Equestria. But then another part of the news started.

The celebrity gossip. And the first thing that came up on the screen shocked him.

"Fleetfoot dating mysterious human?" It said with big bold letters and a picture of Cory and Fleetfoot at the mountainside spire at night was shown.

"Well... Fuck" Cory simply stated.

(I really love this story so far and i love that you put in Eric, i cant wait for the rest of the story!!! And also... :moustache: )

The only error in your little scene is that Cory and Fleetfoot were on the mountainside spire in the middle of the afternoon. That was a fun little scene you wrote though. :eeyup:

I have my own idea as to how Cory and Fleetfoot's "relationship" will be revealed to the public. :rainbowdetermined2:

If I may give a bit of advice, unless someone else has done that already, I haven't read that far ahead yet, but if you're gonna put character thoughts into the story, I would remove the quotes and put everything in italics just so people don't have to read into it too hard.

Like I asked last chapter, can we get Discord up in the house?!? :yay:
Or how about Luna? She seems to be the kind to meddle with romance. Either way, great job! Interested to see the Wonderbolt's reactions.

Meh, if I tried to put either of them in at this point, it'll look really shoehoned in. Plus, I planned for Eric to be the only cameo. Maybe I'll put in Discord or Luna, but it'll probably be towards the end of the story.

Fair enough, I can see how that might be awkward. And besides, it's your story.
Also, I was wondering...why is your User Avatar/Image of Applejack, when you are a Sketchy Unicorn...?

Oh, it was a pic I drew for an Applejack Appreciation contest earlier this month. I plan on replacing it once I do another MLP piece.

Really? It looks nice. I can't draw worth squat. You can write and draw. Those are good talents to have! Keep it up!

Thanks. I actually took up writing after drawing. I draw comics all the time so when I joined Fimfiction, I just applied the writing portion of making comics to making my stories.

I wonder if you could actually make a comic sort of thing for FimFic. I mean, you'd make comics or other images and put them in with writing to go with it. An example would be like this...
Here the link
This is a webcomic sorta thing with each image having a connecting story behind it. I don't know if you know Warhammer 40k, since this is what it is about, but take a look at it, and maybe it'll give you some ideas. If I could draw, I'd totally do something like this.

I have a feeling that when they meet it will be really and i mean really awkward. :twilightoops:
Anyway, great chapter as always and i cant wait for more. :twilightsmile:

Me thinks Rapidfire may dislike Cory on principle.

Think he might have had an interest in Fleetfoot. :raritywink:

Next chapter gonna be good.

Dinner is served! Lets see how that works out!
Question: What is Equestria/Pony stance on Carnivores? There are humans in it so something has to be done...

I'll explain it (or at least attempt to explain it) in the next chapter.

Cory's in the house... Unless Rapid fire clocks him out.

Shit is about to hit the fan Cory and Rapidfire are gonna throw down like a Denny's grandslam!!!!!

First View! It's like First Comment, but far more prestigious. Because, you know, I read it first.

I'm going to sit here and wait to see what happens next.:scootangel:

Ooooooooo... Things are looking up for Cory. :twilightsmile: And what the buck is Rapidfire planing, dont he dare destroy this! :twilightangry2:

Im only going to guess but i think that Rapidfire is going to be filling up the part of Discord in Chaos next door a little bit, first hes going to destroy their realationship and then they will go back together hopefully. :twilightblush:

But anyway, great chapter as always and i cant wait for the rest! :twilightsmile:

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