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we protect each other like we should normally do, and we help each other out, and we help take bullies down as a group whether it be online or in real life. We hear every pony's stories and help find a solution. But, I can't do it alone, I need help and that's where you all come in. I need help spreading the word to everpony. We want as many people in this as possible. I want everypony to feel safe being them but they can't do that if they get bullied. Please tell every Pegasister and Bronies that you know whether it be on here, YouTube, anywhere. Just please spread the word about it. I want to see people helping each other out. You can use my blog post if you wish, just PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE spread the world. Please be sure to watch out for any more blog posts from me on the PPP. Let's band together. We can do this! Let's make sure people are alright and we can make a difference.

Please leave a comment if you're in and please, if you have any ideas, let me know.

:heart: :heart: Shadow Chaser ( who might just be called Shadow..... I don't know yet.)

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*teleports in* Greetings, my friends.

331654 I'm excited to see it grow.

Good to see the group up and running! It'll be interesting to see this group grow. :raritywink:

331618 I'm so glad this is off to a fantastic start!:pinkiehappy:

331617 No problem mate :pinkiehappy::heart:

Thank you sosososososo much for doing this!

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