This Roleplay takes place in the Grand Equestrian Empire. More specifically, it takes place in the northern pony nation of Scandineghvia.

It is a time of great change for Equestria. The invention of magic compatible crystal processing just made most magic and industrial technology obsolete, and most economies are struggling to adapt to the new abilities it presents. The Constitutional Princessedom of Scandineighvia has recently elected to adopt Recently Risen Princess of Art Cute Scribble in order to expand their right's and influences in the Equestrian Imperial government. In their generosity they have given her use of Steinnvaeng Castle, the fortress completely covering the island of Steinnvaeng.

Steinnvaeng castle houses a part of just about every branch and department of Scandineighvia, and what she thought her home was just another battleground you and your factions fight on politically. Whether or not you hate her or love her, she is a usefull naive tool that could proove a great boon to your plans, whatever they may be.

While you court the princess' vote, you must also keep an eye on Scandineighvia's neighbors and the Imperial government. Outside forces could ruin your plan at any time, and also present opportunities to forward them. In the end there will be loosers, the politically abandoned and beaten. But you are sure to survive... right?

The RP consists of the Naval, army, political, religions, and business leaders struggling for domination as the Northern Ponynation of Scandineighvia adopts new technology. Role players will join factions within and across their departments and jobs. Scribble herself will join or oppose factions to move her own agenda as well as maintain general balance.

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I'm probably gonna regret joining... But its role-play and I got free time out my flank, lets do this!

Comment posted by Moxypony deleted Sep 30th, 2013

So I'll probably regret joining but what the hell. I got navy.

that always happens... i never get to properly use my action... :pinkiesad2::pinkiecrazy:

I know ;_;

and you are dead :pinkiecrazy:

That you are :moustache:

Well, hopefully you pass...

And I can neither confirm nor deny the meaning of that term.

nah, I had to bugger off to school.
Pray for me, I had a maths exam.

And, I have no idea what it's supposed to me..That's why I asked you.

I'll take that silence as a no... :trixieshiftleft:

Well, do you know what it means? :trixieshiftright:

Why would you type something without knowing what it means?:rainbowderp:

You were the one who typed it.:rainbowhuh:

How am I supposed to know? :fluttershyouch::raritydespair:

wat is "hruumm"?

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