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Welcome to the Millerverse!

This is a group made specifically for the stories pertaining to everyone's not-so-favorite foul-mouthed protagonist(?) Ryan Miller, everyone and everything related to the Dawnbreaker Trilogy.

Now open to the public!

Forum Rules: Read This Before Posting.

1. No Spam.
Re-posting should be avoided. I'm really not too strict with rules, but if you are caught spamming, you will not be given cake.

2. Make It SFW!
If you really feel that your NSFW (Not Safe For Woona) post/story/anything should be shared in The Millerverse, make sure that it's either properly tagged with 'NSFW', or avoid it altogether.

3. Keep It Clear.
Title your forum posts ACCURATELY. Label it with either

Clarity is a must, here.

4. No Trash-Talking!
Your fellow authors have the same amount of say that you do; we don't want to see anyone getting the Banhammer for flipping out on some unsuspecting author. If you have a problem with someone else, behave in an adult manner and address the situation responsibly.

5. Keep It Within The Millerverse.
This rule is actually pretty flexible, considering that the Millerverse is gradually expanding. So long as it's in some way related to the Millerverse, it will probably be allowed. Uploading stories not within the context of the Millerverse is not allowed, though.

6. Listen To The Admins.
Believe it or not, sometimes Admins actually know what they're talking about. If you're receiving a warning from an Admin, then you should probably take a step back and consider things more seriously for a moment.

If you have any questions, seek out your nearest Admin and throw something heavy at them.
If that doesn't work, try asking them something instead!

Current Admins!

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So, I looked up ryan miller, turns out he's a hockey player?

Also, looked up millerverse, had something to do with DC.

And Dawnbreaker, some kind of sword from Skyrim.

Dear millerverse,

one of the admins of this group followed me. probably about a couple months ago... just saying, wanted you to know 'n' stuff

With Fanfics,
Pikemena Diane Pi


NSFW is still welcomed with open arms allowed, so long as it's properly tagged.

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