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Welcome to Weston College. I am the headmistress Cielia Phantomhive. This mare next to me is Ms. Silversmith Senna Spoon, our vice principal. However, everything is up in the air at the moment.

All students will be assigned dorms. The dorms are Sapphire Owl, Green Lion, Scarlet Fox, and Violet Wolf, and one for my own personal students, Midnight Raven. Every dorm has both a prefect and a dorm warden. These were the previous assignments:

Sapphire Owl: Blue Dreams (F4D3)
Green Lion: Chance (Vengeful Spirit)
Violet Wolf: Susumu Ganza (Kragor)
Scarlet Fox: Sweetie Belle (SweetAI Belle)

Head of Houses:
Sapphire Owl: Ancient Times(Ukaih)
Green Lion: Sure Shot(Eplison)
Violet Wolf: Silversmith Senna Spoon(Silversmith Senna Spoon)
Scarlet Fox: Xerphis(F4D3 )

Both students and potential members of the faculty will need to post their applications for the position in the Application office. Student's dorms will be chosen based on a short personality test.

1. Posts with explicit content are only permitted in threads tagged as NSFW. Violations stould be reported to a member of the staff.
2. Use of drugs is not permitted on campus, and smoking is not allowed in dorms or public areas.
3. Students must attend all classes that appear in threads. If you can.
4. You must wear your college uniforms at all times, with the crest of your dorm visible. Prefects may wear their type of waist coat and dorm flower:
Sapphire Owl: Blue Gentian
Green Lion: Green Holly
Violet Wolf: Purple Dahlia.
Scarlet Fox: Red Rose
5. If there is a fire in the school or one of the dorms, all students should find safety in the school gardens and have their prefects take roll-call.
6. If you cause trouble, prefects and staff can give you a "Y". If you get one of those, you will have to translate twenty Latin paragraphs.
7. No character suicide. The result is a temporary ban. Don't ask me why I made this rule.
8. Killing staff members is highly frowned upon, and may damage your academic standing. This goes doubly for the headmistress and vice-principal. But you may if you are a villian. But get ready for the ban bat.
9. All new villains, or students/staff looking to become a villain must register here.
10. All threads must be tagged accordingly, with one of the following: (Location), (Event), (NSFW), (Notice), or (RP Related). Dining Hall threads will be tagged with the meal in question instead.

The Weston College uniform consists of a top hat, black waist coat, your dormitory's colored vest, dorm-colored tie, your dormitory crest, black trousers or long gray skirt, and a hooded black overcoat.

Uniforms can be purchased at Madam Fittings' Shop.

Weston College is a prestigious school. Act like you yourself are prestigious.

The class schedule was as follows, but will be changed in the reboot:
Day 1: Physical Education
Day 2: Science
Day 3: Physics
Day 4: Pony History
Day 5: Arts
Day 6: Magical Theory and Application of Spells
Day 7: Literature
Day 8: Equestrian Economics

Official Theme Song of Weston College:

The Unofficially Official Theme Song of Weston College:

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Sorry to complain miss but a top hat!?

329669 Thank you! :twilightsmile: I can hardly wait until this is finished.

Hello there, we're very sorry, but this group is currently going under renovation, and will not be ready for some time. I, and the entirety of the Weston staff apologize for the inconvenience.

If you'd like to know more about the group, the renovations, or when the group might be finished, feel free to ask me or Silversmith Senna Spoon any questions you might have, we'd be happy to answer them. :twilightsmile:

How come the character application thread is locked? :rainbowhuh:

That themesong is also the opening song from Sword Art Online. Best. Fictional. College. Ever!

319727 LOL I'm a noob! I triple posted

Comment posted by Midnight Words deleted Jul 22nd, 2013
Comment posted by Midnight Words deleted Jul 22nd, 2013

319610 :pinkiegasp: I too have a MemeCenter account...

319323 Hey, I forgot your memecenter account... heheh...:twilightsheepish: Can I have a link?


Right. It's quite possible for someone acting pro-tem to end up with the position permanently, but there's no guarantee. This is just a temporary position until things have settled down enough for a permanent appointment.

((And I'd be very surprised if the headmaster/headmistress position, at least, didn't end up with one of Cielia and Sebastian's characters in the long run.))


It's only a temporary position until we find a more appropriate headmaster/headmistress.

God, I am so annoying...
Shouldn't that say new principle and vice principle?

318943 Okay then, let's get back to the bread and butter of the threads shall we? :derpytongue2:

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