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The group who play, watch, and write stories that tie in with Dishonored.
The first and only group for Dishonored on FimFiction.
We accept all Dishonored stories no matter the quality.

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338430 It's been announced for 2016, apparently.

Dishonored: Darkness of Tyvia or something.

I just beat Dishonored today with the chaos ending :twilightsmile::moustache::pinkiegasp:

I would love a dishonored sequel

Comment posted by SpitFlame deleted Nov 17th, 2013

Honer for all of us. The big:trollestia: and the small:scootangel: of us.

well a chapter of one

made a dishonored story

313991 Really can you send me a link?

I am making a playtrough of Dishonored and I am very interested to see the stories you come up with.

311084 Whatever I can't spell some words either.

sure that's fine with me
also I'm a guy

311084 saddly no but I know of it, but it looks pretty awesome.:pinkiehappy:

I think I'll help welcome people into the group. if thats okay with the guy who made this group...or girl.

311083 definitly (I can't spell definitly) Do you have the knife of Dunwall ?

311081 True so true, the ending music also suits the game too.

310746 Dishonored is truly a must have game.

I'll help moniter the group.:pinkiehappy: I love Dishonored.:twilightsmile:

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