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Feathers on a goat! The Timberwolves are a howlin! Oh no, wait... that's just writer's block. Hold up, that's even worse!


It's been a year since the day Twilight Sparkle learned what Star Swirl the Bearded couldn't, since she found out that friendship can truly conquer any trial, since she was announced as a princess of Equestria for creating new magic. During then, the times seemed happier for everypony. Now, however, darkness has returned... and it's influence is stronger than ever. Mysterious Everfree Forest threatens the ponies as do the swarming changelings in the badlands. In southeastern Vallhalla, the formerly allied dragons fight one another. Then, there are the eastern Zeklathine isles, the mightiest realm of the griffins... lost completely due to evil.

As her first anniversary as a princess nears, Twilight cannot keep from confronting these troubles. Everyone clearly needs aid. Yet, where can she get the needed help? From a forgotten other world, a forgotten other people? Perhaps. Join her as she calls to the stars... and get's her answer. A "Humanity will return to Equestria" story, if you will.

"It is when the sun is shining its brightest, when the moon is at its fullest, when the Elements of Harmony have been born anew and Star Swirl is amongst us once more... that there shall be a most remarkable sparkle of twilight. And from that twilight, from a place long thought as lost, from we who have been forgotten, a child of history will be brought back home as well as a millennium old prophecy will finally be fulfilled."

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2939648 Ha ha, yes. Let's, indeed, see where this story goes, shall we? :ajsmug:

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2971786 Dude... Seriously? Really? Finally! You're the first to say that. Thank you! How far have you gotten? Through the whole thing maybe or...?

Amazing, simply amazing. You have captured the personalities of spike and twilight PERFECTLY. I felt as if I was reading an actual episode, that's how good this was. Unlike a lot of stories around here, I actually enjoyed reading this chapter completey. No OOCs,no questionable behavior, no grammatical errors, it's perfect. Liked, favorites, and followed.

Words cannot express how much I enjoyed this, so have a mustache. :moustache:

... Thats not nearly enough. Have 10!

2972034 i have read the whole thing so far and I just can't wait to see the damn human the pretense is killing me

2974346 Yay! Thank you! I'm so sorry for my late reply here. 40 hour job with college classes takes up most of yours truly's time, ya know? Either way, I was hoping the beginning of this tale was irresistible when starting! As a matter of fact, when I first posted this story on fanfic, somepony by the name of "HorsemanofDeath" actually stated to me just after reading the first chapter: "If you keep writing like this, this story is going to be the next big thing! Keep up the good work." at which I was like *Heart explodes from happiness* :pinkiegasp:

Of course, I nearly suffered a coma because of your comment too! Lol. One way or the other, I'm super duper pumped to see you enjoyed yourself and thank you for taking the time be so considerately supportive. Now that you're following it, I hope you'll continue to enjoy the tale. Just be sure to hold on tight. The roller coaster ride is about to get super crazy before the end comes anywhere close in sight. I'm sure you knew that already but *Squee* just fair warning. :twilightsmile:

P.S - I appreciate the mustaches! Now what to do with them? Deposit them in the mustache bank? Show them off to Trixie? Flirt with Twilight? Ooh... I cannot decide! :ajsmug:

P.P.S - Nice profile pic, bro! Super cool!


Thanks, I'll get around to writing my avatar's equestrian adventure one of these days (translation: a snowstorm in Hell will likely happen sooner :unsuresweetie: )

Anyway, I can relate to your busy schedule. As such, I caution against sending out unread chapters before you're absolutely sure they are presentable, even if you're worried that you haven't put out anything in awhile. Remember that quality beats quantity anytime, especially in the world of writing. I have infinite patience for an author of your talent who puts effort into their writing and has your talent. However, if you drop this promising and wonderful story before it is finished, just let in be known that I will DECAPITATE YOUR BODY AND CONSUME YOUR SOUL! You have nothing to worry about if you just keep writing. :pinkiecrazy:

PS: You could exchange 100 mustaches for an internet at your local bank, so I suggest you keep them. Or you could exchange them for cookies, which are more trade able but less valuable. Also, when does the human(s) show up? II like how slow your taking it, the humans entering should never be rushed, but when will they actually show up?

dutifully watching your progress,
{account name}

Comment posted by FlyingMushroomxii deleted Aug 10th, 2013

This is the best writing I've ever read on this website, :twilightsmile: can't wait for more!

3018381 Wow, just wow. I'm a stupid butthole. Okay, maybe I'm not but, jeez, I should've responded to you sooner than this. Forgive me for not saying "thank you" to you earlier than now. Anyway, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, for thinking so! Honestly, it's brightened up my day and given me renewed motivation to keep writing this tale. :twilightsmile:

P.S - It's ironic... On Fanfiction, I had two reviewers - Guests, mind - recently tell me that: 1. They didn't get this storyline. 2. My writing style was too sloppy. After having read your comment here, all I can say to those guests is, "Um... Ha ha, what? Come on guys, really? Ya bunch of freaking trolls. Lol."

“Caw! Much like how you’ve come to know the keepers of the soon and moon so very well, the only way to truly understand my master is to be with him.

I think you mean sun, right? :raritywink:

Good story. Seems a little clutter-y at a few spots but that could be me. Anyway, this story is really well done. :pinkiehappy:


3024429 Oh - my - dear - freaking... God? How did I miss that? Lol, duh. :rainbowlaugh: Anyway, thanks for saving me from further embarrassment, bro. I seriously appreciate your help. :twilightsmile:

and making two spit worlds one against the approaching darkness.

lol I read that as two spit wads at first. I'm pretty sure you meant two split worlds one. :rainbowlaugh:

Now its time for the juicy bits. I can't wait! :pinkiehappy:


As a side note, If anything I need to take lesson from you on how to write. No, seriously this is some real quality stuff here.:pinkiegasp:

If I could improve my quality to this level...

Moving on.

This prologue was a little thick overall to me. As I've said before, I sort of got lost a few times for brief moments but found my way back quickly. A few sections here or there could probably be spaced out a little more but otherwise it was wonderful done.

Looking forward to more!

3079285 Psssssh, this is some quality stuff, you say? Then, ugh, how do I keep missing words at important bits? Spit wads... It's supposed to be split worlds! Ugh, agh, nargh! Anyway, I appreciate your critique - your helping me - all the same. Seriously, thanks for saying what you thought on the prophecy deal and for spotting my mistakes. I'll be looking this chappy over again when I get the chance here or there. :twilightsmile:

P.S - Lol, you think you want lessons from me on how to write quality stuff? Even when you're the one catching me on my flaws? I have to say... I've never thought of my work really worthy of that kind of notice. Especially when I keep messing up at important pieces of writing! BLAH! But, hey, dude, you have to be decent yourself. You've got plenty of fans wanting you to continue writing your own material, right? Honestly, I wish I had that kind of support right now.


I started my story nearly over a year and a half ago. I just updated for the first time in 11 months because I got discouraged. :pinkiesad2:

No one was mean or anything I just discouraged myself.

You see I have issues with dialogue; or rather making the characters feel alive as if you can see them right before your eyes. I read over conversations that my characters have and then read stories like yours, then I look back to my own. After comparing my dialogue to these other stories, I die a little on the inside.

To be honest, I have no idea why people wasted their time on my story when there are so many other stories (like yours for instance) they could be reading. :applejackunsure:

For example, the way you wrote Twilight's conversations with the three eyed crow and the spirit of destiny. So much detail within the conversations without it sounding weird or obtrusive. I'm telling you I can learn a lot from this.

So I kinda have an unfair advantage of time when regarding readers. :twilightsmile: But again, your quality is so much higher than mine for sure. If you don't believe me, just take a look at my story and see for your self.

As for spelling mistakes, don't even fret too much about them just blame auto-correct for everything. :raritywink:

Keep up the amazing work!


Besides a few mistakes that are minor, how you told the story made my heart beat faster and my want for the next chapter grow.

Also I have been waiting for the human to show up for 11 chapters now this fic so far feels like I was reading an epic.

3101581 Bah ha ha, yeah, seriously, I'm about ready to begin hitting myself with all of the build up I've made about this human or second chosen one or seventh element or whatever. Honestly, you're not the first to say that you've taken notice that you've read eleven chapters so far and you're still waiting for my OC character to show up. Still, I knew that if I wanted his mystical introduction to be so very hard to wait for... I had to make this story, like you've said, as epic as possible in the meantime. :twilightsmile:

Moving on, your wait is nearly over. Considering how cool this next chapter is going to be, all I have to do is recollect my creative juices and inspiration to get over these serious cases of writer's block as well as nervous breakdowns I'm having over chappy 12. Lol, just hold on a bit longer, alright? My story is so very close to introducing this second chosen one, don't worry. Plus, thank you for saying that - despite few mistakes on my part - you enjoyed chapter 11. With so much going on in it, I was so very worried it was going to be the ruin of me. :raritydespair:

3104267 Read Cultural Artifacts for a even worse mind fuck compared to that this does not come close to confusing.

3211098 Wait, what? Read Cultural Artifacts to see like... To see that my story is confusing or artifacts are confusing or... What now? Sorry? :rainbowhuh:

3215985 Ah, that is relieving to hear. Seeing as I worked my hardest to make this as clear as possible thus far, it's good for me to know that you find this story much more understandable than, well, Cultural Artifacts. :twilightsmile:

P.S - Chapter 12 just needs to be final edited which should be done by tomorrow soooo... Yeah, Chapter 12 will most likely be put up tomorrow. Just saying. Sorry for the wait, wait, and more waiting. :facehoof:

:twilightsmile::yay:YAY!!! Finally the human has come this story can truly start and good job on the mystic theme but making it wasy to follow we have waited so long and it is finally here YAY!!! :yay::twilightsmile:

3221302 Yep. He's finally been - in a sense - introduced into the story now. And as for how he was introduced, I hope it was clear enough for you. What with the involvement of the Timberwolves and more prophetic talk from some three eyed raven, I kind of felt like I was still beating around the bush. Nevertheless, it seems like you as well as plenty of people have enjoyed this chapter and, lol, who else but Zecora would be the first to meet my OC? Imagine that; a former outsider of Ponyville meeting an outsider of Equestria. Anyway, Chapter 13 will be up soon enough. Just wait a little bit more. :twilightsmile:

a'ight then, let's do this thang!

3245625 Ha ha, forgive me for my confusion but you'll have to be more specific, my friend. Awesome... what now? Awesome the story line? The characters? The grammar and work? Just everything altogether? Either way, thank you very much. Happy smily pony faces all around! :rainbowkiss:

I try not to reply when I still have many chapters to read but I want you to know I find this story fascinating and well-written. Well done!:moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

Please update this. I've been waiting for too long, so long that I was forced into getting an account just to tell some people to get to writing. I like the story. So do a lot of people. I just want to read some more. Don't stop, or slow down. More people are supporting you than you probably know.

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Man, how does this not have more views? It is so beautifully written with the dialogue and internal thoughts of the characters (even with minor ones such as Owlowiscious) that it is just a fantastic story. Well done! I give this story 5 out of 5 moustaches! :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

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