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I'm perfectly normal. Who told you I was crazy? Not me. Cuz I'm totally not, ya hear? I'M NOT!!! Oh, and I write stuff, which you should check out. ... ...you all made me this way... ...


Two eccentric guys, not a shred of a plan, a thousand miles from home in an unfamiliar city. This was never going to end 'well'. But throw in a backpack loaded with trouble, and we're in for a ride that's out of this world.

Things are going to get...complicated.

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Quite an interesting concept, this thing is. Do continue: I wish to know more.

hmm what did she do to him?

altered his mind to understand them? a translation spell in anger? or.. maybe turned him into a pony?:twilightsmile: yes that last one will inconvenience him to no end lol.

i... have no clue..... Truthfully i want to slap twilight. pinkie seems in character. rainbow is kinda out of character, but then again, she has been shrunk, regrown, hasn't eaten for likely over a day, nearly 2, and she is stuck in an apartment were she can't really fly. flutter shy... seems perfectly in character. rarity.. well she seems to have lost her generosity. apple jack... well i'm not sure. doesn't feel like enough has happened with her for me to figure it out.

twilight sucked out pinkies life force? i'm pretty sure everyone would instantly stop trusting me if i did that to them. she.... is completely out of character except for her desire to learn. she seems like a power hungry tyrant and almost seems like she would kill anyone at a moments notice even her friends

as for the exact reason why.. i don't know:rainbowderp:

as for memory erasing to learn a language... well.... I can see that being possible... but.... Ive seen more data to subject that the data storage possible by the human brain is technically infinite, its just more of unused data gets "compressed and filed away". however with the way twilight is acting... I could easily see her going ow he wont need these 2 languages and forcefully removing them.:facehoof:

I find this story so interesting, but i wish there was more chapters out because I feel the need to slap twilight till shes back to her senses... and I don't want to do that as she is my favorite of the mane 6.:raritydespair:

also... I can just imagine multiple reactions to your character's fan fics.:twilightblush: espeshily since we have no clue what he has written.
i imagine all sorts of things ranging from rage and hate, laughter, love, and lust.:twilightsmile::rainbowwild::rainbowlaugh:

i'm going crazy wanting to know more of what is going to happen!:pinkiecrazy:

2575451 Nice to see the interest! Do not fear all will be explained soon...very sooon.:pinkiecrazy:
This fic is actually an experiment for my characterization wrapped up in a pretty package, and as such, yes, they are changed. Hopefully I'll get more time for each pony with the next series of events.

The whole life-force thing needs more explanation, you'll see. I've dropped a dozen hints as to what is happening (Mostly with Dash and Twilight) but they are vague enough to miss easily unless you know WHY. I see I'll have to work that one out next.

About the brain's capacity, although you are technically correct, its kinda like this: When it comes to language and other basic functions like mathematics, the brain may be able to contain it, but not comprehend it all at once.
Twilight will be getting her moment, and an explanation for all this will become clear. Trust me, you will like. :derpytongue2:

.... your driving me almost to the point of becoming obsessed with this as i did over FPV:pinkiecrazy:
that slightly fades since its taken so long for his next chapter. but i'm still obsessed:twilightblush: over it. just not as badly.

aka sorry for the late reply but I showered then rinsed the vent tube and panel for my portable ac, it hit 95 degrees yesterday:raritydespair: if its getting that hot this early, this summer is going to be horrible! also.. ewwwww the filter had to be cleaned badly....

erm anyways.

like i had said the only ones who seem in character are pinkie and fluttershy. there really hasn't been anything that they have done thats been out of character.

i'm not sure why AJ would freak out over an orange..... shes never bugged out over different fruits in the sho.... ok i see something their for AJ now.:twilightblush::facehoof:

2575514 Heh, all of a sudden I'm happy I live in a different hemisphere...
Anyway, It's actually hard to use the plot device I'm working with to affect all the ponies at once, if at all...But I will persevere!
(And btw, the apples vs oranges joke comes from Applejack's cutie-mark story, and has apparently become a fan-canon joke, so that's not it, soz. :fluttershyouch:)
Here's a clue: It has to do with their special talents

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yes i live in the US, in the state of Wyoming actually (which is bashed on yet most people in the country don't realize we produce most of the US's coal supply which fuels the coal fire power plants) sorry rant.

my own story is not ready. i've been working on it slowly. (work hours ((wish i had money like this OC does)), family issues, getting into a good story (you having 2 of them) and having a hard time finding the drive to dig into my writing.

currently i have the prologue finished and i'm working on chapter 1.:twilightblush:

I can point you to some good stories. (you actualy might have being meaning the story i mentioned FPV? sorry if thats what you meant by story.)


expect VERY long chapters, even thou its at 90k words, it took me as long to read this as a story about twice as long.

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Guten Tag ich bin Einsatz pony.

Welcome to the Internet; I will be your guide...->”

honestly I mean really
well I'm glad to find another who subscribes to the simple reality that after a hectic day its just best to grab a beer and take in the view and better yet with a good friend.
I am also worried about pinky what did twilight do to her
tell me, *TELL ME*, tell me or I will release apon you a reich that will last a thousand years or until you tell me!:flutterrage:
if thats ok with you :fluttershysad:
über und aus

2586237 Jeesh, You're cropping up everywhere aint'cha?:unsuresweetie:
Yes, I know the joke was bad. I happen to find it's sheer LAMENESS funny.:moustache:

You can call your precious Reich: I stand ready with Katyushas launching creativity and Lancasters dropping shady physics.:pinkiecrazy:

I think that sums it up...

The man has four feet away and had missed the entire reveal of an almost cataclysmic truth.

The man was four feet away and had missed the entire reveal of an almost cataclysmic truth.

What language does twilight code in?
I suggest java if you didn't have one in mind.

2591101 Well, its kind of redundant when she reads straight-up binary:pinkiecrazy:

Comment posted by Quicksear deleted May 23rd, 2013

I think Twi should expect humans to know there magic. I think you said she readied a lot of Fanfics, so I think she would have watched the show. also, chapter title makes no sence.
also, this is great AND relevant

2619294 To be honest, her explanations aren't entirely only for the protagonist's benefit. And the title was indeed the wrong one. I haz a list, but me broke it :derpytongue2:
And your image loaded so slow on my end that I got a good ten seconds per frame to look at the somewhat shifty animation. Gotta love them animators...

You're from Cape Town?


(seven hours later, a hole in the space time continuum ends all existence as we know it. Twilight accidentally overcharged Pinkie trying to cast a spell while Andrew was trying to escape the cops)


2619452 I was there recently, at least, and I live in South Africa at the moment. I actually wrote the second chapter ON THE BUS. :pinkiehappy:
2619453 I now have to change my sequence of events. :pinkiesad2:

Its gonna get fun out there :pinkiehappy:


Awesome, I just influenced the story towards ADVENTURE! :D

Guten Tag ich bin Einsatz pony.
good chapter, this Andrew character seems to be putting his foot in it more and more lately
keep up the good work!
über und aus

Okay, I think I fixed a lot of stuff in the story, mostly word order and tone and whatnot, but also some more major stuff, like parts of Twilight's dialogue, to make her sound less empiric. Also, I resurrected an abandoned plot device from chapter four, and its kinda going to impact later. This being said, I'd suggest skim reading from the end of chapter three, just to catch the changes. The story is moving into its adventure tag region now, and I needed to get the story geared for it. I'm terribly sorry chaps, and it wont happen again.

Greatest Apologies

ok time to re read and analyz.

wait.. :pinkiegasp:chapter 3 and up... :rainbowderp: did you even sleep?:twilightoops:
my head for some reason though it was only the last 2 chapters.... wow going to be rereading a lot more then i originally thought:pinkiecrazy:

might be a day or 2 before i finish rereading however... holographic is getting after me to work more on my story.... i don't know why he has become so obsessed with my unpublished work that no one even has more then a handful of clues about...
its oddly creepy and interesting? to have someone wanting to read my work this badly:duck:

2627495 Sleep is for the weak. so long as I'm occupied, sleep does not happen much.
It really is only minor cosmetic stuff, so you only need to skim over til the newer sections, and they aren't particularly large.
I offered to help on your story too, if ya remember (Since thats what I do most of the time; critique...) that's half the point of writing in a community, ennit? Its nice to know someone is interested, after all.


One skim over later and I find myself apreciating the once over you did. Lookng forward to seeing more of Sarah, that's for sure. :pinkiehappy:

while initially starting off seeming a bit dark, this has got very good:pinkiehappy:

Andrew = :twilightsmile:'s conscience? It makes perfect sense, yet at the same time it doesn't... I think.
Please wait while I reboot my brain.exe and check for coding errors.
Diagnostic complete. Analysis indicates conflicting emotions on the topic.
This odd occurrence has released to increased endorphin production from reading your work.
Suggested actions: Next chapter.

Whine Mode Plus

An upgrade of Whine Mode? I don't think so.

So I just innately knew how Twilight ticked? Seriously? I knew that if I wrote that into any of my fanfics I would get no end of hate from my readers for such a stupid line.


T he words in my head, ready to be released, were so perfectly conciliatory they made me sick.

The words in my head, ready to be released, were so perfectly conciliatory they made me sick.

also, when will we get into the 'B' chapters? Every chapter so far has started with 'A"

2698126 Glad you...mostly enjoyed it. :derpytongue2:
2698300 At least you seem to have fun being a cynic, eh? I know I do. :pinkiecrazy:

I really was dropping hints for this little development from the very beginning, so I tried to soften the blow, but keep it fun as well. Now that the ponies have their sea-legs, so to speak, I can begin the crazy.

Oh, and 2698315: When I run out of A's

Guten Tag ich bin Einsatz pony.
I'm back!!!!
for the reason that you fired me as your editor i shall not point out the mistakes soz I'm f.ff.ff.far t.tt.to cc.c.cccold to do that
and as Ive heard through the derpy-mail some of you more observant pony's have deduced that i am Andrew well done to you and to the rest now you know
Quicksear I look forward to more chapters across the board (including tending flames) go well and god speed
über und aus

Twilight Wants IN the Museum. hehe, wow. this can go wrong so quickly in so many ways. let see long duration light bending? hmm humanize herself? go in after dark? or mind rap everyone inside?:pinkiecrazy: the possibilities are endless.

no 'marcy' is (pinkie told me to say ir!)

you are andrew? interesting

Guten Tag ich bin Andrew Fick ich meine Einsatz pony.
very surprised someone commented so soon
über und aus

something tells me HiE is going to happen. there is two days left, and you still haven't gotten to the 'B' chapters.


Vanilla HiE? From dis guy? You have no clue what you're talking about: For whatever the reason I can see Quicksear have the ponies go home, but Twi accidentally dragging Andrew's consciousness out of his body because she didn't break the connection properly.
But then again, I don't know what I'm talking about either.

2762914 I didn't say anything about "vanilla".
I'm expecting it to be really contrived and confusing and complicated.

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