The School of Thought Pertaining to Logical Plot and Character is, quite logically, just what it says on the tin. I was tempted to bring in worldbuilding into this as well, but it is less of an issue among the common writership today, and even so exceptions can easily be made without harming the story. (That, and the name would be a REAL mouthful.)

This group is a place for reasoning; for authors and readers who write/enjoy reading works adhering to the principles of logical plot and character, and discussing the mechanisms of said principles. As fellow partners in thought, feel free to share your own ideas and debate conflicting ones - as long as you keep it civil, for philosophy is not for the weak of mind nor for the fiery of temper (since they chase everyone else off) - and if you are a writer or reader with a question, we will be happy to answer it (though we may not always be in agreement).

I strongly recommend new users to read my own base principle, The River and the Canoe. I mean, stickied and all.

Fics in this group are, naturally, for works written according to these principles. If you run across a work you feel would fit in, throw the author behind it a rope - we are always in need of more minds. However, also keep in mind the requirements of submitted material.
Do not simply autosubmit every fic you have for the sake of self-promotion.
The administration will mercilessly hunt down fics not fulfilling the necessary criteria and remove them from the group lists, but please - think a bit before you press submit, so we don't need to spend all our time doing that.

Also, with respect, the administration requests that users also adhere to reasonably correct grammar in forum threads, so as not to rustle unnecessary jimmies.

~NejinOniwa / Proofreader who is a Viking

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