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I write pony words. Millions of them. Some people actually think they might be worth reading. I am very thankful for that. Also, I have a Patreon now?


Ever since Grogar brought Tirek, Cozy Glow, and Queen Chrysalis together, they haven't spent a lot of time doing evil like they wanted. In fact, Grogar mostly has them hanging out in a cave underground. With the boredom that comes with it, the three of them have to find ways to pass the time.

Written for the Cozy Glow contest.

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Cozy Glow loves games. She has as long as she can remember. The pony she plays with most often is her father. They play a lot of games together, but her favorite is chess. She's never beaten him, but she will someday, right?

Honorable mention in the Cozy Glow contest.

Edited wonderfully by Rated Ponystar, Georg, Babroniedad, Professor Hyde White, Double R Forrest, TheAncientPolitzanian, and MisterEdd!

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One night as Apple Bloom is trying to sleep, she thinks she hears... something in the distance. A light is on in the CMC Clubhouse. She goes to investigate, and what she finds shivering in the snow will change her life forever.

Runner-up for the Halloween in April horror contest.

Edited wonderfully by Professor Hyde White, Horse Voice, Cyanhyde, Titanium Dragon, Georg, Babroniedad, Ponibius, and Comma-Kazie

... wow, I had a lot of editors. Lots of great people on this site.

Featured on EQD 06/11/2020

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A supervillain who strives to better her city. A scammer with higher aspirations. A bully given one last chance. A defeated villain at a crossroads. A human-turned-pony with one last desperate attempt. A candy maker trying to stop a mailmare. All have multiple paths before them. Will they help, or will they hurt? Will they improve, or will they descend into a worse state than before?

These are pseudo-sequels to several of my one-shots and short stories portraying possible endings or continuations. None of them are canon. Or are they? They could be. They could not be.
I Think I Maybe Want to be a Scammer, I Promise?
One Word
Broken Gladiator
Don't Go Into the Everfree Forest, TD
Stop the Derpy!

Forewarning: not all of these are going to be dark drama.

Chapters (6)

This story is a sequel to I Think I Maybe Want to be a Scammer, I Promise?

It has been three months since Hard Head has joined the Equestrian government as a white hat hacker, and in that time he has found success and done real good. Unfortunately, one day he goes too far, and the pony he catches might place him in over his head...

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With the Rainbow Festival a resounding success, the Mane Six relish in a job well done. They have helped bring joy and smiles back to Hope Hollow, and they look forward to hearing about many more successful Rainbow Festivals to come.

However, one of the townsponies interests them. The designer pony Kerfuffle is missing the lower half of her left hind leg.

Why is that, they wonder?

Rated Highly Recommended by Present Perfect
Featured on EQD 05/07/2020

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This story is a sequel to Hello, This is Not a Scammer, I Promise

Several months after his failed attempt to scam several ponies in Equestria, Hard Head gets a call from a scammer himself. He traces the call and finds a real scammer call center.

He doesn't know how to handle it.

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Cozy Glow has won.

She has taken over all of Equestria and with her powers she is virtually unstoppable. With the princesses trapped in the sun and moon, Discord put in stone once more, and Twilight and her friends trapped in Tartarus, nopony is there to stop her. Nothing will get in the way of ruling Equestria.

Except bureaucracy.

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Equestria has been saved once again from an evil villain trying to drain all of its magic. The vile villain has been sentenced to Tartarus, so that she may never again harm other ponies with her evil.

However, Celestia didn't quite expect the villain to be a nine year old filly.

Or that she'd have to actually tell the filly's parents.

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Steady Hoof, like most ponies, has a cutie mark. However, unlike most ponies, her cutie mark represents something... not quite on the right side of the law. Given her circumstances, she has been hired on as a personal assassin for Princess Luna.

She's not happy about it.

She thinks?

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