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This story is a sequel to Hello, This is Not a Scammer, I Promise

Several months after his failed attempt to scam several ponies in Equestria, Hard Head gets a call from a scammer himself. He traces the call and finds a real scammer call center.

He doesn't know how to handle it.

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 69 )

Is this story already over? It feels... kinda incomplete, if it is finished.

This guy just never learns, does he?:facehoof:

And the call trace was logged on the system under administration accessed secured files and a copy filed on Twilights system as a daily list of parole activities? :trixieshiftright:

Well, his name is Hard Head.

Some people never learn...

This should definitely make for an interesting journey.

He falls! He rises! He falls again! Maybe one day the lesson will pierce that Hard Head of his?

Considering the way his Talent works, I can understand this. I also feel sorry for him, because he is definitely cursed.

I have absolutely no sympathy nor patience for scammers, so I hope he gets what’s coming to him.

Hard head, indeed. This will likely end in either dungeon, chaos, or true reformation.

Ooh, what if it ends with reformation IN a chaotic dungeon? That might be fun...

Hard Head...no... :facehoof:

*Sigh* It can't get worse than the first time...right? It can? Oh dear...

If he were really smart the next cut would be to Twilight’s castle.

Hard Head: “Hey Princess, you got a baseball bat and the free time to take on a ring of phone scammers?”
H.R.H. Twilight Sparkle: “Do I ever!”

Now, I assume you have a barnyard bargains or some other manner of of general store in your area?"

Barnyard Bargains should be capitalized, as a proper name, and you have an extra word.

Ready for the chaos to begin!

Here we go again :facehoof:

Hard Head... you snitch to Twilight about them then you might get left off. Your freedom was right there.


Hard Head. You twit.

Please hard head, please go to twilight about this, please do not go back to trying to scam people. PLEASE!

Nooooooooo don't do it you dummy!! Play it straight!!

On the other hand we wouldn't have any story if he did now would we? :pinkiehappy:

I... man, if he just did the right thing he'd save himself from the inevitable backfire. The truth will out, buddy. Oh well. Here's hoping he gets a redemption arc out of this.


So I saw a new chapter on the previous one and there you added a note that there is a sequel...
OK added to tracking.

And he was doing so well too.

Obviously you can decorate it how you want. Pictures of the family or something like that.

Need an opening quote at the start of this.

I hope Hard Head succeeds.

Here we go again!


This guy never learns, does he?

I kinda hope that Hard Head gets at least one pony this time. Haha.

Personally, I'm hoping Hard Head goes turncoat on the scammer group he joined.

I can't decide whether I want Hard Head to succeed or turn this into a sting operation. Either way, I'm psyched.

Now this is interesting. I’d like to see a chapter where he tours the office.

So. Have to wonder how long until this system manages to contact one of Hard Head’s old “clients”.

Awesome story! :twilightsmile: I have a weird gut feeling that Hard Head is heading in a long string of upcoming dilemmas. ... It might be bad enough to where Fast Talker might see through it some. Obviously, while it's too late. Hilarity will definitely ensue soon! :rainbowlaugh: :pinkiehappy: Keep it up! :twilightsmile:

Intresting that he has been given the phone that calls None of the numbers of the rest of the talking heads in the department.

I wonder how long it takes him before he realises he has been scammed, and that hes working for Celestias Grey Clerks? :trollestia:

I know theres groups for Celestia the Chessmaster, but is there any for Celestia the Vetinarian?:moustache:

And so it begins.

Mind you, I wouldn't be surprised if Hard Head somehow led Twilight right to the call center. Any loose hairs or hoof shavings might be enough...

I find myself hoping he manages to do both. Preferably by accident.

Hard Head, you're insane. And maybe stupid.

Kinda Meh.

Ah, our beloved scammer is developing a conscience. Bit of a problem, in his line of work.

Really, really hoping this is the grandma of all setups. :trollestia:

Hard Head is going to
a) reprogram the robodials to call Ponyville numbers, except for Friendship Castle, along with calling Blueblood so that the others don't catch on too fast. Then sit back and watch.
b) tell Twilight the address so she can ask Fluttershy to ask Discord to go there and have some 'fun'.
c) tell Twilight the address so she can just pop in for a friendly chat with his new boss. hehehe.

Looks like Hard Head is developing a conscience. Let's see how this goes.

Be the poor pony that brought this in is gonna cry. 


Hard Head said, backing away from the fridge."

The quote at the end here is extra.

you got a bunch of money fro Ponyville, right?"


Not Donut Joe's!

I think it’s more that he always had one and didn’t realize it, the only person he managed to trick before was Blueblood, and literally everyone else (including a foal) knew he was a scammer.

He's a little hard headed to use it though.

Ba dum pish.

And herein lies the question: What do you value more? Money or the ability to look at yourself in the mirror? Of course, some people are secure in the knowledge that they're horrible parasites and despoilers of all that's good, but Hard Head appears to actually have a conscience. Still, we'll see where he goes from here.

'Happy Day': Did ya find 'em?
Starlight: Yes. Thank you Applejack. Your knack for voices is simply astonishing.
AJ: Anythin to stop them scammers.

My first thought on seeing the name Happy Day, and their response was that,

Its Ken Dod.

Does he have fun with tax evasion. :trollestia:

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