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Twilight Glimmer

Tradition is just peer pressure from dead people.


Different jobs require different kinds of skills...

How do you keep a job if you have no skills?

Knit Wit is back

Chapters (2)
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10$ tells me he tries to get into the resturant within the end of the week

I don't know how any being can naturally be this stupid yet alive.

I think he should try a government job. Like helping Derpy deliver the mail and he is so bad even Derpy thinks he is a lost cause.

Let him join the Royal Guard. Possibly without knowledge of the royals themselves, because, let's be honest, if Princesses knew he worked there, they would faint on a spot.

You get a like, because knit wit.

You also get my eternal fear of updates, for it might be this story giving us more knit wit :rainbowlaugh:

have him apply to quill and sofa next

Look forward to more. Though I'd advice you title the story differently since him getting fired only happens in the first chapter.

As for suggestions, I wonder want would happen to Tirek if he absorbed Knit wits Magic

The Library. This could be Twilight’s first encounter with him.

Knit Wit should totally work at sweet Apple acres, he’d probably poison the cows.


$10 says that he tries to take over Equestria with his stupidity powers to see for himself if you could extinguish the sun, eat moon cheese & the Crystal Heart and get an extra-medium smoothie.


hey, no cheating from future-released stories!

:facehoof: Dammit, Knit Wit... this is the reason why we like seeing you go through this stuff. Keep it up!

I think Knit Wit needs to try and be the town crier. And he thinks it means he gets to cry.

I love that what's considered his biggest mistake by his employer is the one we were meant to assume was completely inconsequential. Makes you wonder how much dumber than his boss Knit actually was here.

“My flank couldn’t decide which cutie mark it wanted, so it decided to be a question mark.”

This is irony for me. Before i clicked on this chapter i started to wonder what knit wit's mark looked like because either i dont remember or you never mentioned it, so when i saw this i started laughing

That was funny that the employer was more mad about the quill being sold at the wrong price than the sofa

Somepony is going to start a petition to end him at some point.

Maybe she knew he was retarded af and felt bad and so was willing to forgive him for the couches since he didn't know better. She specifically told him not to sell the quills for less than 5, he knew better and did it anyway.

How about a royal guard? I am the second person suggesting this so you should do it.

at the boutique as someone suggested or how about at the train station

Yeah, a librarian! Twilight will be so mad that he put one book out of place she'll fire him! Oh! then she'll say, "You." And he'll be like, "No, I'm Knit Wit. By the way, I'm glad you decided not to kill U."

That would be both hilarious and kind of adorable.

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