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I write pony words. Millions of them. Some people actually think they might be worth reading. I am very thankful for that. Also, I have a Patreon now?


After a late night of studying, Twilight Sparkle finds herself desperately wishing she could just get some sleep. However, she has class that day and, being the student that she is, she's not about to miss it over something as unimportant as sleep! However, when she gets to her class she discovers that staying awake may be a bit harder than she thought...
Note: I was inspired to write this right after I fell asleep in a class where we were discussing Alice in Wonderland. Go figure.

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This is the story of my life. :fluttershyouch:

Great work though!

this is awesome twilight is a cute filly

I once I fell asleep while our class was watching a movie! WHO DOES THAT???

1368338 A movie is the perfect time to take a nap or catch up on reading...unless the teacher is a jerk and gives a work to do during it.
I got a kick out of this story. I wouldn't mind reading about the noodle incident.:twilightsmile:

This was a nice one. And I too am curious about the, "Noodle Incident." Must've been something amazing. Or adorable.

Aww! It's so cute it's puppy!

Simple and sweet. ME LIKEY! :rainbowkiss:

Can you write a prequel to this story about what was in that book about Filly Celestia?

1369915 if I think of something good then maybe. However, it is doubtlessly more outrageous in your mind.


Ok then, how about a story about the noodle incident?

"Ms. Sparkle, I am tired of these constant disruptions," said Ms. Squitz. "If you cannot understand Princess Celestia, then maybe you just need to bzzbrbzzzouuuuuouuuuuuouuuuuu"


I was expecting the test to be about what they had read the previous class, and Twilight freaking out.

Anyway, nice story!:twilightsmile:

:pinkiegasp: I wanna know what the noodle incident was!

Anyways, I liked the story. :yay: Short and enjoyable.

1369266 you'll regret saying that :rainbowlaugh:

Come on, I thought everyone knew what Celestia's Noodle Incident was all about. It's common knowledge.

Don't even remind me of school, I already had enough of that stuff today :pinkiesick:
Great story, by the way!

I... miss school to be honest.:fluttercry:
Great story!

This story is wonderful. I absolutely love the 'noodle incident' reference. Well done.

This pleases me. I will kill you last.

Hahaha. This made me laugh. I also liked the reference to the "noodle incident"

:rainbowlaugh: I had trouble breathing at that one part. :rainbowlaugh:

I've also propped a short-story-collection book open in front of me before and then aimed my face towards it before going to sleep. Fooled my whole class.

Course everyone else read UBER SLOWLY and I finished that book in one class period. When my teacher gave me the 'Oh really?' face during the next day when I openly read a different book and told me to summarize it and I did she (and most of my classmates) was shocked. It was a good day. :twilightsheepish:

Hmm.. Uh huh.... Yes.

Heehee! I had to find something silly to end the night on. Fortunately, you had a blog, and then I perused here and there, and stumbled across this. Glad I did. Delightful read. I've definitely been there done that.

Your characterization of Twilight was spot-on. I can TOTALLY envision her having that nightmare. Also, lol at the "noodle incident"...looks like someone's been on TVTropes...

2270180 and is a Calvin and Hobbes fan.

Very well written. Good work, BW.

I Made a Very funny Replacement Dream!
Ms.Sparkle You Are Sentenced To An Arrow To the Hoof
"I said fheurfheiufuhshafhjkdshjbhfbjmhasbhjfhj"
*Twilight Gets a Arrow in the face"

*Grins* Very cute, I loved the final piece with the poor teacher dozing off. It was the perfect ending.

I dig your verbatim reference to the trope name of the "Noodle Incident." :3

"Even the one about the..." Celestia's ear twitched again and her pupils shrank even more, "Noodle Incident?" she asked in a horrified whisper.


Nice story. I must say, I'm impressed, not one downvote!


I think you angered the contrarians.


This was adorkable, Twi :D

Yeah so now I want to read this forbidden book :derpytongue2:

Falling asleep during class is fun once in a while.

Unless you snore. :twilightoops:

I fell asleep in class once. The teacher hit me in throat with a piece of chalk from across the room. I liked him, he was a fun teacher.

That awkward moment when people don't realize that most things with specific names like Noodle Incident have trope namers

Replace "big grey book" with "Internet", and you will know how most of highschool went for me.

IRC == I Repeat Class.

"The Noodle Incident" OK PEOPLE WE NEED A WRITER TO RIGHT A ONE SHOT ABOUT THAT STAT :rainbowdetermined2::rainbowderp::trollestia: AND NO SLEEPING!:ajsleepy:

This was an awesome read. :twilightsmile:

Also, Calvin Hobbes!

A teacher falling asleep in class! That`s unheard of! Wait, but what about that time... and that other time... oh and who could forget that last time... You know what? Never mind.

:pinkiesmile: "Applejack aren`t you excited?! The teacher`s going to teach us that new way to harvest crops!"
:ajsmug: "Yeah Pinks, Ah just didn`t sleep well is all. Had ta catch up on all those apple orders. Don`t ya worry none."
:pinkiesmile: "Okey dokie lokie!"
:coolphoto: "So let`s begin class! Please copy today`s notes that I`ve prepared and then I can move on with the lesson."
:applejackunsure: "Why er all the words so fuzzy? An` why does Mrs. Finish have wings all of a sudden?"
:coolphoto: "Applejack!"
:applejackconfused: "What?!"
:coolphoto: "Are you even listening?"
:applejackconfused: "Am Ah Steven King? No!"
:coolphoto: "What? No, just pay attention."
:ajbemused: "The room is gettin` darker, right?"
:pinkiehappy: "No, but that would be so cool!"
:ajsleepy: "Ah think Ah`m just gonna rest ma head fer a bit."
:pinkiegasp: "Are you falling asleep?!"
:applejackconfused: "What?! No!"
:pinkiehappy: "You totally were!"
:coolphoto: "Class dismissed!"
:ajsmug: "Finally! Bye Pinks! Ah gotta go!"

2737831 And then Princess Sunbutt taught Twilight about book burnings

I've fallen asleep a grand total of about two times throughout high school. There may have been more, but only two I can recall off the bat. Both were in German; I was in Twilight mode at the time, constantly reviewing the words and grammar, and I simply fell asleep. Though from the timing they were only powernaps, so I lucked out there.

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