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I write pony words. Millions of them. Some people actually think they might be worth reading. I am very thankful for that. Also, I have a Patreon now?


Guess everyone is doing this fifty questions thing... · 12:31am Sunday

1. What is your first name?
Looking at a recent blog post on here should clear that question up.

2. How old are you?
The big 2 8

3. What country are you from?
The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave

4. What do you look like?
A few older blog posts should clear that up.

5. What do you wish you looked like?
20-25 pounds lighter.

6. How did you come across MLP:FIM?

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I kind of went off the rails on this one. · 7:33pm 6 days ago

As most of you know, I write for a culture site. We write about all things entertainment, with a lot focusing on Star Wars. Well, I was assigned an article about a new Baby Yoda Halloween decoration, and I...

See for yourself.


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Random thoughts. · 8:38pm October 8th

I haven't written on the site much lately. I apologize. I'm working on the next chapter of Life now, so that's good. Hope to get that out soonish.

Until then, here are random thoughts.

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I have done it, and something soon. And something I'm working on that I should have done almost a year ago. · 8:21pm September 1st

I have published another story. It's for the aforementioned Cozy Glow contest. It's called Pawns. It's here.

Also, it looks like the cover art for A Shadow Hangs Overhead is done. I just have to do one last readthrough, send it to the formatter, print a test copy, then...

We have another book.

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2020!!!! · 8:13pm August 30th



What a year, right? Turns out he had cancer the entire time he was playing Black Panther. That's... kind of badass.

Either way, RIP. Wakanda forever.

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Editing help · 9:24pm August 24th

Once again I find myself in a position where I must ask for editing help, as my next story is for a contest. It's a Cozy Glow contest!

Gotta admit, I never thought I'd write three Cozy Glow stories. Well, when your muse hits, it hits.

In any case, the details of the contest are here. I got honorable mention by less than one percent last time, so I'm gonna do better this time!

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You guys have been with me through a lot... · 8:28pm August 9th

When I first started on this site over eight years ago (wow) I was a dumb college student who was just getting into this weird pony thing. Then as I got more popular, I started writing more, which improved my skills, which led to more stories, which led to more popularity... This fandom has been good to me, really good to me. I've been a part of it through a lot of my life. Since entering this fandom and writing my silly pony stories, I've...

Asked my high school sweetheart to marry me.

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A completely random thought exercise. No real meaning to it at all. · 6:29pm July 28th

Which celebrities in the past world win America's Got Talent, or their equivalent? I was thinking Robin Williams, who would pretty much cruise through it, and Houdini maybe. The Beatles? Elvis? I go back and forth on Mel Blanc, because, and no offense to our pony VAs, he was far and away the best voice actor who ever was, but I don't know what his act world be.

Anyway. Like I said: totally random.

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I write stuff outside of pony, or something, I guess. · 8:45pm July 19th

Yeah, I do that. I was hired on for a nerdy news site that deals with film, TV, video games, etc. I was originally hired on as their film critic, but... nothing new is really coming out. Darn. Now they have me writing normal articles, which is fun, and, in a move that will shock nobody who's been following me for several years, I am also their awards season specialist.

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Redskins · 1:33am July 6th

So as anyone who follows football even casually knows, there's a bit of controversy regarding the name of the Washington Redskins with a lot of people saying it has racist connotations. This isn't helped by the arguably most hated owner in the league Dan Snyder saying he'd never change the name. Recently he lost I think about 3.5 billion dollars in sponsor money, and now he's changed his tune. They're "reviewing the name". I think it'll get changed. 3.5 billion dollars is a not insignificant

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