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I write pony words. Millions of them. Some people actually think they might be worth reading. I am very thankful for that. Also, I have a Patreon now?



This story is a sequel to Wanderings of a Non-Brony

After the six year journey around the planet in Wanderings of a Non-Brony, The human TD Harrison Powell finds himself in Equestria for good. He sees no choice but to settle down in Ponyville, ready to live the rest of his life as best as he can.

This is his life.

Edited by Marioland1 and Strike89

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Finally! I love you :heart:

and instafave!
Post-read edit: DAYUM, Cheerilee! You pack a punch DAYUM, TD! You can knock back some booze! And Rarity,

At last, the story everyone has been waiting for has begun. Even I'm not excluded from that, and I'm honored to continue editing for Bronywriter.

It's such a hard realization though. How will he handle it? Read on to Chapter 2 to find out!

Yay finally the sequel

It's out :pinkiehappy:

I'm glad that TD has accepted his situation, or at least acknowledged that he is stuck in ponyland for good.

Hubbahubbawha? I'm the editor, and I got ninja'd on Chapter 2. Impressive Inotovis, Bronze Statue, and TectonicTea.

There's a lot of things I like about this chapter, especially the time spent reuniting with Cheerilee. It was just too well-written.

I'm also assuming the vodka is from Berry's place. It's all that makes sense.

he would probably feel better with a hat


Oh my all of the goodness, TO CHAPTER 2!

Enjoyed this chapter, it is nice to see that Twilight and friends aren't going to let TD drink himself to death and that his friendship with Cheerilee wasn't affected. Looking forward to seeing what comes next for TD.

TD x Cheerilee or
TD x Twilight
if there's going to be shipping which I doubt because he's only got comfortable with them

Oh shit, son.

And so, I once again wave goodbye to any semblance of productivity.

Damn you BronyWriter, damn you to hell!

(I'm gonna wind up getting fired over this story, just you wait :facehoof: )

I just noticed dotted lines seperating the comments. It's a sign of good things to come! #blindfaith


It had begun once again! :rainbowwild: Bit leery about the present tense usage, but we'll see how it goes.


Y'know, I should totally make a character that hates most everything about the new place he finds himself in, and then put him in a dozen stories too. :trollestia:

What an awesome display of emotions there. I am so feeling what he's going through. Very good writing here.

It went from 46 likes from when I loaded it to 76 likes.
Holy crap

*Go away for twenty minutes*
*Come back to see three new items in my feed*
*BronyWriter has posted a story. A new story has been posted in Colorado Bronies. BronyWriter has added a blog post... about his story*

I'm excited to read this.

"...death with my bare hands."
I see what you did there :ajsmug:


Oh heck yeah! Instant thumbs up, fave and 'staches! :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:


I'm just waiting for the "This message is hidden due to rating" on my post poking at poor TD's whoring out all over the place.

Around The World Equus in Eighty Days, starring TD.
Journey to the Center of the Earth Equus
War and Peace Friendship and TD
The Lion TD, The Witch Alicorn and The Wardrobe Portal

Have some more ideas. We all know they're coming.

WHAT? How did I not notice? You have made me notice this interesting fact. Thanks. I also am greedy for the future of this story.

You go Cheerilee! WOO!


Well, this was a mixture of the expected and unexpected.

All good of course, it's great to see TD's beginning to accept his fate.

3504325 I write my ideas. Are you saying that you don't like reading about TD?

why is there a down vote here?

Here for good? More like here for now. Just because something doesn't work now doesn't mean it won't be different later. After all: the times, they are a changing.


I'm expecting intermittent bouts of depression to hit our dear TD.


Nope, I'm just having fun poking at how much he gets around. :moustache: This is Story #12 (yes, I went and counted, lol!) starring him, I believe that only a few other writers can claim more stories starring the same character they created. That, and I'm bored.

Always with the punching in the face. I like it.

3504371 Practically a requirement in a TD story.

You no I read the title of this story and thought "he's so gonna try to slit his wrists"
And don't even try saying in sadistic I no I'm not the only one :trixieshiftleft: you no who you are

I know, I think it was implemented this evening or something. I freaked out inside for a moment when I saw it.

im super excited the next installment is being worked on! thank you!

*challenge mode activate*
now we have to re-read the Wanderings in order to fully follow this story line

1: I hope TD gets prolonged life somehow, maybe immortality, because lols.
2: I hope TD tells cheerilee he's part changeling at some point.
3: What happened to Diamond Tiara?

BEST Cheerilee moment EVER!!!!

I beat her to death with my bare hands." I give her a little smirk.

I think you mean "bear hand" :coolphoto:

Thanks for continuing the story man! Are there any sort of tiny ideas to a positive alternate to Wanderings by any chance? I assume that's been asked before, but did you really expect me to search Fimfiction for it? :ajsleepy:

3504476 Ugh... that was horrible...

Face punching. All of the yes. It's the only good way to start a TD fic, as you have so eloquently shown.

I can totally see TD getting piss-drunk and moping about for a few days to 'get it out of the way' and I can't say I'm not exited for future chapters without lying through my virtual internet teeth with no mercy.

As with every TD story I've read to this day, I know this is gonna be awesome.

3504395 Will there be romance between Twilight and TD?

"Well, during my travels, I walked right into the hive of Queen Chrysalis, you know, that bug that attacked Canterlot during the royal wedding, and she threatened the foals here so I beat her to death with my bare hands."

"...I beat her to death with my bare hands."

"...bare hands."


Kekekekekekekekeke. I see what you did there!

Question... at the end of the chapter where TD tries to go through the portal home it says that his left arm is completely shattered, yet here it is not. Is that a typo or something you forgot, or am I missing something?

Either way, great beginning, looking forward to MOAR!!!!

3504575 Celestia fixed it like she did his spine at the Gala in the original story.

No romance tag, so doubtful there'll be any shipping at all(also TD doesn't really seem the romance type), but if we had a choice, I say TDxCheerilee all the way!

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