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I write pony words. Millions of them. Some people actually think they might be worth reading. I am very thankful for that. Also, I have a Patreon now?


It has been two years since the human TD ascended to become Princess Antares, and he is settling into his role as one of the rulers of Equestria quite nicely. His loyal guard is strong, his palace is awe-inspiring, and he is beloved and worshiped by ponies everywhere. However, when the Element of Magic is stolen by an old student of Celestia's and taken through a magic mirror while he is visiting the Crystal Empire with the Mane Six, he discovers that another world has been very close by during his whole reign. A rather familiar world at that. Deciding that he is the best pony for the job, he takes his two best soldiers through the portal with him to get the Element back. So, pretending to be a foreign exchange student from Canada, he infiltrates of all things... a high school.

He is less than pleased.

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Edited by the magnificent Strike89

Cover art by the perpetually awesome SoaringSketches

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Oh, this will be awesome :pinkiehappy:
Will he back-talk a teacher for not knowing enough? What if he meets the human Cherilee?

Her friends tagged along because of course they did.


Well, this was the first story my feed ever notified me of, and I must say it didn't do too badly. Also, savvy TD is savvy, but possibly hasn't accounted for law types getting interested about where the diamonds came from...

"Do you have any idea what this means?!" I said, throwing my arms around both of their shoulders. "I... I can pee standing up again now!"

"Er... what?" Lieutenant Rapids said, scooting away from me.

"You can?" Captain Blaze responded, giving me a curious look. "So does that mean...?" I grinned at him and nodded, and he began tapping his chin. "Interesting. Very interesting. This world might be better than I thought."

Because peeing standing up is the deal maker. Sounds legit.

Why does this remind me of 21 Jump Street? :rainbowhuh:

...that is all...

Okay, I am enjoying the interactions with Sunset. Heading off the queen bitch of a bully with casual flicks of phenomenal Snarcasti-powers.

I like Td's explanation of breasts to Rapids and his shared excitement with Blaze about peeing while standing up. I'm glad that this story is back.

I get the feeling his high school days were hell.

I really like this chapter. I found it funny hei a Fluttershy got all manipulative/innocent when she heard TD loved animals and how TD used the animal abuse line to mock Rapids and Blaze. Also, I found the way he insulted Sunset to be epic. Thanks for this amazing chapter.


I agree wholeheartedly. Also,

I looked back to my guards, then back to the students. My eyes widened when I made the connection. Not only had we gone through the portal, but... now we were high school age as well.
"... No."

I can almost taste the horror. And it tastes delicious.:pinkiecrazy:

I sighed and cracked one eye open, groaning again when I discovered that I could see a single ray of sunlight. She woke me up in the middle of the night.


Otherwise, interesting.

In all honestly, I'm glad you didn't upload it all at once. If you did, I'd be forced to read it all at once.

X-Box Live

Bow low to your lord and saviour, Lord GabeN!

I sighed and cracked one eye open, groaning again when I discovered that I could see a single ray of sunlight. She woke me up in the middle of the night.

That must've been one awful meeting if TD thinks the sun shines at night now.

The second I saw the title I burst out laughing.

I'm at the same time both intrigued and horrified. I don't really know what to think. . .

. . . hence, I shall continue reading. :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

"No, no, mine tell me to do that too."

What a coincidence. . . so do mine! :pinkiehappy:

If TD ever needs to distract Sunset in some way, I imagine he'd say something along the lines of "I'm banging Celestia!" :rainbowlaugh:

Powerful male mind control devices

Bro... that is one HELL of a Checkovs gun you've set up there. :pinkiecrazy: I cant wait till she gets to use it.

TD need to do some Jail bait comment at some point in the story XD

Oh goddamnit! Yeah, I'm gonna enjoy this. I swear to whatever I'm buying you a beer (or whatever you drink) the next time I see you at a convention again.

There will be...erm...fake blood?

It's a delight to have some right and proper snark back in the life of TD, oh how I missed it.

I half expected him to just chuck sunset through the mirror on the spot.

I am absolutely loving this. This is everything I had hoped for when I heard you were doing this. Bringing those two guards along was an excellent touch too. I'm really interested in seeing where you go from here, since I really doubt TD will go into a song routine to win the students over, and since he can't defeat Sunset in the same way that they did it in the movie.

There's something I've been wondering. The portal opens every 'thirty moons' so if the mirror was in Canterlot why didn't Sunset come back sooner? (Probably wanting to prep herself or something is what I can think of) The other thing would be how she knew exactly where to find the Element of Magic despite not having seen it for years or being in the least bit familiar with the Crystal Palace. She shows up, bee-lines for Twilight's room with no trouble like she hasn't been a human walking on two legs for years while avoiding the poor security, snatches the crown, and then promptly messes up. It just seems to me that they would need a good jetpack to get over this plot hole without even explaining how they got the jetpack.

Have to admit I think it would have been more amusing slash drama filled for TD to arrive at Canterlot High as the human version of the immortal bomb-shell she'd become in the main story...

But eh, aside from that tiny gripe I'll fairly admit you might be going somewhere with, excellent first chapter. Going to be really interesting to see where this is heading.

I was about to say, shouldn't it be Prince? But now that he's a dude again I'm all fine.

OH fuck yes

Oh, ho ho! This is going to be good!

5590557 Yeah, I was curious about this. Didn't TD turn into a Male Alicorn last we saw him?

5590679 yeah I don't know what's going on

TD Vs. Sunset Shimmer!

Round One!


Up Next, where to actually go for class.

That part about Discord being released from his statue? Yeeeah, we don't need you adding plotholes to a story that's already logically impossible, even considering Equestrian logic and the existence of magic and whatnot.

soo, is this the official sequel to TD the alicorn princess or???

I wonder if he will intreact the same with Principal Celestia as he does with Princess Celestia. Because I don't remember how far TD and Celestia's relationship is.

5590882 No, non-canon side story.

Clearly he must seduce Principal Celestia to get the crown back!

I just hope TD can refrain from punching Principal Celestia in the face. Or if he can't, that she really, really deserves it.

I wonder if this verse's TD is the young prodigy who was unexpectedly thrust into the role of principal of some elementary school in Baltimare. Or 'Canada'.

I have been waiting for this.:pinkiehappy:

I chuckled and crossed my arms. "Well, my family had a really cute dog when I was growing up, but I have a certain passion for ponies."

Imagine the TD from the first story saying that.

You know, I wonder if TD'll radiate feminine charm despite male in the EQD-verse. I mean, this is him coming through the portal as female...what would happen if he came through as male? It'd be fun to explore, considering the main reason I started reading the Princess Antares cycle was for genderbending shenanigans.

I can't wait to see your take on how there world works personally I think it's a nexus point between realms so each city in this world would represent another realm. I guess the realm TD comes from is like from another galaxy in realm terms but these realms are from the same solar system.

TD failed to mention that he'd have to do those boring meetings Forever!:pinkiegasp:
Most inappropriate for one of her position.

Also, this is most entertaining, I hope to see more soon. I think TD will cheat and literally bribe his way to the crown; bluffing that it was stolen from his wealthy family.

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