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Liquid Truth

Life's pretty great


Equestria is a thriving space colony inside an asteroid. Here, everypony is provided with everything they need to live a happy*, healthy**, and fulfilling*** life.

*Friendship not included.
**Oxygen not included.
***Terms and conditions may apply.

Cover art by ZettaiDullahan.
Crossover with Oxygen Not Included, although prior knowledge to the game is not needed to enjoy the story.

Chapters (14)
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Comments ( 182 )

Okay, that crossover was inevitable. X)
I still think having a changeling art-pack for ONI would be cool.

Not sure I understand what this is, but when have I ever let that get in the way of a good read?

Not a crossover I expected, but everything's better with ponies. Looking forward to seeing what you do with this.

I look forward to seeing where things go from where.

I have no idea what this is a crossover with (you might want to add that to the description) but it's interesting so far.

its a game called oxygen not included

That would be awesome but what would the roles look like?

There's a disturbing lack of it in any platform whatsoever. Even DeviantArt. I'm fixing it.

Added. Thanks for the heads up!

Looking forward to seeing where this goes!

This game is both at the same time simpler and much more complex than one would think.
Definately going to read this.
Question, though that I can't seem to find the answer to concerning the game: Why is it that after the first two times I launch the rocket it seems unable to travel the same distance it could before with the same amount (and type) of fuel it had before? I've had this happen on multiple attempts. Rocket body isn't altered, it's just not cooperating.

This is quite good! Though the regular contracting of "she was" into "she's" threw me at times.
Even if you don't know that it's a crossover, it's detailed enough to stand alone as it's own sci-fi AU without leaning on the support material.

I just activated, all at once, a set-up of 6 nat-gas generators, my oxygen production of 6 electrolyzers, and a complex cooling unit that lets me cool the generators as well as my base. I nearly cried when it all worked.

YES! Oxygen not included crossed over with MLP? This has the potential to be amazing! xD

Adding this to my favorites just because I'm way too eagerly looking forward to more XD

At least Twi will no longer have to deal with Stinky.

An interesting read. I’m having a hard time imagining the shear scale of this colony...

Off to a good start, sure 'nough!

HUman-dupe suits must be more durable. I've had dupes run around in a meteor storm (much to my chagrin) before and even get hit spot-on a few times and they still came back in one piece.
One the bright side for Twilight, in theory so long as there isn't too much realism her being under the door should regardless protect her from meteor impacts....and not crush her to death despite the fact it in reality, should.

its a crossover with a colony building simulator called Oxygen Not Included (its actually made by Klei Entertainment, the same developer that made Don't Starve and Don't Starve Together) you have to manage you colony's resources whether it be minerals, liquids, disease control, temperature, gases and labor (the colonists are called "Duplicants" and exhibit various desirable and undesirable traits and skills that you have to manage) or else your duplicants die, and your colony fails. the end goal is to reach the surface of the asteroid you picked at the start of your game, and launch a rocket to explore space.

my current game, i have an electrolyzer creating oxygen for my Atmo suit docks (any excess oxygen is ducted straight to the barracks) and the hydrogen is filtered out and sent to a Hydrogen generator to make power for the colony.

As her mind caught up with her surroundings, Twilight's glare softened as she finally noticed the state her coworker was in. Her mane was disheveled, her eyes bloodshot and threatening to spill again, and her coat stank of sweat, medicine, and grime.

But, most importantly, she was wearing a nursing cap instead of her usual helmet.


Looks like the manager of this colony actually knows what he/she is doing.

Unlike me, who has Yellow Alert running half the time 'cause the Poop Water chamber keeps leaking...

She found out that the ruckus was a molten block of cooper coming straight into her vision.

Poor Cooper.

I take it you haven't researched Distillation yet; that unlocks the Water Sieve where you can filter polluted water and turn it back into usable water.

Yep. Imagine seeing this thing falling from the sky in blazing fury straight into you. Good thing he has insurance.

That aside, thanks for the heads up!

Me neither, all I really play is R6 and Factorio

Huh. I wonder what ponies could do with Oxygen Not Included... It's not like there's some integral plot, after all.

I guess they could make everything more frienshippier?

Oh hey, I just invented a new word.

Get the research for the liquid containers and just line up and connect a bunch of them that ultimately connect to a water-purifier or to an Arbor tree farm or whatever-needs-it. less chance of that happening that way.

Three thousand people (ponies) is the size of a small town (pop. 1k-10k). Or, since you start with three people, over 1000x the size of a new game, since some areas will be larger but need fewer people in them.

Now I want a pony mod for ONI.

And 3000 duplicants? That colony must be huge. Just trying to picture the infrastructure to support that is something else.
Although I'm left wondering why the observatory is so far from the airlock instead of being built into the base.

Might be because Twilight has the ''Anti-social'' negative trait that reduces her morale if she spends too much time around others? Combine this with her ''Books!'' trait which gives her plus 3 morale if she spends most of her time alone in a room containing books, and you'll see why the observatory was built far away =P

That or it's just a quirk of their omnipresent manager =P

Actually, I'm kind of hoping the Author will make some original traits for this story. Because I'm having a really hard time trying to figure out which traits each of the mane 6 would have... Though giving Twilight the Anemic trait was spot on XD Probably gave her Quick learner too.

Im so proud of myself
I could math 40th of an hour in my head

Also twilights a pretty big misanthrope misequinope?

Plot convenience, obviously! But the Manager insisted that it was for efficiency and definitely, absolutely, positively not because Duplicants look helluva cute while walking in atmo suits.

Good writing, not familiar with oxygen not included but you've avoided the common crossover pitfall of having characters break character to maintain the original plot.

Looking forward to more.

Completely honest? I set up a spot below my base for mushrooms and reed fiber as a way to get rid of slime and polluted water. As long as you keep wash basins on the path, it keeps the base clean and gives a disposal point for wash basins that become full. While toilets are nice, I’m at day 350 or so and just got plastic and am still using two latrines until I can set up a steam turbine. 14 dupes

I like to consider myself slightly elitist when it comes to content on fimfiction, and other than the occasional choppy grammar, which can be fixed with an editor/personal improvement, this story so far has only left me with a few words.

Finally. Some good fucking content!

A pony mod for ONI would be amazing. When your unicorn builder cements their head into the floor tile they're building, there's that itty bitty bit of stubby horn sticking out the top. Pegasus dupes that build thunderstorms in the rec room when they get too stressed. The earth ponies looked after the sleet wheat a little TOO well, and now it's gained sentience and keeps trying to annex the ice machine.

Come o think of it. Twilight's job has her going from her private bedroom to an isolated observatory, with the only social interaction being walking through the halls or getting something to eat. And she want's a job that will have her cut off from others for days at a time. Call me cruel to my dupes but that one doesn't need to know how to make friends.

It would be neat to have some new traits but I can see the ones from the game working.

All of that would be cute to see in a pony mod.

Oni is pretty fun, you can automate transportation mid game...... But the factory must grow.

The factory must grow!

Damn... Now I can hear the iron lines calling me :/ what have you done...

Imagine an ONI mod where dupes are re-skinned to ponies... Lol


I'm sold from the title alone 🤣

I'd honestly want that 🤣 or have them reskinned to dwarfs

2 things can kill dupes
1. A lack of oxygen
2. Their own stupidity

And I'm not so sure about the oxygen. I think we should focus on the stupidity part.

True but the oxygen is only if the base doesn't have good air circulation

Minuette gave her a mocking pout. "Aww, why the long face, Twi?"
Twilight grunted. "The lack of your absence, apparently."

What a great way to start an conversation.

As the door opened, she was greeted by a row of a dozen spacesuits hanging in their docks and a spacesuit checkpoint, reminding ponies to wear them before passing through.

Yeah, because if you forget to put one of those on before walking out you will have a Bad Day.


misanthrope misequinope


Seeing the doors opened eased a part of Twilight's mind. Or, for that matter, anypony's. Knowing that the sky wouldn't fall on the Duplicant's fragile, squishy heads for the next few hours was a nice thing to have in mind.

Completely Understandable.

And she remembered that the grid at #47 connected the radar to the observatory's bunker door.
"Well, crap."

Maybe she should have been a bit more thorough with the repairs...
But only maybe.

A meteor of molten iron flew by, impacting right behind her. Twilight felt as if the meteor shower was meant specifically for her.

Damn you, Luna!

The Colony Manager dropped the Red Alert another ten floors down and began to desperately command the Dupes to dismantle the bunker door instead of waiting for it to open.

Can't he just hit an override-button?

So, the ending of this chapter is basically this:

That's the advantage of Kerbals: They can only die of stupidity.
Which is still bad, since they have a lot of that.

Celestia smiled and nodded in satisfaction. "Good. That means making a few friends when you're there won't be a problem, no?"

It seems Celestia is still Celestia, not matter the context.

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