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Professor Hyde White

It must be a ghost, but it sounds like a phone call! (The SQA stands for 'Short Queen Anthem')

The Only Stuff I Write

I've written some RGRE comedy greentexts that can be found here
Take a peek! If you want.

Massive shout out to NigNogs and Andromailus for the art.


Pastebin Just Went Nuclear · 11:33pm Dec 17th, 2020

Since pastebin is gone we on ponepaste gang now https://ponepaste.org/user/SQA-non

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Great Update on Long and Short of it 4.

Keep up the great work.

The Monk
“…the perverted tickler of buff men in hairy underwear, left the realm of sleep to join those who had decided to start a productive and early day” -Hotel_Chicken

Hey thanks man, I really appreciate that!
Anything you want to see in particular moving forward? I love taking suggestions.

Oh, hey, it's you. NGL, Long and Short is one of my favorite horse stories.

Thanks for shelving up Burst of Logic! Keep sticking around, you won't wanna miss a moment of Vis.

Lemme know in the fic's comments just what drove you to it - after all, this Filly Armed and Operation Battlestation needs your help to reach full operational capacity.

  • Viewing 82 - 86 of 86
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