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Cozy Glow loves games. She has as long as she can remember. The pony she plays with most often is her father. They play a lot of games together, but her favorite is chess. She's never beaten him, but she will someday, right?

Honorable mention in the Cozy Glow contest.

Edited wonderfully by Rated Ponystar, Georg, Babroniedad, Professor Hyde White, Double R Forrest, TheAncientPolitzanian, and MisterEdd!

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"It's the only thing."

I think that's a little on the nose and implied.

That was pretty good 👌🏼
It reminded me of when Tirek and Cozy Glow we’re playing chess in that one episode randomly. Part of me thought it was going to be him XD
But that was really good. A good way to explain at least a little on why she is the way she is. Nice fic.

That was a pretty cute, but also a really clever fic. The idea that Cozy’s Mark is about cheating and bending the rules fits perfectly with her.
I kinda wanna see a sequel to her parents reactions to her being turned to stone, and perhaps the fallout between the two parents from the news

I love it. I think Cozy's cutie mark might be a rook because to "rook" someone means to cheat them.

Funnily enough Fluttershy and Celestia play chess was one of the first pony fanfic's I ever read...

I like the story and the implications and everything. The only piece of worldbuilding that doesn't quite fit, is that anyone who's actually good at chess would know the exact state of the board at any given time. Maybe if it was implied that the dad figured out the cheating but chose to ignore it and let her have those wins. More so considering that it was the endgame and her cutie mark calls attention to the piece she cheated with.

"This is probably the true headcannon for all the cozy enthusiast out there."

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