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Equestria has been saved once again from an evil villain trying to drain all of its magic. The vile villain has been sentenced to Tartarus, so that she may never again harm other ponies with her evil.

However, Celestia didn't quite expect the villain to be a nine year old filly.

Or that she'd have to actually tell the filly's parents.

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You misspelled the title. It should be "sentenced", not "sentences".

Wow how did I miss that? Blush. Fixed. :twilightsheepish:

Hah! I love it.

Cozy Glow sure fooled everyone. And, I thought the likes of Nightmare Moon, Chrysalis, and King Sombra were nasty. By the way, Brony Writer. I posted stories you might like to read. One of which is titled “Megan and the Reformed”. You could find it interesting.

Another well made parent story of Cozy Glow!

"Hi, you know your sweet and innocent daughter Cozy Glow...um, she's actually a psychopath who tried to take over the world by committing a grand act of terrorism and is also in league with one of Equestria's worst criminals of all time, and...I just put her in the most secure and horrifying prison we have. Oh, by the way, thanks for the cookie!" :trollestia:

Nice story overall. I love Tirek's cheerful indifference and Celestia's "I am 110% done with this shit" attitude, they play off one another so well. Though, I'm still curious as to how Tirek and Cozy managed to exchange letters like that.

Franky #8 · Dec 22nd, 2018 · · 3 ·

Celestia glanced back at Cozy, who gave her a nasty grin and slid a hoof across her throat. Celestia held back a shudder as she pushed Cozy's parents back though the portal.


I hope cozy does return in the series.

"Uh, excuse us, your highness... we don't mean to question your judgement, but, um, we noticed that our daughter didn't have any food or water in her cage."

"Oh. Oopsie."

There. The ending Cozy Glow deserves. :trollestia:

I find it kinda hilarious that everybody's getting bullied by a 9 year old.

When a little child is charged with high treason.

Why yes, I did need an answer to those "Poor sweet misunderstood filly locked in a cage in Tartarus" stories which seem to be spreading like a disease. How did you know?

This author knows all, sees all, smells all OwO

It really do be like that sometimes.

Found this for you. Yay spell check!
Celestia grabbed a random letter and red a few [ read ]

I have seen parents with almost the same reaction when their little Sam or Suzie was caught red handed cheating on a test.

Animak #16 · Dec 22nd, 2018 · · 2 ·

I felt cozy just had a personality disorder and needed mental help as opposed to deathless hell

"However, I scanned her for any mind control, identity theft, and other such spells and found nothing. It was your daughter who did all of those terrible things."

So did Celestia had this scanning ability before or after the Canterlot Wedding? Also, did she also had this ability before or after Chrysalis' attempt of ruling Equestria from the Season 6 finale?

Jeezus; just like Tom Riddle, this one is. Secretly evil but appearing to be a model student; tormenting a school; attempting to rule over a country; left in what is effectively Purgatory after being defeated; using a dark creature as an ally/weapon...
The main difference is that Cozy never actually killed anyone, and was defeated while still a child. Oh, and a lack of an orphanage and stealing others' prized possessions out of vanity.


You'd only use a spell like that if you suspected that someone wasn't themselves in the first place. Celestia was never suspicious of Cadance. Which, I mean, she should've been, but let's face it, the world of MLP is not exactly brimming with sharp minds.

Well golly that was a fun old funny fic that was

Now I’m curious about what was in that letter Celestia read.

"What in Equestria did she..." Celestia grabbed a random letter and red a few sentences. "Wow. I admit that I didn't expect something like this." - Red should be read. But, other than that, I couldn't see any more mistakes. Great story as always.

I was almost expecting the parents to be relived she's gone.

Worst kind of parents. "Our precious little baby would NEVER do something like that! She's a little angel!"

Ugh, get over yourselves parents.

"Faust in a hoofbasket" might work, too.

Right? My middle school experience would be a lot different without wastes of space like those people.

*Is Reading*
*Has to recheck tags*
Are you sure this should have just the comedy tag and not the dark tag? Because this is some pretty dark comedy...

Did she take their f:yay:ing cookies?!

Well, that was an interesting read, and I certainly laughed, but I'm still not sure about the tags...

Also, you forgot the Cozy Glow tag.

For a moment I was expecting Prince Antares to pop-up somewhere in the story...

I think we've all know that kind of person... Bronywriter! You are soon the child! Don't be that guy!

"Sure is, Princess Celestia," Chipper said, motioning to his wife. "She's always got a song in her heart, and I always see the bright side of things."

In short, your the type of bloke who would look at Luna and tell her "Well... at least you had a nice view."

And you know, there are worse places she could end up...


Celestia: Why do ponies do that... anyway, yes, this is the realm of Jorgumandr, who guards the gates of Hel.

Cozy: Whats an orgy mancer?

Celestia: ... Cloud Kicker.

Oh, so her sister tries to take over Equestria and she eventually gets released. A random mare turned Equestria into a lifeless wasteland and she became the new Twilight. A child does it after being influenced by Tirek, and she goes away forever.

I don't get the hate Cozy Glow gets. She hasn't done the worst shit in this show, and she doesn't even have the worst reasons for doing it.

The creators really dropped the ball when they didn't explain anything about her punishment other than just sending her to pony hell.

I don't hate her at all. She's a fun character. I just thought this would be a funny "what if". I hope we see more of her.


The main argument I see is she "never showed any signs of regretting her actions".

Apparantely a simple apology and a frowny face is the difference between being Twilight's friend and rotting in Tartarus XD

Anyway, Cozy should've gotten out on a loophole that everything she was doing was in the name of 'friendship'. I mean, that's part of what got Starlight out. An interesting point to note is that Starlight didn't even show regret for her actions until AFTER being forgiven. Even after being shown the wasteland she was turning Equestria into she STILL acted as though her actions were justified.

"I thought that 'all of Equestria will bow to me! The future Empress of Friendship' summed up her side of things pretty well,"

Hey Celestia, remember when you literally let Discord go, all powers in-tact, after he dethroned you and turned Equestria into his playhouse TWICE?

Double-standards man.

A foal goes to Tartarus while Starlight gets another chance. Am I missing something? What happened to the show's messages of forgiveness?

A child isn't even developed enough mentally to truly comprehend their actions at that age. This show is... weird in how its punishment system works.

Yep. it's always rehabilitative justice in the show unless the plot demanded punitive justice, and even then tartarus was explicitly for those who COULD NOT be rehabilitated. They basically just said "yeah, she's a villain that can't be reasoned with, ONE MILLION YEARS DUNGEON!" Because I guess that's what was needed for the Aesop of a kid's show? That there are some people who are born rotten, live rotten and die rotten? Seems pretty dark tbh.



I dunno. I didn't make up what the show did, I just used it.

You know, that's a good point. It makes sense for Celestia to be charitable toward Cadance, since she practically raised her.

I mean, you're not at any fault in the first place. You're just using the canon result and are expanding on it.

Pause #42 · Dec 23rd, 2018 · · 1 ·

-Willfully collaborates with one of Equestria's worst monsters.
-Traps its heroes in Tartarus with supposedly no way out.
-Tries to send another one into another unknown dimension against her will
-Almost removes all magic from Equestria
-Gets stopped and caught and shows absolutely no remose

Oh but she's "just a child" and "double standards".


Cozy contacted Tirek. Not Tirek influenced her.

It's evil. If someone can't comprehend why sending a child to the equivalent of Hell is evil, I can't help them.

Not this shit again. I don't hate the character, but I do hate all the damn comparisons to other ponies to justify her, and how badly she gets defended in general. It's been explained over and over since Knightly posted the episode discussion.

Exactly. Sure, Starlight did a lot of damage... unintentionally. The only ponies she was trying to directly wrong was the Mane Six, and that was only to ruin their friendship. Nothing purposefully illegal, except maybe theft of the spell. (And I suppose assault on Rainbow, and later Twilight. Still fairly minor comparatively.)

And remember, Tirek didn't get a chance at reformation.

Discord is the only outlier here, though it could be argued that there wasn't actually any death or destruction. And they probably realized just how fragile his stone prison could be, so they made an effort to reform him solely for the convenience, and then Fluttershy made real friends anyway.

Nightmare Moon had the benefit of being Celestia's sister, as well as the Elements just doing all the work for them. (I want to see a story where the Elements are actually just stone after Celestia used them, and they have to do all the reformation and fighting on their own merit.)

Anyway, my point is that the punishment fits the cause, no matter the perpetrator's size or looks. Equestria is remarkably progressive, considering other policies that don't make sense.

Remember when he nearly sent children to their deaths, knowing that a cloudwalking spell would fail, and possibly caused deaths of other random ponies who may or not have been as lucky as the students? Fun times those were.

One of the most infuriating points is how badly they try to equate Tartaurus to "Hell" when it's so damn far from being remotely the same in function or torture level. At maximum, it's a maximum security prison (see what I did there of course you did why am I asking?), and even then it really isn't since they get mail, and prisoners can see each other. You can't even argue that Cozy's cage is too small, since there is clearly enough room to fly around a bit.

Remember when Discord mind-raped the Mane Six, nearly threw a Pony to another dimension while throwing a fit, sent Twilight and Cadence on a dangerous wild goose chase and acts like an @SShole during his every appearance?

(God I hate Discord).

Yep. It's extremely hard to get out of, and the people locked down there are intimidating, but it's honestly not that bad.

Like when the Princesses were sent down with no magic back when Tirek invaded. And they mostly just looked bored. Inconvenienced.

The only scary part about Tartarus is the length of time you'd be locked down there.

Not seeing the fire, brimstone, torture and eternal suffering.

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