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After the events of 'School Daze,' Chancellor Neighsay is summoned by Celestia.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Contains spoilers for S08E01+02.

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When I saw these two episode yesterday two things had come to me. 1 Twilight is being an moron but she set things right in the end and 2 Chancellor Neighsay is a no good racist.

8818409 And here my first thought was: "Why didn't they ask Cheerilee for help?" You know, the teacher in town, who teaches and such. Heck, she must already have this accreditation from the school board, so why didn't they get her to help them pass inspection?

Plot-holes the size of lakes aside I loved the ep, but I don't know if it really needed a story along these lines to point out the obvious.

Eh in was advocating for neighsay getting a kick in the teeth but this works too.

JimboTex #4 · March 25th · · 35 ·


Chancellor Neighsay is a no good racist.

Yeah, it's almost as if he wants to Make Equestria Great Again... :trollestia: :rainbowlaugh:


"I will build a wall, and make the yaks pay for it!"

Haha yes. I needed to see this

When the guys at Hasbro and DHX make a character that is unlikeable, they really seem to go to great lengths to make him/her as the scum of the Earth. Gotta give some major props to Maurice LaMarche for voicing the new champion of Character that Fans Love to Hate.

What can Miss Cheerilee do? There’s a difference between her school and Twilight’s. Miss Cheerilee teaches things that a normal middle school does while Twilight’s teaches friendship. Not only that but Twilight was following the EEA’s rules by the book and from what we saw how Cheerilee teaches in her school there are different rules for these schools.

So...Doctor Strange's pony form is a douchebag...nice

Well what do you expect from Brain himself?

Nice. Short and sweet. Though, I kinda look forward to seeing him again. I think he'll make a great villain. He's not evil, so much as misguided, holding onto outdated beliefs. I love villains that honestly are trying to do what they believe is right.

The Gotee and the Robes declare him to be Q Magistere (Provisionally), Grand Vizier?

As Cohen the Barbarian says. We kill the Grand Vizier immediately, saves a lot of hassle later on.:trollestia:

I was thinking though they missed a trick. Getting Twilight and Starlightto work together at the lock to hack it using the TRON MCP Logic Probe? But, thats just me. :derpyderp1:

Chancelor Neigh Say. You are the Weakest Link. Good Bye. :trollestia:

I've got to give credit to both the writers for making such a truly despicable character, and his VA for nailing the voice. It actually reminded me a bit of Orson Welles. Now I want to see a follow up with Luna tearing him into him with the Royal Canterlot Voice, forget Celestia's subtleties. :trollestia:

It just sucks that the show has to teach kids that there are assholes like that out there. :fluttercry:

Yet the mane six getting sold into slavery got mentioned within 10 seconds of the show, and no one batted an eye. Surely, all cultures that exist around Equestria are great. *Sarcasm*

Then again, Rainbow Dash almost sold Fluttershy into slavery, too, so there's that. I get what the writers are trying to say - that is, that in an environment with a healthy amount of integrity, group loyalty, respect, and so on, you can have a legitimate and awesome society. What I don't understand is why they decided to mention an apparently racist institution that has had the rubber stamp of Celestia for an incredibly long period of time (perhaps even hundreds of years under her stewardship). That essentially makes the whole show tainted, for no reason other than to have a token pony Hitler. It's poor writing, and it literally came up at 19:30 in the show, lasted for 30 seconds, came out of nowhere, and didn't have an actual rebuttal.

I'm sure they will either bring back Neighsay to throw him off a bridge, but I doubt they will try to reform the EEA (if they even should - after all, they created their own institution, why not leave them alone, and just out compete them if the Mane Six are doing things better?). I would be incredibly surprised if they did anything else with the concept.

I cannot be the only one who thinks that Neighsay is a racist, right?

Of course not. The second he started his little rant I thought the same thing.

I feel like this is the outcome most of us would want to see happen to Neighsay, but Maurice LaMarche himself tweeted that he'll be back, so given that the school appears to be the primary setting of the season (I haven't watched the leaks, so I don't know if it strays at all), having him as the primary antagonist would make an extraordinary amount of sense. I feel like he's going to be the school's Team Rocket—frequent appearances trying to shut everything down while the kids always get in his way (though in that regard, that makes him more of a Scooby-Doo villain...). :rainbowlaugh:

The only thing that makes me sad is that there are still people like this out in the real world. :ajsleepy:

Personally I think Tia needs to clean house. Not only is Neigh Say a jerk with outdated beliefs but it looked like all is underlings were fossils who will be headed for the home before too long......hell, dissolve the EEA and simply put accreditation of schools into Discord's, I mean Twilight's, hooves.....although Discord accreditation would be far more fun!


"I will build a wall, and make the yaks pay for it!"


Chancellor Neighsay is a no good racist.

Yeah, it's almost as if he wants to Make Equestria Great Again...

You just had to bring repulsive political crap into this debate didn't you.

zzzzzz #19 · March 25th · · 2 ·

A good story. But I don´t think that Neighsay will be fired before School Raze.

At least Neighsay is not on Twitter.

Loved it!

At first when I watched it, I thought Neighsay was the male version of a Bitch but then after reading this and watching the episodes a few more times, I agree with you - This guy is a big-fat-dumb-racist-idiot

This was good and summed up my feelings toward Neighsay perfectly. I wish Celestia et al had been more proactive in doing things in relation to how clearly racist he is.


Maybe Tia should have bothered teaching the faithful student she groomed into princesshood about the ropes of school teaching or ruling in general, rather than refer it to somepony else.

I was thinking that he was a racist! It wouldn't surprise me if this fic became canon. :rainbowlaugh:

Neighsay looks like he’s supposed to be like Umbrage from Harry Potter.

Yeah!! Fuck that guy!

Maybe not "racist". "Tribalist", perhaps, but very much "speciesist", yes that's the word. :twilightsmile:

Oh, he's not just racist, he's Dolores Umbridge in pony form, and if anything a possible cause for the Fallout: Equestria timeline if he wasn't stopped. Damn good work Celly.

To me, from the picture of this character he looks like Jafar from the Disney animated movie Aladdin.

I don't think you know the meaning of the word Fuck.


Maybe Tia should have bothered teaching the faithful student she groomed into princesshood about the ropes of school teaching or ruling in general, rather than refer it to somepony else.

She should have but I'm still in favor of eradicating an unnecessary bureaucracy and in the end, cutting government waste. I don't think Equestria really needs something like that and they certainly shouldn't have enough power to tell CELESTIA how to run things.

Yes. This is the sort of calling out that no good chancellor deserved. But Princess Celestia should've added the fact that Neighsay almost caused an international incident twice, and so soon after Equestria recovered from the closest it has ever come to war. Neighsay could've been responsible for war if Twilight hadn't stood up to him when she did. :twilightsmile:

Maurice LaMarche is a master at the Orson Welles impression and always has been tbh

Well, Celestia, I made it. Despite your directions.

Ah. Chancellortendent Chalmsay. Welcome. I hope you’re prepared for an unforgettable luncheon!


Excellent writing and follow up to that story arc. I've been looking forward to someone writing Neighsay getting his just deserts. The pony is no better then Sombra. He clearly isn't a tribalist like Sombra was, thinking Unicorns only should rule(Except perhaps in his heart), but he clearly is a Ponies First type of agenda and racism that is a terrible thing to see.

I am quite happy to see the character existing though. Expanding the lore and society of Equestria in the canon is definitely needed. Even if monsters like Neighsay exist in it too.

He reminds me so much of Cartman from South Park. I never liked Neighsay, dumbass racist jackass.

Do you think Neighsay could be looking at possible arrest and jail time for nearly starting a possible war?

8818739 Probably. I imagine if Celestia weren't so forgiving, that would probably be the kind of punishment Neighsay would face.

My first thought when he said all that crap?
'Wow... that's rascist!'

I know right, he really makes me want to punch him.

I'm so glad someone finally did a fan story where Neighsay gets what he deserves! ha!
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_jl2Tgcbnb8 (My reaction to this story)

He's not my type. :pinkiecrazy:

This is pretty much what he deserves.


At minimum, a firing for "gross recklessness" or something.

So Neighsay is going to be out of a job for quite a while, huh?

Honestly, I expected Celestia to flat out reprimand Neighsay for his actions in the second episode. Reading this one shot made for some catharsis.

...That, and making me imagine him as Count Veger in pony form.

He's never said that ponies are the best species, whereas the others are lesser. He only said, he wants ponies in ponylands rather than non-ponies. If he means this more generally, then it'd mean that he'd rather see no ponies in dragon lands, no griffons in Yakyakistan, etc.

Racism is preaching one race over the others. Speciesism or tribalism work similarly. What I've written isn't exactly racism, how would it be called? Help me with this, because I really don't know.

The word you're looking for is "apartheid". Another, very similar, is "segregation"

Racist is pretty strong don't you think? I mean it might be possible that he has had multiple bad experiences with other races right? If that's the case minds can always be changed.


That's a political situation rather than an idea or a mindset. Same could be said about holocaust, it was a situation, whereas nazism and some f***ed up version of social darwinism were the ideas.

Oddly enough, the episode ended up destroying it's own left leaning message, as private schools, cultural integration, having a specific group of friends (Yes, the left is considering banning friends/best friends in schools), and school choice are all right wing platforms. Essentially, unlike Neighsay, DeVos would've been all for Twilight starting her private school.

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