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The legion of doom.
Tirek, Cozy Glow, and Chrysalis.
In the garden together. Forever. Just the three of them.
This is gonna be a miserable existence.

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Very funny! And finally someone else who doesn't think Cozy was some innocent little kid caught up in events. I'd love to see more of this story.

So cruel. I can only hope that being ptrified would actually mean sleeping for those three.

Canonically, yes, Im 99.9% certain that the being sealed in stone sort of stagnated their existence, but the thought of them being sentient makes for some very interesting writing prompts, as Ive seen time and time again on this site.

Based on the name of the Stone SLEEP Spell, it probably does (unlike with Discord being turned to stone by the Elements, but like with the cockatrice turning Twilight to stone), plus Jim Miller said they're in "suspended animation" (though some don't believe his word based on misleading Grogar comments). If their stone sleep is dreamless then as long as they're never released, their minds are in a perpetual state of nonexistence, which is almost like death or being erased for them even though it's presumably reversable like every other instance. One could also make a case for Luna setting them to share a dream and annoy each other for eternity, which would be less nightmarish for Cozy Glow than Chrysalis and Tirek.

But, as the author said, it does make for an interesting what-if. Also back when the exact mechanics of this were unknown somepony else speculated they could telepathically communicate, which does fit with "together forever" too, since Tirek's eyes are closed and Chrysalis is facing away from the other two. (in a world where they're awake she probably wishes she was behind Tirek)

they don't have to guts to just kill us

They did have the guts to kill Sombra.

For a fic about one of the most controversial topics within the fandom in recent memory, this was actually pretty low-key.

Honestly, I think I kinda prefer that to the alternative. Either way, this gets a thumbs up from me!

I always forget about Sombra, lol.
In a world where they believe all villains deserve a second chance, I always found the fact that they just killed Sombra outright really weird.

All the other villains get some sort of punishment that sort of skims death, but isnt actually death itself, and yet, they kill Sombra instantly. Twice. Its honestly hilarious.

There was also the Storm King. Also the Tree of Harmony gruesomely vaporized the Mean 6. And they didn't seem to think Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy Glow deserved a second chance either based on turning them to stone forever (if CELESTIA thought they deserved the worst punishment, they did), or were capable of one. It's just the ones who reform, or ones they believe are redeemable, they're forgiving towards. Starlight's suspicions on the Pony of Shadows started when the Map sent them towards him, noting that it calls on them only for friendship problems. She tried to reform Chrysalis but was unsuccessful and never considered the possibility afterwards. Celestia wasn't sure about Discord so she made sure they could turn him to stone again if it wasn't possible.

Harmony seemed fine letting the three of them go, or are you confusing the supposed all powerful force of good with the Princess there?

And frankly Celestia's ability to make decisions in show has either been plot armor levels of ironclad, or completely selfish and overall shortsighted(I.E "lets risk the entire country for mah sister/student!") before being saved by, well, plot armor or blind luck.

And theres also the fact...the Storm King died due to circumstance, and Sombra arguably wasn't any worse then Discord. People act like driving people to insanity is somehow a lesser crime for some reason and I don't know why.

And I'd hardly call singular (at best, Cozy glow got zilch in that department)chances and a manipulative twat like Discord leading them on as a 'chance at redemption'. I call that garbage writing and personal bias both on the writers and Celestia and Luna's part(as characters of course).

Comment posted by NoGoodUsrNames99 deleted 11 hours ago

One Long Eternity

And a Miserable Existence

Now I want to see them at the END of ETERNITY.

Ah, it tagged ‘Tragedy’ because it’s a tragedy for them they spend eternity... Together!

I tagged it a tragedy because they never escape, and theres no happy ending in sight for them.

Honestly? Thats a great idea! Maybe Ill throw together a bonus chapter if I ever feel like it. (Dont quote me on that)

.....Tell me if you do I really want to see what you come up with for the LITERAL End of FOREVER.

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