• Published 3rd May 2013
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The Word is Fear - BronyWriter

Aternate ending to Broken Blossom, the threequel to the serial killer Rarity story The Secret Life of Rarity

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We Just Want to Help You

Patient file 92544. Subject name: Joyous Blossom
Race: Unicorn
Sex: F
Age: 18
DOB: 11/05/92

Notes from my colleague, Dr. Working Mind. The unicorn mare Joyous Blossom, known naturally as merely 'Blossom' and shall be referred to as such in the future, was arrested and incarcerated on 3/15/10 when she confessed to the murders of two of her classmates when she was seven years old. Blossom was sentenced to execution for her crimes, but an appeal by her family reduced her sentence to life in prison and mandatory counseling. Blossom was also responsible for the self-defense killing of the mother of one of the fillies she had murdered, an event that resulted in a scar on Blossom's right hind leg above her cutie mark and a portion of her left ear severed.

One final note of interest is that Blossom is the niece of Rarity, AKA, The Ponyville Butcher. *For more on her, see file 79168* At the time of her arrest, Blossom had reportedly seen hallucinations of her aunt who spoke to her, telling her to commit more murders. There has been no official confirmation as to whether or not she followed those orders, but the prevailing theory is that she did not. All the same, Blossom has been show to become upset easily, and she is in constant fear that she will carry out her aunt's orders. When not agitated, she is docile and friendly. She has a strong, positive relationship with her family who are doing their best to support her through this time.

Patient 92544 Interview One Recording. 3/18/10

Analytical Brain: Alright, is this thing on? Ah, yes, the recording light is on. *clears throat* My name is Dr. Analytical Brain, Equestria's leading expert on The Ponyville Butcher and Equestria-renowned psychologist. Because of my qualifications, particularly those regarding Rarity, I have been chosen to examine the mind of her recently incarcerated niece, Joyous Blossom. It is my goal to understand her mind, to see if we can't help her through her troubles. She will, unfortunately, be confined to a cell for the rest of her life for the murders of her classmates and the mother, but I am going to try to help her if I can.

*Door opens and two ponies walk into the room. One is secured with hoofcuffs.*

Analytical Brain: Ah, Blossom, you're here. Please do sit down. *to guard* You may leave us.

Joyous Blossom: Are you sure about that? I don't feel comfortable being alone with you.

Analytical Brain: Nonsense, Blossom. I'm not going to hurt you. I'm here to help you.

Joyous Blossom: I'm not scared that you're going to hurt me.

Analytical Brain: You're not? Well then... *pause* Oh... I see. Blossom, I assure you that I have every faith that you will not bring me harm. You wouldn't even if you weren't wearing hoofcuffs and a magical nullifier ring, I have every faith in you that you won't hurt me.

*Guard exits the room and the door shuts behind him. Blossom sits down.*

AB: Now, I'd like to talk to you about what happened a few days ago if that's okay.

JB: Why?

AB: What do you mean?

JB: Why don't you think that I'd hurt you if I was free?

AB: Because I don't think you hurt ponies without feeling scared or helpless. Those two bullies scared you, and Ms. Tiara hurt you. I have done no such thing and thus I don't feel that you would like to. Besides, I know that you are a good mare, Blossom. You have just had unfortunate things happen to you.

JB: ... I read your article.

AB: Which one?

JB: 'In terms of Joyous Blossom herself, I think that it means that she is just as evil as her aunt is and should at the very least switch places with her mother in the mental institution.' Do you have something that you want to say to me, Dr. Brain?

AB: Uh... w-well, Blossom, you must understand that... uh, that was just some report to a cheesy tabloid magazine. They wanted s-sensationalism and I gave it to them is all. It--

JB: 'If that mare is allowed to roam around Equestria free as a bird, expect to see reports of ponies disappearing without a trace all around the land. I can promise you.' Are you sure you're not here to ask me about the ponies I've hidden in the Apple Family's cellar?

AB: Blossom I... *sigh* I have no excuses. It was very wrong of me and I apologize. I wasn't thinking.

JB: I know. But Aunt Rarity is still telling me to kill you. She has been since I walked in and recognized who you are.

*fifteen second silence*

AB: Blossom, Rarity isn't in the room with us.

JB: Just because you can't see her, that doesn't mean that what she's saying to me is any less real! When my family came to talk me out of death, Aunt Rarity was there and told me to kill my sister! She was right there, I could have reached out and touched her! WHY WON'T SHE LEAVE ME ALONE?!

AB: Blossom, you--

JB: S-she told me that I'd snap and kill the poor pony that they gave me to see if I could get better. I won't kill my family because I love them too much, but she told me I'd kill you!

AB: Blossom, please calm down, there is no reason to get so upset!

JB: But she wants me to kill you! *sob* She wants to make it so that you really suffer before I kill you! She wants me to hurt you like I hurt Miss Tiara because she knows it will feel really good for me!

AB: What do you mean 'it felt really good for you'?

JB: When I killed her... murdered her I made sure that she suffered when I did. It felt really good, like I was invincible almost. It was like raw power was filling me up, making it so that Miss Tiara would stay away from me and I wouldn't be afraid. It wasn't long after that that Aunt Rarity started talking to me.

AB: And she's here right now?

JB: She's sitting in the chair behind your desk.

AB: ...Blossom, there's nopony there.

JB: YOU THINK I DON'T KNOW THAT YOU CAN'T SEE HER?! What, do you think that if you just tell me that she isn't there then she'll just disappear on me, and I can go back to my cell to live the rest of my life chained to a wall with no sunlight, and no magic? I know you can't see her, I know that you don't think that she's there. That doesn't make what she's telling me to do any less real for me, does it? * sobbing*

AB: ... Blossom, I know that it seems very real to you. Just keep telling yourself that she isn't real, she isn't there! I will work day and night with you to make sure that she goes away!

JB: How? I've been seeing her for months now, she's always there, always watching me! She's always whispering in my ears, calling for the blood of whoever I can get of my hooves on. *Three second pause* I don't know how long I can tell her to leave me alone. *Hoofcuffs clink as Blossom stands up* I see her when I'm awake, I see her when I'm asleep, I have had nothing but nightmares since I have been here. She's talking to me always. I don't think that I can resist her for much longer.

AB: And that is why you must let us help you! I have dealt with cases such as your before; ponies who think they see others but in reality they are nothing more than the products of their own minds. I have never failed to dispel those apparitions and I will not fail you!

JB: Have those ponies you've interrogated ever been visions of their serial killer aunts, telling them to follow in her hoofsteps? Have they ever been tempted?

AB: ... are you tempted?

JB: If I wasn't then I wouldn't be so scared that I'm going to do it! I wouldn't have pushed my sister away from me when she was hugging me when my family came to beg for my life! For a moment... I wanted to. For a moment it seemed worth it if it meant that she'd leave me alone. I really wanted to just so Rarity would go away.

AB: Do you think that the Rarity that you see would leave you alone if you killed?

JB: I don't know! I-if she leaves me alone for even a few days then it might be worth it. Why didn't they just let me die?!

AB: Blossom, I--

JB: LEAVE ME ALONE, AUNT RARITY! I don't want to kill him! I know he wrote that mean article, but that doesn't mean I have the right to just snap his neck! Yes... yes I know that I could if I wanted to, but I don't!

AB: Blossom, snap out of it! Please listen to me, she's not there!

JB: Just go away, I don't want to kill him, just go away!

AB: Blossom she's not--

*Hoofcuffs are heard rattling as Blossom moves. Analytical Brain gasps and a chair falls over. Blossom immediately begins crying*

AB: Blossom, I... I know you weren't in control, when you lunged forwards just now. But I also know that you didn't want to hurt me, otherwise I think that you would have. You're still a good mare, and I think that with my help Rarity will go away.

*Blossom continues sobbing and the door opens. The guard mutters something and Blossom stands up and is led out of the room*

AB: The first session did not go as well as I had hoped. Blossom is clearly suffering from paranoid delusions, and it is definitely affecting her. I'm going to be looking into several possible medications for her, maybe more than one. I will make Rarity go away, it... just might be more difficult than I originally envisioned.

*End Tape*

Author's Note:

Author's Note: I wrote this A. because I thought it would be interesting and B. to show everybody who had a strong opinion of what the real ending was what the alternative is. I stress, this is not an accepted canon ending; it's just here to show you what Blossom would have done had she not been executed.

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