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I write pony words. Millions of them. Some people actually think they might be worth reading. I am very thankful for that. Also, I have a Patreon now?


Fluttershy loves animals. Her special talent is taking care of them, after all. However, there is a darker side that her friends rarely see. Ever so often, a creature under her care suffers and not even she can fix it. She has grown accustomed to doing what needs to be done in those situations.

Perhaps a little too accustomed. When a tragedy hits close to home for her, she realizes that there are others out there suffering, and she can help them.

She is the Element of Kindness after all.

Cover art by the awesome xXKatrynaXx

Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 431 )

Not sure if I like it , but I'll follow for now.

"It's okay, Mr. Squirrel. I can help make you all better. She used a wing to gently lift the squirrel's head up,

Missing a quotation mark.

That was the only thing I could find.

Great story so far. Can't wait to see how this plays out. But, seeing this makes me want Killer Rarity vs. Killer Fluttershy. Hey, a man can dream.

Another GrimDark from BronyWriter....

I can't wait. Still have to finish The Secret Life of Rarity, though. Going in my favorites and Read Later for now.

This is interesting. Not sure I want to... But, I'll be following this.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Haha oh this is going to be GOOD!

Wherever this goes I will be following just for that first 1000 words of this fic. I got actually sad reading this. It has that sense of tragic beauty that either will continue in this or it will go crazy. Either way those first few paragraphs actually made me have feels. :fluttershysad:

I better tell some of my friends about this.

oh my god oh my god i have been waiting for this fic for so long you have NO idea

question though, what's the significance of the title?

I have no idea where this is going. :pinkiecrazy:
No, seriously. I have no idea how Fluttershy is going to make the jump to serial killer. Now I have to favorite to find out.

Oh hoo hoo! Perhaps a Doctor Kevorkian-style story? Excellent. This pleases me. I have always been a huge supporter of the Good Doctor and those out there willing to give up their medical licenses to give peace and end the suffering of terminally ill and/or injured. Even if it doesn't end up quite like that, I think I shall enjoy this story a lot.

I'm having so much mixed feelings about this.

I'm gonna follow it

You magnificent bastard! Everything you write is pure gold, tell me your secrets dark one!


No, this won't get as violent as The Secret Life of Rarity,

Is it bad that I am saddened by this fact?

but does this mean fluttershy's stiil gonna kill a lotta innocent shit, right?

Comment posted by BronyWriter deleted Jul 25th, 2013

2926548 Sheesh, then why bother commenting? You know what you're getting into, don't thumbs down because it's a genre you don't like.

Geez, why did you do this to me? I've been trying to get my Read Later stories to a more manageable level, and you just go off and make another story that I just have to save and read. Oh well, let the sad times commence for it is all ways a good day to cry.

dont have to get to hostile bro.

2926568 I'm not trying to be hostile (tone is kind of hard to get across when typing) it's just a little... frustrating is all. I dunno, I just feel like you're invalidating what I'm doing by thumbsing it down just based on what it is. Sorry if I was snappy.



Also, Writer,

FToday was a day to cry.

You derped the first fucking word. That's worse than Kaidan not finishing the first word. and his first word was 'it'. :facehoof:

think your the only one lol
my read later list is 611! its to much! :facehoof:

2926598 Ah, I know what happened. I hit Shift+F when I went to go edit a typo.

292613829261752926319 Why the trepidation/mixed feelings, if you don't mind me asking?

a depressing, killer fluttershy fic? you have my attention. will I need to bring out my tissue box later on? :fluttershysad:


I wish I knew. I think it's from the Tragedy tag being there. And that pic.

I like it so far, though.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Daaaaaammmnnn!!!! Is what i yelled in public when i checked my phone and saw you really made a killer fluttershy fic.

I doubt her kill count will be as high as anybody's in the SLoR timeline, but it just might prove to be more... fun.

Hmmmm, reminds me of the concepts of the "cold hand of mercy."


For me it's like when you read a new story and from what you get you cannot make a full decision if you completely like it or not.

Not sure if I like this or not...
Gonna follow for now.

Another horrible story from the sick sick mind of BronyWriter......OH GOD HE'D DOING FLUTTERSHY NOW :fluttershbad:

As usual, you are defiling the pure values of this wonderful children's show. What is wrong with you?! :flutterrage:


Keep up the great work. :rainbowlaugh:

Already loving what I'm seeing so far. Completely different from SLoR. Corrupted empathy instead of the usual psychopathic absence of empathy. We'll be seeing boatloads of moral justification for every step Flutters takes down the slippery slope. Walter White would be proud. Charles Cullen style "Angel of Death" nurse, here we come.


Fluttershy a murderer? Welp it can't get any worse than Rarity's trilogy.

You really like these killer stories. Anyways, the story seems interesting enough. I was a bit worried that it would be too much like Secret life of Rarity. I'm really intrigued. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this one.

I'm semi worried as to where this story is going to go and might bail later, but for now it's got my attention, and I'm going to follow it and see where it goes.

When I see those who are sick, sad, have a bad future, or very overweight, I shall call upon her kindness to snuff them out in a loving mercy!:fluttercry:
I have yet to read this story but I might have a guess as to where it could go.:pinkiesmile:
Though I may be horribly wrong.:pinkiecrazy:

I'm not really a huge fan of dark and/or violent stories. If they are by authors I like, such as yourself I always give them a chance to see if I'll like it or not. If i find i don't like the story then I bail, a.k.a. stop reading it. Of course that being said, I will never down vote the story if I decide I don't like it, because I must have a valid excuse other than "I didn't like it" to down vote a story.

2927379 It's not going to get violent, I promise you that. Tragic as all else, and not amazingly dark, but definitely not violent.

2927342 Find whats wrong with the critters and kill them to soothe her own pain.:fluttershyouch:
Or make something wrong and kill the critters.:fluttershbad:
Friends try to stop her or its too late?:fluttershysad:
Crazy pony goes insane?:fluttercry:
Delusional murder spree?:pinkiecrazy:
Bad ending in suicide?:raritycry:
Own element ends her pain ironically?:raritydespair:
Heavens not enough?:scootangel:
Throw me a bone if I am close.:facehoof:

Well, I'm drooling in anticipation now. FlutterKevorkian, here we come!

EDIT: Are we to assume that this is a separate universe to the Rarity/Blossom continuity?

2927400 I could SO see another 'secret life of rarity' thing here! a FLUTTERSHY psychopath!

Lookin forward to a pretty shocking and disturbing fic :3

I sense depression... not to mention the deaths of the mane 6's pets, as well as the final death of Angel (most likely a suicide) to conclude it.


I'm suddenly reminded of the Angel of Death in that episode of Elementary.:rainbowderp:

Vegeta, what is Kaidan's happiness level to finally see BronyWriter writing this story?

It's over 9,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000!

Now, I'm going to get my fainting couch out and read the first chapter. Then, I'm going to steal a vial of sodium pentathol from the pharmacy and test it out on my own animals. :pinkiecrazy:


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