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I write POE's, and HIE's mostly. I hope you all enjoy my work.

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Sequel to My Very Little Ponies

Edited by the awesome Tired Old Man, aka TOM . He is a great editor

*If you want your pony or gryphon OC in this story as a cameo (or possibly more than that) appearance, let me know via PM or comment :) . I already have some I am using, might use yours too! And the art is by Latiwings

After Micah being severely wounded by Chrysalis, the queen of the Changelings, he is brought to Equestria to heal his wounds. But being stuck there, away from home while there seems to be no way back to his family and lover, he has more than merely physical wounds.

On top of that, Sombra, a unicorn gone for many years, has returned and is swiftly moving through the north of Equestria, having already conquered the Crystal Empire during the absence of Princess Celestia and the Mane Six. As of this moment, he is moving his forces south, with the Equestrian military just holding the line against him.

With war happening, and the two princesses needing to lead the nation and defeat Sombra, along with the Mane Six needing to defend Equestria as well, Micah is on his own as he tries to find some way to return home. But one little nurse seems determined to help him through it all.

But as he tries to find a way home, learns how to fight so he can survive in this now violent land, and makes both friends and enemies, one must wonder what exactly might he sacrifice to return home?

*You do not have to read My Very Little Ponies to understand all that happens in this, but still, I recommend doing so. And to those that read it, know that this is going to be darker than My Very Little Ponies.*

*Also, this story is in first person but it switches between different character's perspectives, so you know.*

Chapters (12)

Art by AlicornParty on deviantart. Here is her profile. http://alicornparty.deviantart.com/

*Now with a sequel, To return home *

(Know I am planning on editing my earlier chapters with the help of two people I have met here)

Hello there, my name is Micah. Your typical Jewish fellow in Seattle. I only recently got back from a trip abroad to find a box in front of my apartment door. Apparently what was inside it were six My Little Pony figurines. Though, I soon find out they aren't figurines. They are the real thing. And, no, I got no freaking clue how they are here, nor why they are here. Only thing I am thinking of is this: Why am I tied up and on the ground of my own apartment?

And another thing that I wonder... Why won't they tell me why they are here?

Rated teen for some swearing and dark stuff in future chapters. Mostly the last two ones, which I admit are definitely darker and has violence and, well, some sensuality in it.

Gore tag added for the last chapter only. All other chapters are gore free, and even the last one is not heavy with it.

Takes place pre season three of the show.

Chapters (20)
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