• Published 29th May 2014
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To Return Home - Yonah21

Sequel to My Very Little Ponies. Micah the human is brought to Equestria to save his life. But he finds there seems no way for him to reutrn. And as there's a war going on, he has to rely entirely on himself to get back. But what'll it take

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New information

“I wish that you didn’t have to leave already. I had so many things planned today for us to do,” Rarity states as I grab my cane.

“W-well it’s not like we c-can’t do this again sometime, you know. Next time we’re all in t-town we can meet up again.”

After I got the letter I wasted no time getting ready. Upon being told by Twilight I could go any time, I had to go at once. I’ve had a good time with Twilight, Skittles, Applejack and the others, but I sure as hell still need answers. Celestia and Luna are my best chance to getting the answers I need.

“So long as you don’t do something that makes you end up in the hospital, you can do whatever you want,” Redheart says. “You may be able to walk but without your cane you’d fall flat on your flank in an instant.”

“Gee, thanks for b-being so confident in me Redheart,” I state as I give her cap a flick, earning a glare from her.

Twilight jumps between the two of us.

“She’s just being a good nurse Micah. Would you prefer it if she didn’t tell you the proper precautions to take?”

“No, Twilight, of c-course not. But she d-doesn’t need to treat me like I’m m-made of glass, either.”

“Well, if you’re so healthy maybe we could have our rematch.

The sound of flapping wings makes me turn around to see Skittles at my eye level, smirking.

“And since you're in top notch shape, don’t expect me to go easy on you,” she says, bobbing her hooves like a boxer would.

Well, it’s nice to see that Skittles doesn’t think I’m likely to keel over at any moment. But she better not plan to dive bomb me any time soon. Being human I got an advantage over her.

I hold my hand in front of her face. Her eyes widen, she looks at it and then back to my eyes. As I wiggle my fingers I say, “I think these will help even the p-playing field a bit.”

“What the hay? My hooves are a heck of a lot tougher than those flimsy things!”

“T-true. But my fingers are far more p-precise. With just one f-finger, I can temporarily disable my opponent.”

“How the hey could you do that?” Applejack asks her eyes look over my hand with eager anticipation.

With one movement, I poke her dead in the eye. A second later, the proud pegasus goes from hovering in the air to flat on her flank.

“Ow! You can’t get me in the eye, that’s against the rules!” Skittles protests as she gets to her feet, rubbing her eye with her hoof.

“Rainbow, when somepony has to fight hard, there ain’t any rules,” Applejack says with a smile, Redheart chuckling beside her.

Applejack’s right. Before I ran into the Changelings, I would have thought the same as Skittles. But now? Hell, I’d do anything to win.

Skittles’ eyes narrow into a glare glare. But the two mares decide to ignore her.

“Next time try and aim for the wing joint. That’s a sensitive spot for pegasi”, Redheart declares with a smile.

“Not to mention for alicorns too.”

Who in the world does that voice belong to?

Twilight turns around just as I do, and to my true surprise I actually see an alicorn before us. But this one is certainly different from Celestia or Luna. Where Celestia is taller than I am, this pony’s eyes doesn’t come up to my chin. And while both Celestia and Luna have the supernatural manes and tails, this mare doesn’t have anything like that. Perhaps she’s a younger one, and only older ones have the flowing mane and tail.

“Twilight? Who’s this mare and-”


Cadance? I know I’ve heard that name before.

Twilight practically jumps at the newcomer, the both of them smiling from ear to ear while the other mares, minus Redheart, crowd in as well.

So Twilight knows her. I guess she must be an old friend, since I can’t remember her mentioning an alicorn before, and I definitely don’t remember this one from the show.

I think I’ll let them have their moment before I introduce myself. Let them hug and all that.

“Sunshine sunshine ladybugs awake! Clap your hooves and do a little shake!”

Or shake their flanks and do some kind of secret hoofshake. I really wasn’t expecting that.

Leaning down, I whisper to Redheart, “Is this s-something Twilight does often?”

“Only around Cadance. She’s known her since she was a filly.”

Cadance gives Twilight a tight hug, which Twilight of course returns in kind as the alicorn greets the other ponies.

“Oh I’ve missed you! I’m sorry I haven’t been around much but I promise I’ll try and be around more,” she says.

“Not that I’m displeased that you’ve returned, Princess Cadance, but why are you here?” Rarity inquires.

Wait she’s a princess as well?Is being an alicorn the only requirement to being a princess in Equestria? And what is she a princess of? Does she have her own nation?

“I’m here for Micah actually.”

Okay, something I was definitely not expecting. Did Celestia and Luna send her?

Thankfully, she’s smiling, so she’s probably not angry. She doesn’t say a word, though, not a single word as she moves closer.

“Micah, it is a pleasure to meet you. Twilight has told me much about you in our letters,” Cadance says, nodding towards Twilight.

“All g-good things, right?”

“Um, mostly good things,” Twilight says, glancing at me briefly before looking back to Cadance.

“It’s nothing worth worrying about Micah, I promise you. But as you can probably guess I’m not here to talk about letters. I’m here to be your guide to Canterlot whenever you wish to go.”

A royal escort through Canterlot? Well that’s nice. Even if some ponies there don’t like me much, at least they won’t be likely to get up in my face like that one mare that acted up in Ponyville.

“Huh. It’s not often somepony gets a royal escort,” Redheart says.

Cadance nods . “True. But Micah here is a special case. After what he did for Celestia, Twilight and her friends, he deserves it.”

Redheart looks up at me. I know she’s got to be curious about just what the hell happened to me. She was the nurse that worked with the doctor when I first got here so she obviously saw my wounds. It wouldn’t take a genius to tell that I was nearly beaten to death, and given Redhearts medical knowledge she could get a good idea about my assailant. And if I keep getting treated by her, eventually she’s going to ask. I just hope it won’t be any time soon.

Noting the awkward silence , Cadance clears her throat.

“Well Micah, whenever you wish to depart just let me know. We can take the train whenever you want. And don’t you worry about paying. Being a princess there are certain perks I enjoy, so I can get you a ticket easily. But before we go, I’d like it if we can have a chat.”

“I, for one, think that sounds like a lovely idea. If dear Cadance here is going to be with you in Canterlot, it only makes sense that she should know more about you. It wouldn’t do for her to travel with a stallion she doesn’t know anything about,” Rarity says with a smile.

I roll my eyes.“Right, because I’m s-so dangerous. Every mare should f-fear my presence.”

“Heh, yes, you’re certainly terrifying. But I’m just curious. If you don’t want to talk we don’t have to,” the princess says with a smile.

As Redhearts eyes and my own meet, she gestures towards Cadance. I guess she wants me to take the opportunity. But she doesn’t need to convince me.

“I don’t mind. But I’d p-prefer it if we could h-have it in a private place.”

Cadance nods knowingly and uses her horn to open the door outside for the two of us.

“The rest of you go back and enjoy your treatment. And schedule an appointment for me too. I’m dying for a good hooficure,” she says as she looks down at her hooves with the same look Leah’d give her nails.

With a nod Rarity leads the other mares back to their enjoyment. Skittles pauses and glances back at me.

“Don’t ya think I’ve forgotten our rematch, big guy. I’m gonna take you down,” Skittles says with a grin.

“Looking forward to it you s-silly mare.”

As soon as she disappears with the others, I turn back to Cadance. I sure as hell don’t want to get shouted at by another angry mare. But, so long as nopony bothers us, being outside shouldn’t be a problem.

As soon as the both of us step outside, I check for any ponies that could be giving me nasty looks. I don’t want a repeat of the incident on the way to Rarity’s boutique.

On that note, what are the other ponies thinking about me at this point? Sure not all the ponies think I’m as big a freak as a lone Jew at a Christmas party. But what’s going through their minds right now? Yeah not all the ponies are giving me the nasty eye out of fear. But some sure as hell are.

“You don’t have to be worried about what somepony might do. They’re better behaved when a princess is around,” Cadance says as she glances over the mares and stallions milling about.

“About that. Celestia is princess of the s-sun, Luna the m-moon. What are you princess of?” I ask.

She smiles so fast I worry she’s straining something. “The Princess of Love of course! I’ve always had a talent for helping others find their special somepony.”

My eyebrow goes up immediately. How could there be a princess of love? I don’t know if anybody can be that good of a matchmaker. They would near to be damn near perfect or anyone could claim the title.

“So your talent is playing C-Cupid? Is that really something th-that comes into play a lot?” I ask.

She looks flummoxed. “I don’t follow.”

“He’s a h-holiday figure that shoots love arrows into p-people’s behinds.”

“And you have a holiday surrounding him?”

“N-never said it was a good holiday,” I say as Cadance chuckles.

As we walk, passing by two mares on a bench. These two mares are the only ones that I’ve seen that aren’t staring at me during this walk. It’s probably because they’re too busy staring at each other to notice me.

That look is one I recognize. Leah and I often had the exact same one. When you’re with someone you love so deeply that you’d do anything for them, sometimes you could ignore everything else around you. Hell, I’d believe it if someone told me they wouldn’t notice a building on fire behind them. Love can be extremely powerful, and it’s great to see it is as present here as back at home.

But it’s not so great to see them french kissing.

Cadance chuckles as my pace speeds up.

“Hee hee! It’s just kissing. There’s no reason to be uncomfortable with it,” she says, glancing back at the couple

“Trust me I kn-know. I did have a g-girlfriend back on earth. It’s just a bit weird to s-see two ponies swapping s-spit.”

“I guess it would be weird to see an entirely different species being so passionate. I remember the first time I saw two minotaurs kissing. It was…odd, I have to say.”

That forces me to stare from this new information.

“How did you c-come to see two minotaurs kissing?”

“When you’re a princess you do a lot of traveling and see a lot of things,” Cadance says as she stops to sit on a nearby bench, and motions for me to join her.

“Like what?”

“I’ve seen every city in Equestria for starters. It’s a big and beautiful world after all. Most ponies live their entire lives in the same place they grow up. I don’t want to be ‘most ponies’. Baltimare was the first place I visited outside of Canterlot and Ponyville, and it was the first time I saw the sea. It was so beautiful, you should see it sometime. Though Las Pegasus was probably the most memorable.”

“Wait wait, h-hold on a second. You have a c-city named Las Pegasus?”

“Yes. Some of the snooty ponies don’t like it, but it’s a great place if you love the night life,” Cadance says, her grin transforming into a smirk. “Why? Do you want to go?”

Instantly my mind fills with those that should never be ponified. Ponies playing poker and throwing their bits away at casinos. Ponies playing the slot machines. Even ponies… Oh dear G-d I didn’t need that image.

“Micah? What are you thinking about? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

“My mind has envisioned s-something far worse,” I say, shaking my head to erase of the image of pony pole dancers.

“Ooookay then. Anyway, I’ve seen quite a lot of non-ponies too. I’ve visited the Griffon Empire too, even though recently very few from their lands have come to Equestria. Things haven’t been right for a while,” Cadance says, her smile disappearing.

Okay, something is up. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard something about things not being quite right in Equestria. And Applejack did mention how her brother hasn’t been around lately.

“Alright C-Cadance, what’s going on? A lot of you p-ponies keep hinting at something not being right with Equestria, b-but nopony’s telling me what it is,” I ask, crossing my arms over my chest.

At first, Cadance looks as if she’s about to deny anything’s wrong. Her eyes dart from side to side, as if she’s afraid of something. It’s like she’s worried somepony might hear her.

Her horn glows pink and flashes.

“I’ve set up a temporary sound barrier around us. I didn’t want the other ponies to hear this. Even if they know some of what I’m going to tell you, there’s no reason to spread the rest of it around,” Cadance says.

“What are you t-talking about?” I ask.

“Micah, before Twilight, Celestia, and everypony else came back, an old enemy forged his return. Very far to the north, a land known as the Crystal Empire arose again, and with it, so did Sombra. He’s one of the most vicious ponies to exist, and rules over the Empire.

His name alone sends a shiver down her body. Whoever he is, he’s strong enough to scare Cadance, and if she’s as powerful as Luna and Celestia, then this Sombra must be dangerous indeed.

She continues to stare at the ground, almost as if she fears if she looks up that she will see this Sombra.

“With Celestia, Twilight, and her friends gone, Luna went north with Shining Armor and me. We did what we could, but it wasn’t enough. Shining was nearly killed during the fight with him, if you could call it a fight. It was more like a massacre.”

Shining? That’s where I knew her name from!

“You’re the mare that married T-Twilight’s brother?”

That finally made her look up.

“Yes, that’s me. Twilight told me she told you about that,” Cadance says as she smiles again, though slightly.

“She did. She t-told me about that after I g-got kicked in the ribs by one of C-Chrysallis’ changelings,” I say as I place a hand over the healed wound. “Made what Chrysallis did to me even m-more painful.”

“I can imagine. But she won’t be hurting anyone again. She’s locked up tight beneath Canterlot.”

Locked up? In Canterlot?!

“What? Why isn’t she dead like she d-deserves?” I ask as I leap to my feet.

Cadance’s eyes widen, seemingly just realizing. Her hoof meets her face with an audible ‘slapping’ sound.

“Ponyfeathers, me and my big mouth! I didn’t mean for you to know that yet!”

“Too late! She’s in C-Canterlot right now and alive?! Do you know w-what she did to me?!”

Surprisingly Cadance actually scoots back. Her eyes show no fear, but that action is rather telling.

Did I actually scare a princess? That… That wasn’t my intent. But, I’m not going to let off on this. She’s keeping Chrysalis, she’ll answer my questions, to hell with what she might think.

“Micah, please stay calm. I can explain why we-”

“Explain what?! Explain s-somehow why you’re allowing a monster th-that tried to kill me and everyone I care about live in C-Canterlot?!”

“We don’t kill criminals. She’s being held until a trial can be held, and I promise you she has no chance of getting away with what she’s done,” Cadance says.

“You don’t understand! She m-might have killed the w-woman I love!”

Her eyes go as wide as Rarity’s dinner plates. So Twilight hasn’t told her about this

“Micah… I’m so sorry, I had no idea that-”

“No idea of w-what? That’s something T-Twilight hasn’t told you yet?! That I don’t even kn-know what happened to her?!

Nopony here knows.

Unless I’m able to talk to Chrysalis myself I won’t be able to know what the hell happened to her.

“Take me to C-Canterlot, now. I want to s-speak to Chrysalis.”

“That’s not a good idea. We can have other ponies talk to her to find out what happened, and I promise you that we will find out. Please, just-”

“NO! She w-won’t listen to any of you, b-but she might do so with me.” I’m not about to let this chance pass me by.

Cadance’s eyes show her worry. She has to deal with it though. I’m not going to let up on this for a second.But I am pleasantly surprised by her answer.

“There will be guards with you every moment you’re with her. If we see anything that can possibly be dangerous, we will end your chat. Understood?”

I nod.

“Alright. This might feel a little weird for you,” she says as her horn lights up. A pink aura surrounds both of us.

It begins with a tingle at my ribs. It’s a bit ticklish, but that’s it. If this is all it is then it shouldn’t be too bad.

But that’s short lived. Without warning it’s like something is tugging me, then yanking me in all directions at the exact same time. My body might look normal but it feels as if I’m being ripped apart piece by piece!

I try to shout for Cadance to stop but I can’t speak as this continues. I can’t even see at this point.

Damnit there’s no way this is normal! Something isn’t right!

Suddenly I’m moving, but I don’t know where. The pain remains, and the feeling of my stomach doing cartwheels is added to it. My meal with the mares is starting to come back up and though I place my hand over my mouth I know that isn’t going to stop it.

Finally the feeling of being ripped apart is gone. The reverse begins, being put back together. This feels like something that should be normal with the pain finally going away.

But there’s one feeling that remains.

My sight returns and the first thing I see are four pink hooves as the nausea finally overwhelms me.

Author's Note:

FINALLY! Work has been such a pain lately. I have not been able to write much, and this week I've been on call on top of my regular hours.

But at least I finally got it out, with my brother helping me edit.

Hope you all like the chapter.

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