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To Return Home - Yonah21

Sequel to My Very Little Ponies. Micah the human is brought to Equestria to save his life. But he finds there seems no way for him to reutrn. And as there's a war going on, he has to rely entirely on himself to get back. But what'll it take

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Questions and memories

*Cadance POV*

Okay, alright, don’t say anything. With a bit of magic, I’ll be fine. But maybe to be safe I should disinfect my hooves with some alcohol later too...

As soon as my magic wipes my hooves clean I step back and look at Micah. He’s kneeling, with one hand on his stomach. He wretches again-

“By Celestia!”

With a flap of my wings I back off as he vomits again. I don’t want to get near him but I should do the same thing Shining did for me when I was ill.Using my magic, I hold his hair back. I know from experience how long it takes to clean once’s mane, even with magic. I don’t want to imagine how long it would take him.

“I’m so sorry, Micah! This hasn’t ever happened before,” I say as Micah stops.

After a moment of dry heaving he finds his voice.

“That was h-horrible. I felt like I was g-getting ripped apart,” he says as he tries and fails to get to his feet.

My eyes widen at that. Even when teleportation spells go bad, they should never hurt like that. I might not be best at teleportation but not once has anypony gotten hurt.

“Micah, I’m very sorry. I didn’t mean for you to be that hurt, I swear,” I say, using my magic to help him get to his feet.

I start to wonder if he can even walk, as he starts shaking and clutching his stomach again. The hand grasping his cane shakes noticeably, and I keep my magic ready in case he falls once more.

“I… I’ll be f-fine. S-sorry about making a mess on your hooves,” he says.

“Don’t worry about it. It was an accident after all,” I say with a reassuring smile.

An extremely messy accident, but an accident nonetheless.

“Princess? We were wondering who used a teleportation spell! We were worried when we saw- What’s that?!”

Oh horsefeathers, what now?

Down the road from the courtyard we teleported into stand two unicorn guards, armored and with swords sheathed at their sides. I was hoping that we’d have more time before they found us, but I guess that was too much to ask. At least no civilians have seen us yet.

The guards quickly draw their swords with their magic. “Creature, step away from the princess at once!”

“So m-much for expecting a warm welcome in C-Canterlot,” Micah mutters, glaring towards the advancing guards.

This is not going according to plan. Why is it something new is always met with suspicion?

“Stand down!”

I may not have a royal Canterlot voice like Celestia or Luna, but my authority is the same. The guards immediately stop in their tracks.

“Do not ever call him ‘creature’! His name is Micah, and he is my guest! He shall be treated as such as long as he is here, is that understood?”

I catch Micah smiling while the guards hurriedly nod their heads. No surprise that he approved of that.

“Do any p-ponies know how I w-was involved with Twilight and the others b-back on earth?” Micah asks in a whisper.

“So far most ponies only know that Twilight and her friends left to fight the Changelings. They know that Twilight brought back someone from that world, but they don’t know why. The press here is kind of finicky.”

Micah sighs. “Great. At least that explains a f-few things.”

“Um, princess, forgive me for asking, but why did you teleport so close to the palace?” a guard asks.

“Micah here is in a rush to… Well what he’s in a rush to do is his business. He needs to enter the palace. And it’d be better if we do it in a way that won’t get him spotted by other ponies.”

Raising an eyebrow, one of the guards asks, “Why’s that a concern?”

“B-because I don’t want to have more ponies y-yelling at me like I’m a m-monster,” Micah says as he glares at the two guards.

Both guards look away sheepishly.

“We understand Princess. This way, please,” one says with a bow as they turn and lead the way.

With a nod to Micah, we follow them. The path we go along is thankfully nice and quiet. It would seem they’re taking us towards a back entrance to the palace.

“I haven’t been this way in a long time. Hehe, the first time I came around here was to sneak inside to visit Shining,” I say with a smile.

“Why would you need to sn-sneak inside to visit him?”

“Well… It was at night, and we didn’t want anypony interrupting us,” I say, giggling as his eyes go wide.I can only imagine the thoughts going through Micah’s head. His eyes slowly widen as his cheeks go red as a tomato.

“That was not what I w-was expecting at all.”

“You go red so easily, Micah. There’s nothing about love anypony should be embarrassed about,” I say as we turn a corner, now getting a far better view of the palace.

“Wow. I knew that the p-palace was big. But I didn’t know it w-was this huge.”

He’s right about that. The palace is amongst the largest structures in Equestria. While some buildings in Manehattan are larger, there is nothing comparable in the center of Equestria. It would probably take Micah at least an entire day to see all of it, including the multiple turrets, of course.

Of those turrets, Celestia’s is the tallest, with Luna’s only slightly shorter. Each of them reaches at least one hundred feet over any other part of the palace. Though they aren’t fragile by any definition, nor is any part of the palace. The entire thing has a protection spell. So long as it is maintained, no army could take the palace without destroying the spell first.

If any army could take the castle they’d have one hay of a time of it. Really, to take the palace, you’d have to be already inside of it with quite a lot of soldiers, as Chrysalis did.

“Twilight told me you have castles in your world. How does Canterlot Palace compare?” I ask as we near the back gate.

“Well seeing as h-how most castles are nothing but r-ruins now it’s rather good,” he says, grinning for a moment, but it disappears just as fast. Following his gaze I see why.

Why in the name of Celestia did HE have to be here?

“Cadance, I didn’t think you’d be here. Why are you coming in through the back?” Blueblood asks. He looks straight at Micah as soon as the human comes into view. “And why did you bring Twilight’s monkey with you?”

If there’s one pony I didn’t want to run into today it would be him. Him and those bodyguards of his are always a pain in the flank.

Micah’s grip on his cane tightens. “You better watch your t-tone jackass. I’m not in the m-mood for that sort of c-crap today.”

Blueblood grins, as do his two bodyguards.

“Or what? You’ll stutter some more? That might be intimidating for apes but it doesn’t really work on ponies,” he says with a sneer.

I hold out my hoof in front of Micah. Blueblood has done this before, goading those he doesn’t like into attacking him, and every time it ends the same. Each time I see him do it, the unfortunate pony ends up arrested. But he’s not getting away with it this time.

“His name is Micah. And you should know Celestia herself has an interest in his well being, so you better show some respect,” I say, which gets Blueblood to drop his sneer.

“Hmph. Auntie made a mistake. But I suppose even somepony such as her isn’t perfect. I’ll talk to her later. I have to ask though, why are you going through the back entrance? Princesses always use the front entrance,” Blueblood asks as his eye shift from myself to Micah and back again.

“Noble ponies leave a n-nasty stench everywhere they go. W-we wanted to avoid it,” Micah says as he waves his hand in front of his nose.

Blueblood’s eyes widen at that. It’s not every day somepony so bluntly insults him. It’s definitely a nice change.

“You’re lucky I have someplace to be,” Blueblood says. His guards follow him, shoving Micah out of the way in the process.

Almost immediately Micah begins to lift his cane. Using my magic I hold it down, earning a glare from him.

“Don’t. That’s what he wants. I know he’s rotten but you should ignore him,” I say, glad that he doesn’t look like he’ll argue the point.

“That g-guy’s a prick,” Micah says as he looks at Blueblood. “I c-can’t believe he’s related to Celestia.”

“Just barely, thank goodness for that,” I say with a smile.

Soon though I notice the guards are staring straight at Micah and me. I guess even palace guards can’t help sticking their noses into somepony elses business sometimes.

“You got a reason for staring? Unless you see something dangerous to a magic using princess- which I most certainly don’t, there’s no reason to stare.”

If there’s one thing that can get the guards out of your business, it’s letting them know that you know their boss. It works every time. The guards instantly straighten up and look away.

“Good,” I say and look to the guards who took us here. “Lead on. We’re heading below.”

The guards open the door for us, the large doors creaking under their hooves. Our two guards lead the way inside while the doors closes.

By Celestia I hope Chrysalis won’t get Micah as upset as Blueblood did.


*Micah’s POV*

“If I never see another f-flight of stairs after this it w-will be too soon,” I say, while I walk down flight number… Oh hell with it, I’ve lost count at this point.

This place looks exactly as I imagine the entrance to a dungeon would. Dark and rather tight quarters which only two people could walk side by side . Or, at least, mostly dark. The further down we go, the more I notice glowing bits of crystals sticking out of the wall. I don’t know how much these crystals here would be worth but I feel some temptation to take a few. Rarity would certainly appreciate them.

“It’s not much farther. We should reach the end soon,” one of our guards say.

“At least we’re not going upstairs right?” Cadance asks.

“Yeah. At least s-soon I shouldn’t have to need a c-cane anymore,” I say, glancing down at it. If I was asked a year ago if I’d be using a cane in my twenties I would have laughed. But Chrysalis changed that.

The only good thing about Chrysalis being alive is that I can ask her about Leah. As soon as she tells me what I want, she can rot in that dungeon for eternity. But not until then.

“Um, pardon my asking Princess Cadance. What are we doing down here? The only thing down here are the dungeons. Not to mention they’re holding only one prisoner.”

“That’s the reason we’re heading this way,” Cadance says. “Are you guarding the prisoner?”

Both guards shake their heads.

“No, princess. We patrol inside the palace, and just happened to be outside earlier. We barely ever go this far below, then only to escort a prisoner. Being near that buggy creature is terrifying. I wouldn’t take a job down here for all the bits in Canterlot. How could anypony stand being close to her?” the guard asks.

“Because sometimes a p-person has to,” I say, getting the attention of the two guards.

“Why would anypony have to?” one guard says as he looks back at me. “When the changelings attacked, everyone what we could against the changelings, but none of us were stupid enough to fight Chrysalis. You’d have to be a moron to even think about standing up to her.”

“Or possibly someone d-did so just because it was r-right,” I say, getting the guard to look back.

“There’s a time to do what’s right and a time to save your own flank,” he says.

“I don’t know. Micah here has a good point. Really, we’re guards after all. It’s our job,” the other guard says before he turns to look at me. “And I’m guessing by your limp that you’ve probably had to do some fighting of your own.”

“Hm. W-well that’s one way to put it,” I say while my feet finally hit the last stair.

Internally I cheer the instant I hit the ground. Finally the stairs are over! Though the hall to the dungeon entrance looks like just a wider version of the stairway we just went down.

“We can go no further. Knock on the door and the guards within should let you through, princess,” the guard says.

I expected a bigger, more ominous door for a dungeon holding a monster like Chrysalis. Though, with magic involved here, it would explain how it’s safe to hold a criminal.

“Thank you. You are dismissed,” Cadance says, sending the guards on their way.

As soon as the guards were out of earshot, she turns to me.

“So… Are you sure you want to do this? The guards or even I can ask for you,” she says.

“No. I w-want to do this. I want to hear h-her say what happened,” I say, walking straight to the door.

“Just be careful alright? I know you’ve been around her before, but even locked up she can be dangerous.”

“Does she have a chance of k-killing me while inside th-there?” I ask.

She shakes her head.

“Then I’m good.”

The door to the dungeon opens partway, revealing a unicorn mare. The skin under her eyes appear saggy, like me when working at the bakery on a split shift.

“Before you say anything p-please don’t call me a m-monkey or-”

“You’re Micah, the human from earth that helped Twilight and her friends. They might be in changeling hooves if it weren’t for you,” she says as she locks eyes with me, and slowly begins to smile. “Some of us ponies know who you are. The guards down here won’t treat you badly, that I promise you.”

She opens the door further, revealing three other guards: an earth pony mare, pegasus stallion, and another unicorn mare. Each one holds a sword in one hoof and has a shield strapped to their side. I’m not sure how they can hold weapons with hooves, but so long as they can use them well, I don’t care.

“You don’t need to say why you’re here, I got a pretty good guess,” the mare says with a slight grin. “Here to see your beaten foe?”

“Ask her questions actually. Sh-she has information that I w-want,” I say as the mare looks from me to Cadance, questioningly.

“We are here to speak to Chrysalis. Or, more accurately, Micah here is. I know that the four of you know about this case, and are aware of some of what happened to Micah. I have to ask that you don’t ask him any questions while he’s here,” Cadance says quickly.

The four guards look disappointed, but quickly recover, their faces stony and neutral once more.

“Understood. Well Micah, if you can come with me, I can take you to the prisoner,” the unicorn mare says, her hoof pointing down the dungeon.

“Please do.”

Before I can take a step, Cadance grasps my arm with her hoof.

“Remember, be careful. Very, very careful,” she says.

“Why so much c-concern?” I ask.

Cadance’s ears go flat, her eyes narrowing slightly in a fuss.

“Like I said before, even in her cell she’s dangerous. She’s a trickster. Don’t let her get to you, no matter what she might say. The only reason we have so few guards here is because her cell is impossible to break out of,” she says.

“Do you think I’m a f-fool? I won’t let her g-get to me,” I say, pulling my arm away from her. “I’ll leave as soon as I get an-answers.”

I can tell she doesn’t like the idea, but she gives me a nod of approval.

“I will be waiting here,” she says, before I begin walking down the hall, the unicorn mare escorting me towards the cell.

“She’s right. Chrysalis is dangerous. You can ask her what you want, but I’ll be next to you the entire time. Alright?”

“Do you have to b-be? There are th-things I want to know that I’d r-rather keep private.”

“I’m sorry but I have to insist. Somepony has to come with you.”

“I w-wish that I could have some p-privacy but if I can ask her the q-questions I want I accept.”

The mare nods as she leads me down the hall to a cell at the far end of the dungeon.

“By the way, you can call me Silver Arch. We don’t use rank too much down here.”

The door to this cell is made of metal instead of wood, with five locks. On the top of the door lies a glowing symbol, a sort that I have never seen before.

“It’s a magical ward. It blocks nearly all magic inside so we don’t need to worry about Chrysalis trying anything,” she says as she opens the door.

“Here’s hoping it w-works.”

I walk inside. And finally, after so long, I see her.

Chrysalis, Queen of the changelings, who once was so close to ruling Equestria, chained and locked behind bars. Her mane appears tangled and filthy, and the holes in her legs more widespread, easily seen as she lies on the floor.

It nearly brings a smile to my face.

“So. Chains. They look nice. But being headless m-might fit you better.”

Chrysalis looks up, blinking a few times before her eyes meet mine.

The first thing Chrysalis does when seeing me is smile.

“Micah? Well well. Long time no see. You look better than the last time I saw you. Tell me, how do you like being a cripple?”

“Shut up. I have questions I need t-to ask.”

Chrysalis chuckles, earning a glare from me.

“Oh Micah it’s nice to see you. Really. The ponies here are no fun at all. But you? Oh now didn’t we have some fun times together!”

I back up a bit, and get close to the guard.

“Silver, she s-seems a little strange,” I ask my escort in a whisper.

“Maybe you should try living here. Being starved does things to a pony,” Chrysalis says, now standing up.

“So. Now you have d-decided to listen. Good. I have questions. Q-questions you’re going to answer, and then I’m l-leaving,” I say, my grip on my cane tightening.

Her sharp toothed smile falters for a moment before returning.

“That’s not how it works Micah. If you want to talk with me I have some rules. First rule is-”

“I don’t care about your r-rules,” I say, hitting my cane against the bars of her cell. “Now tell me-”


One second she was standing on the far edge of the cell, weird but calm. And somehow she dashed to within one foot of the bars without me noticing?!

“Back off prisoner!” the guard shouts as her horn lights up, striking Chrysalis with a magical blast.

How the hell did she move so fast?!

Chrysalis stumbles back for a moment, though quickly regains her composure.

Grinning once more, she says, “You see Micah? They’re no fun at all. But you were a lot of fun. Not that you remember most of that, of course, but still.”

“Chrysalis. Once again, I’m h-here to only ask a few questions. What happened to L-Leah?”

“Leah? Leah… That name sounds so familiar. But human names sound so alike after all,” Chrysalis says as she puts a hoof under her chin.

I grab the bars of her cell, wishing my hands held her throat instead. “Y-you know who she is! You replaced her!”

Her infuriating grin only made my desire to strangle her stronger.

“Ah! Yes, I think I remember her now. She had a dark mane, right? A curvy shape to her, and with darker skin. As far as humans go I suppose she looked… Decent. Far better than you deserve, that’s for sure.”

“Chrysalis, just… Just tell me what it is y-you did to her. Tell m-me where she is. Now.”

Slowly, she takes a few steps closer towards me. Her eyes never stray from mine as she keeps up that rotten smile.

“I thought a little goody two shoes like you’d be more worried about what you did after she disappeared. And yet you’re more worried about what happened to her?” she says, standing within six feet of the bars.

Oh, if she was a little closer I’d wring that neck of hers.

“Any decent person c-cares more about their love. Not himself. And I c-can guess what you did to me. It’s not h-hard to figure out.”

I can see the guard’s ears flatten as I say that. It’s nice to know she has the same opinion that I do.

“So you’re not quite as stupid as I thought. However… I don’t think I should be the only one to share such wonderful memories.”

One second. Just one second. One second for me to realize that being this close to the bars, my face pressed against them is a bad idea. Only one second for Chrysalis to close the gap between us and press her horn against my forehead. A single second is all it takes for her to use magic.

Yes, the guard instantly blasts her back with some magic of her own, and calls for the others. Cadance soon follows immediately behind. But it doesn’t stop what has already happened.

It doesn’t stop me from remembering everything.

Author's Note:

Sorry for this taking so long. Work really got in the way of things. I hope you all liked this chapter, and I will try to get the next one out sooner.