• Published 29th May 2014
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To Return Home - Yonah21

Sequel to My Very Little Ponies. Micah the human is brought to Equestria to save his life. But he finds there seems no way for him to reutrn. And as there's a war going on, he has to rely entirely on himself to get back. But what'll it take

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Thankfully the time in the cafeteria yesterday went rather well. Venture was pretty decent company, as were his crew. Butter Cream didn’t say much of anything though, since she usually had food in her mouth. How much could that pony eat? I’ve never seen a human on earth eat like that, even on television during eating competitions.

And Tender Hooves is a… Special type of pony. I’ve never in my life seen anyone with an injury like that. Could a person really live through something like that? I mean, really? An axe to the head? How could a human or pony live through it? Eh, maybe it’s magic or something.

But Swift Burst was decent. She was a mare that was polite and kind. I wonder if the rest of Venture’s crew is like the three I met? Eh, I’ll ask him about that later.

This mattress I’m on though has been a bit annoying. Oh, it’s comfortable enough, but the problem is that I just can’t sleep. I keep waking up, and this is the fourth time tonight that I’ve woken up. I’m tempted to call in a nurse and maybe ask them to use a sleeping spell on me at this point.

Actually, I’ll do just that. At this point I highly doubt if I will be able to get a good night’s sleep without it. I push the call button, but, it will probably take a bit for them to get here. I just hope it won’t be too long.

“Oh, is the little human having trouble sleeping?”

Well that was fast. But that doesn’t sound like Redheart. Though she wouldn’t be here 24/7. I wonder who this nurse is?

“M-my names Micah, not ‘l-little human’. And yes, I’d l-like some help to s-sleep,” I say as I try and get more comfortable in the bed.

“Well then,” the nurse says as the door begins to open. “Let me see if I can lend a helping hoof.”

The mare slowly walks in, and the moment I realize who it is, I swear my heart stops beating. Only one creature looks like this, and she is the last one I want to see, especially while I’m stuck in bed like this.


All she does is smile upon seeing me. A toothy smile, revealing her sharp teeth. She could easily bite off a finger with those. “I’m glad to see you again Micah,” she says as she slowly steps towards me, her mane cascading down her face.

“St-stay away from me,” I say as I try to prop myself up, looking about for anything possible to defend myself with.

Chrysalis only chuckles at my words. Slowly, with the sound of each step echoing in the room, she makes her way to my bedside. She knows she can take as much time as she wants with the condition I’m in.

Her horn glows green, and quickly she yanks off the blanket covering me, now leaving me covered by an ill fitting hospital gown. “Hm. Looks like the doctors and nurses here did a good job with fixing you up,” she says as she looks over me from head to toe. “Do tell me, what hurts most?”

“G-get away from me,” I’m able to say as I continue to try and look for something, anything to defend myself with. “Don’t t-touch me.”

“Shh,” Chrysalis shushes me as she looks to my chest. “Tell me, do your ribs still hurt?”

“Don’t. Do you d-dare do that,” I stammer as I try to get out of bed and away from her. Though, while I’m able to get out of bed, my legs are still too weak to hold up my weight. The moment I try and stand, I fall straight to the floor.

Once more I hear that horrendous chuckle from Chrysalis. Quickly I find her standing over me, smiling. “This is quite a familiar position for the two of us, isn’t it? Once I get you out of here, we should do this again, but with one difference,” Chrysalis says as she traces her tail against my thighs.

“I swear to G-d, if y-you don’t g-get away from me r-right now, I’ll-mph!”

Before I can say a word more, my mouth is covered by the blanket that was covering me only a few moments ago. Immediately I try to reach up and yank it off, but with a loud slam Chrysalis steps hard onto my hands, making me yell from the pain.

“I’m sorry Micah, I didn’t hear what you were trying to say. Try and speak a little more clearly next time,” she says as her head leans down.

Luna, Redheart, Celestia, Skittles, somepony please get here soon!

“When we get out of here, I know the perfect spot for us to go to. There’s a little place near the caves beneath Canterlot with a small underground waterfall. It is surprisingly romantic. There’s a secret entrance I can show you,” she says softly as she opens her mouth and licks my cheek.

I try my hardest to pull my hands free but with her hooves on them I can barely move them at all. The only thing I can do is just look at her, and hope that somepony will get me out of this situation as fast as possible.

And before Chrysalis does anything else.

“Tsk tsk tsk. Micah, I’m disappointed in you. Here I was, hoping that you’d be more participatory in this,” she says, and then grins. “Though… Maybe if I give myself a makeover, you’d be more receptive.”

Her hooves leave my hands, though they are soon restrained by a magical field. Glaring up at Chrysalis, she says, “I think you’ll like this.”

I’m temporarily blinded from a bright green flash. Even when it subsides my vision takes some time to come back. But that doesn’t stop me from hearing something I have missed for so long.

“Micah, dear, why don’t you open your eyes? I have a surprise for you.”

That voice. She didn’t. She wouldn’t dare do that.

As my eyes adjust, I pray that she didn’t do what I fear she has done. But it seems that was done in vain, as I see what stands above me.

“I think it’s a flawless resemblance, wouldn’t you say?” Chrysalis says as she moves her hands, not hooves, over her new body. Leah’s body.

Every bit of it is exactly like her. The hair is just as long and black as hers. Her eyes are the exact same as well, no fault in either eye. And her figure which for some reason is only clad in lingerie is perfectly matched as well. How changelings are able to replicate someone, or somepony so perfectly is something I doubt I will ever understand, nor am I sure I even want to.

“Now, be honest, don’t you like this form?” she asks as the sheet over my mouth is removed, finally allowing me to speak. “Be careful now. Say anything I don’t like, and you’ll be gagged once more.”

To hear these words in Leah’s voice, and from her body is sickening. The real Leah is strong and assertive, certainly, but never cruel. “It’s n-nothing compared to the or-original,” I say, practically in a disgusted hiss.

But… As much as I don’t want to admit it, the sight of Leah’s body in nothing but lingerie is having an, well, having an ‘effect’, one could say, on me.

Chrysalis glares at me for a moment, before looking down below my waist with a smirk. Without warning, she suddenly places her foot atop my groin. At this point I don’t even bother trying to move, and instead just look away.

“Haha! Even though it’s not the original, you’re body is certainly giving me quite the salute. I’m flattered Micah,” she says as she removes her foot, and lays down next to me, posing on her side. As she moves a lock of hair behind her ear, she says, “You’re one of the more easily excitable stallions I’ve met.”

“Shut up,” I spit at her in disgust, earning a glare from her. “Shut up and ch-change back!”

Chrysalis sighs, and looks away for a moment. But after that short moment, her hand grabs my throat and squeezes hard enough that I can’t breathe nor make a sound. As before I try as much as possible to get free but nothing works. Her strength and magic is too much.

“Now listen, Micah. I’ve changed into this pitiful, ridiculous form for you. For some reason the males of your species seem utterly infatuated with this sort of body,” Chrysalis says as she looks down at her chest. “Particularly these bags on the female chest. Why are these teats so ridiculously big?”

As she goes on and on I barely pay attention to her. With her cutting off any and all oxygen, I swear my face might be starting to turn blue. Does she really want me dead? She wouldn’t get what she wants that way, would she? But… If she doesn’t kill me…

Looking back to me, she chuckles for a moment. “Heh, sorry about that. I shouldn’t ask questions when you’re in no position to answer,” she says as she eerily traces her finger down my cheek. “I’ll let you speak. But, only speak when I ask you a question, understood?”

Knowing I can’t exactly stop her, I just nod.

“Good. Now tell me, you do enjoy this body, do you not? This is the form of your lover after all,” she says softly as she licks the edge of my ear.

After shuddering from her doing that, I say, “It d-doesn’t matter. If y-you think that I’m going to just g-go along with whatever you w-want because you look like L-Leah, you’re an idiot.”

I at first worry that she’s going to strike me somehow. Chrysalis definitely has a horrid temper, but oddly enough, she smiles. Though she still has that eery and creepy changeling smile. The sort that is everything but comforting.

“I think you’re lying, Micah,” she says as she leaves my side, and quickly moves to straddle my hips.

Immediately I close my eyes, but that does little to cease my, well, my ‘reaction’ to her ministrations. I’d give anything right now to have that stop, I’d give anything to have all of this stop.

“Just give in. It’ll be so much better for both of us that way,” she says as I feel her hands on my torso. Slowly she inches them up my abdomen. “Besides, it’s obvious that some part of you definitely wants this.”

“H-how stupid must you b-be?” I ask as I practically spit out the question, earning a glare from her in response. “If you think that j-just because you look like L-Leah, the only one I could ev-ever love, you are the m-most foolish b-bitch ever.”


Damn how can a slap hurt so much?!

Looking up at Chrysalis, any pretense of trying to be gentle or seductive is gone. Instead of that facade, I now see the angry Chrysalis. The same Chrysalis that was in the sewers.

“You need to learn how to speak to your betters,” she says with a low growl, her hand diving down to my throat, squeezing tightly. “Once I’m done with you, you’ll never speak to me like that again.”

I’m unable to even say a word back as her grip tightens even more, making my breath come out as nothing more than a whimper before it’s cut off altogether. I try to free my hands, try to bite her, I try anything possible to dislodge her but she isn’t moving a muscle.

“Go ahead! Keep trying, it’ll only tire you out all the faster!” she shouts at me as I strain against the binds on my wrists as hard as possible, only to accomplish nothing.

Damnit! This can’t happen again! Someone, somepony, help! Shouldn’t there be someone here who should hear all this?! A doctor, nurse, somepony?!

Please… I can’t do this again.


Back at work today. Hopefully it will all go well. I hate working on Saturdays, that’s the one day I wish I could have off in the week. I admit one reason for that is my favorite restaurant has a rather nice special only on Saturday, and since I work almost each Saturday I never get it.

What restaurant would only offer such a delicious hayburger one day a week at that awesome price?

Walking inside the hospital, I give a quick greeting to the receptionist as I don my cap, and at once start my rounds. Of course, first I’m going to check on Micah. I hope he had a good rest during the night. Since his physical therapy starts today he’s going to need his energy. It’s not going to be anything too difficult, but with his condition, he’s going to need some to be rested to do it well.

Slowly, so as not to wake him if he’s still asleep, I open the door and peek into his room. I wince from the annoying sounds of the hold hinges creaking as the door moves. Looking inside I see that he’s still asleep, but, something feels off. I can hear him mumbling something, and… Oh by Celestia his gown looks soaked!

Quickly I get inside, and as I get closer I notice immediately the reason it’s soaked. I can smell the sweat coming off of him. Putting a hoof to his forehead I can tell he’s not hot, so he hasn’t gotten a fever during the night. Why then is he soaked?

“N-no… Stop this… L-let me go…”

Oh no. He must be having a nightmare. That would definitely make anypony soaked during sleep if it’s bad enough.

“Ch-Chrysalis, stop…”

I gasp the second I hear that name. There’s only a few ways he’d know that name, and that would be if Twilight and her friends mentioned her, or… Or if he met her. And if he met her there’s no way it could have ended well.

Gently I prod his arm with my hoof to try and waken him. The first few nudges have no effect, but as I want to get him out of that nightmare I have no plan to let him keep sleeping, even if it might anger him.

“Micah, wake up, it’s just a dream,” I say in as comforting a voice as possible, pressing a few more times, a little harder against his side. “Just wake up, I promise you you’ll be-”

My speech is cut off as his eyes shoot open, and he jolts upright at once, his face giving off a pained expression with his eyes wincing and a shout coming from his lips. His hand dives to his abdomen as he looks around the room, taking in as much detail as he can. It’s like he thinks Chrysalis could come out of the walls and pounce on him.

Gently and slowly I place a hoof against his side. If he keeps this up he’ll only succeed in hurting himself. “Easy there Micah, I don’t know what exactly happened in that dream of yours, but you’re safe, I promise,” I say, and point to his pillow with my free front hoof. “Just lay back down, you’re going to hurt yourself.”

“Wh-where is she? She w-was just-” Micah’s speech is cut off by another shout from his lips, the pain now so bad he curls up as his hand continues hold his abdomen, tight enough that it’s as if he fears his blood is going to leak out if he removes it.

Cautiously, I gently start to help him get back to laying down in the bed. “She’s gone, Micah. It was just a dream, I promise, you’re safe here. There’s only you and me now,” I say softly as he slowly starts to recline once more.

Groaning all the while, he slowly allows me to ease him back onto the bed. I place his blanket back over him as I hear him say, “J-just a dream? You’re s-sure it was only a dream?”

“I promise it was only a dream,” I say with a smile. “You’re safe here.”

His breathing finally begins to slow, and get to a more normal level. His eyes also stop darting around the room, and instead keep to me. “I’m s-sorry. I didn’t m-mean to-”

“Don’t worry about it,” I say softly. “Now, I’m going to go get a doctor to use a spell to help with the pain in your abdomen, and I’ll also bring you a new gown. Yours is rather soaked.”

Not to mention that all the sweat smells AWFUL, but now’s probably not the best time to mention that.

He gives me a nod in the affirmative, and with a smile I leave the room to get the gown and a doctor. But the smile is gone the second I depart.

So that’s why he was injured so horribly when he arrived. Chrysalis. I don’t need to ask him to know that whatever she did to him, it was horrendous. But why him? I’ve seen him with nothing on, he’s no threat to her. He’d probably be no threat to me either, even when healthy. Though I suppose there’s no way to figure out why she does things. From what little I know she just does whatever she feels like.

But what exactly happened in that dream of his? Was Chrysalis attacking him? Or was she perhaps just terrifying him? Whichever it is I doubt he’ll tell me any time soon. Maybe later I’ll talk to him about it. At the least his friends should know about that nightmare.

“Oh! Hey there nurse!”

Speaking of which…

Looking down the hall I see a smiling Rainbow Dash trotting down towards me, expertly dodging doctors and patients as she does so. “How’s Micah been doing? Is he gonna be able to get out soon? Pinkie and I’ve got some stuff planned,” she says eagerly.

Sighing, I say, “He’s still stable. It will take some more time before he can walk on his own. He’s also only now woken up, so, you probably should wait before visiting him.”

Rainbow’s smile disappears at once as she says, “Oh. Well how much longer will that take?”

“About half an hour or so. Before anything else I need to get him a new gown and help him put it on,” I say as I continue walking, but stop when Rainbow puts her hoof on my shoulder, stopping me.

“What does he need a new gown for?”

Well, this isn’t about his overall medical status, so I can tell her this much. Besides, as a friend of his, she should know.

After quickly glancing down the hall to make sure nopony is nearby and won’t overhear, I whisper to Rainbow Dash, “He was covered in sweat. It was so bad I could smell it on him. It’s because he had a nightmare and was terrified. Rainbow Dash, what happened exactly in his world? He mentioned Chrysalis in his sleep.”

Rainbow gasps, and actually steps back as she hears those words. Though she only steps back for a second before recovering from any shock she has.

“Come on Rainbow, what hap-ACK!”

I’m grabbed by the shoulders by Rainbow. I knew she was strong before, but now that she’s shaking me back and forth like a filly would with a doll, I get first-hoof experience. This mare could give Applejack a run for her money!

“Is he alright? Did he tell you what it was about? Did you wake him up gently? Why would you leave him alone? You have to let me see him now!” Rainbow Dash shouts as she shakes me more and more violently with each question, until finally I’m able to get out of her grip.

“Enough, Rainbow Dash!” I exclaim as I back away from her, and pick up my fallen cap as I also try to fix my mane. “He won’t be alone for long, and you will see him when I am sure he has calmed down. And he did not tell me what it was about. I just know whatever it was about, it terrified him. Also, of course I woke him up gently, why wouldn’t I?”

Before my words finish leaving my mouth, Rainbow Dash is already moving down the hall towards Micah’s room. Quickly moving after her, I grab her tail between my teeth and with one quick yank I pull her back, as she lands on her flank.

“Ow! What was that for?!”

“For not listening to me,” I say, keeping her pinned to the ground with my hoof on her tail. “You can’t go see him now. I will let you know when you can.”

Rainbow pulls hard to try and get her tail loose, but thanks to my being an earth pony, she can’t do a thing. Eventually she stops and sits back down. For a moment she just sits there, head hanging low, before turning to look at me.

“I can’t tell you what happened,” Rainbow says, her ears flat against her head. “But… She hurt him. Badly. You… You will have to ask him if you want to hear anything else.”

Unless something major happens he’s not likely to trust me enough to tell me that. What could that monster have done to him? I saw the wounds she gave him. But the way he reacted from that nightmare, it seems like she must have done more than physically harm him. By Celestia, what happened back on his world?

Author's Note:

More changes still. I changed this one heavily because I wanted to have the Chrysalis thing earlier. Also, expect more Rainbow Dash. I got some plans for her.