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To Return Home - Yonah21

Sequel to My Very Little Ponies. Micah the human is brought to Equestria to save his life. But he finds there seems no way for him to reutrn. And as there's a war going on, he has to rely entirely on himself to get back. But what'll it take

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Council in Canterlot

“Did you enjoy your breakfast?”

“I’m g-getting a little tired of apples and s-salads, but it w-was alright.”

That is putting it mildly. Apples and salad, apples and salad, ugh! What I would give for a delicious pizza with jalapeno peppers and garlic, mm! Now that would be a delicious meal. But, seeing as how I don’t even know if pizza exists here I’m thoroughly screwed when it comes to getting one.

My stomach seems to share my sentiment as I hear a loud rumbling from it, getting the attention of Redheart.

“Still hungry? I can get you some more if you want,” she offers with her usual smile.

Sitting up a little more to get more comfortable, I say, “No thanks, I’m g-good for now.”

“Oh? You sure ‘bout that? ‘Cause I bet you’re wanting something other than hospital food.”

Both Redheart and I raise an eyebrow at that, and look to the door. Unsurprisingly, the pony to enter through it is Skittles, with a surprisingly big smile.

“H-hey Skittles. Are you d-doing well?” I ask, glad to see her. But with a glance at Redheart I notice she’s not exactly too happy about this.

Come to think of it, she hasn’t exactly been nice around Skittles at all. Redheart seems to always think Skittles is too rough, while Skittles believes Redheart is too cautious. I hope that doesn’t keep going between the two of them.

“Yep! But I’m not here for chit chat. I think it’s time for you to get out of this hospital for a while,” Skittles says, getting a surprised look from Redheart.

Getting out of here? Though I don’t know where we’d head off to, I’m definitely not opposed to leaving here for a bit. It does get rather boring after a while. I don’t know how somepony can work in a place like this, with the boring routine they must have.

“Rainbow Dash, that’s not a good idea. He needs to stay inside, at least for a few more days,” Redheart says as she steps between Skittles and I.

Clearing my throat I say to her, “Redheart, you’re b-being a little over-protective. I’d l-like to get out of h-here for a little while. I’m n-not sure what I’d be d-doing, but I’d like it n-nonetheless.”

“You see?” Skittles says, walking past Redheart and towards me. “He wants to get out. You should let him.”

Sighing once more, Redheart says, “Micah, are you sure about this? I don’t know if this is a good idea.”

Grinning I say, “I’m n-not sure what I’d be d-doing when I’m out, but I w-would like to get out f-for a bit.”

“Something tells me that no matter what I could say you’re going to be stubborn about this,” Redheart states.

Sporting a grin I say, “Oh? Wh-why’s that?”

“Just call it a hunch. If you really want to do this though, I have to get the paperwork started, and have Doctor Haywick come by to do a last check to make sure it’s alright for you to leave the hospital for a short time,” Redheart says as she heads towards the door.

“Make it quick nursey! We got places to go and things to do!” Skittles shouts and turns to me as Redheart exits the room.

But not without a final glare directed at Skittles.

“Sk-Skittles, you don’t have to be s-so abrasive with R-Redheart. She’s just d-doing her job,” I say.

As those words leave my lips she groans, saying, “But she doesn’t have to be such a pain in the flank about it. She’s treating you like Fluttershy treats her kittens.”

“Are you s-saying you think I’m as c-cute as a kitten? I d-don’t know whether to be t-touched or insulted,” I state, laying back and pouting.

“Hah! Dontcha ever try to pout around me. That sort of stuff never works,” Skittles laughs and pats my shoulder.

Grinning, I say, “I bet it w-would work on Fluttershy th-though.”

“Probably. Not sure about Twilight,” Skittles says. “Eh, it doesn’t matter. But I’m betting she’ll be glad to see you. Her and the rest of the girls.”

“H-how have they been d-doing? I h-hope they’re alright,” I say, as I sit myself up in bed.

“They’re fine Micah, don’t worry. Twilight’s finishing up some stuff in Canterlot, so she should be coming down here soon,” Skittles says as she jumps onto the bed next to me, getting herself comfortable.

Canterlot? Huh. Must be speaking with the princesses. I hope that she’s giving Celestia at least something of a talking to.


*Venture’s POV*

“When we’re done here, do give Micah my best wishes, will you Twilight?”

“Of course Princess Luna.”

Princess Luna is something. All of these Lords and Ladies here, who might say anything when by themselves, wouldn’t dare say a word against her when she’s within earshot. It’s a pleasant change from their usual pompous attitude.

Twilight being here certainly helps as well. That bookworm definitely makes these Lords show respect, near as much as Luna does.

And with the size of this chamber, there will definitely be a lot of them inside here. The chamber, at maximum capacity, could hold possibly sixty sitting ponies, and many more standing ones. Normally the light from outside would be shooting through the windows and illuminating the room. Instead, today we have a heavy storm of rain.

Somewhat fitting for us having a war council. It shouldn’t exactly be comforting.

“Captain Venture. I heard your recent excursion was a successful one,” one of the Lords say from the side.

Looking at the stallion who just spoke, I see that there are actually a lot more of them now. Some I recognize, some of them I haven’t yet seen until just now. The cutie marks, which also double for their sigils, are recognizable if even the ponies they belong to are not. Some are from Baltimare, some from near Appleloosa, a few by Las Pegasus, and some of course from Manehattan and Fillydelphia. But, there are only four remaining from what should be a group of ten northern lords.

I don’t need magic to guess what happened to the other six. But, back to the present.

“Lord Sapphire. Yes, my excursion was quite successful indeed,” I say as I put on a grin for the overdressed, over-scented, pompous pony.

It was a simple reconnaissance mission, and I have the quietest ship in the whole fleet. How could it not have been successful?

Nodding, the stallion says, “Ah, very good captain. I suppose your boat is a perfect fit for you then.”

I swear I feel a vein in my forehead pressing against my skin. Did he just call the Dauntless a boat? She’s the fastest ship the Equestrian navy has! No other ship has ever sailed the Eastern or Western Seas swifter than she!

Before I have the chance to say a word more, and put this ‘Lord’ in his place, Princess Luna speaks up, casting a glance my way. “My Lords and Ladies, thank you all for coming to Canterlot. Please, sit.”

“Aunt Luna, before we do so, I must object to the inclusion of Captain Venture and Twilight Sparkle in this meeting.”

Oh ponyfeathers, I forgot Blueballs is here too.

Out of all the ponies who are here, he’s the one I cannot stand above all others. He’s the most pompous and rude noble I’ve ever seen. If he wasn’t a noble I don’t think he’d be able to survive. The only reason I’ve heard he became a noble is because of him being barely related to the Princesses, and his being good with finances.

Though I admit I’m looking forward to seeing Luna’s reaction to a recent military maneuver he ordered. That will probably happen later.

“Objection noticed, Prince Blueblood. But overruled. Captain Venture has news to report, and Twilight Sparkle is here by my personal invitation. They shall both stay here,” the princess declares as she takes her seat. “Everypony, please sit.”

Princess Luna sits first, followed by Twilight Sparkle. After the two of them everypony else sits at the seat emblazoned with their sigil, usually a copy of their cutie mark. Except, oddly enough, for Blueblood. His sigil is nothing like his cutie mark, instead being a white sparrow on a red field.

After Luna’s horn shines for just a moment, the table in front of everypony glows. As the glow subsides the surface of the table is an exact replica of a map of Equestria, with names of the various cities and towns. To add to that, there are also markers for the locations of our forces and keeps that are currently in our control.

Princess Luna turns to me. “First of all, Captain Venture, I ask that you report to all here exactly what you discovered during your sailing in the western sea.”

I bow my head in respect to her, before standing. “Of course Princess Luna. My crew and I did a reconnaissance mission through the western sea for a month,” I say as I move my hoof over that part of the map.

“We followed the instructions given to us not to engage any enemy vessel and only fight if it is absolutely necessary. Thankfully, we were able to remain undetected for our entire voyage. But, our fears of the siege of Vanhoover have been confirmed,” I declare as I point to the coastal city.

“The ships Sombra has sent outnumber our western fleet? Is this what you’re leading up to?” Lady Stream Right says, her ears flat.

“Sadly that is correct. They outnumber our entire western fleet by at least fifty percent. If we tried to break their blockade of Vanhoover, our ships would be destroyed and the blockade would remain in effect,” I say.

I wish these ponies would know not to interrupt at a war council. There are certain customs that are meant to be followed. Not to mention it’s just rude.

With a sigh, Lady Stream Right slumps down into her chair. Unlike some lords or ladies, she has a good reason for being worried about Vanhoover, other than it being a vital city for us to hold. It’s been said she has a daughter still within the city at this moment.

“And what news of the garrison inside Vanhoover itself? How long can we expect them to hold out if we cannot bring them new supplies?” Lord Topaz Sapphire inquires.

Okay Venture, don’t say anything. Just grin and bear it for now. Maybe later they’ll stop interrupting. There has to be at least one pony who’ll have some sense of decorum.

“We have received no word from Lady River Tinker for some time. It’s possible Sombra’s unicorns have used spells to block any communications from the city. As to how long they can hold out, I do not know. But probably no more than three months, if the enemy army doesn’t simply overwhelm the defenses,” I say, causing Lord Sapphire to rub his eyes with his hoof in frustration.

Sadly, Blueblood speaks next. “Can we do supply drops using pegasi? They cannot carry much but even the smallest amount is better than none at all.”

“Prince, the pegasi from Baltimare have tried that,” the red coated pegasus Lady Rare Charge says. “For every hundred that are sent, no more than a dozen return. We can’t continue to do that, the casualties are far too high.”

“I agree with Lady Rare Charge. While Vanhoover is important for us to hold we cannot continue to do supply drops using pegasi. The casualties are too great,” Princess Luna says. “We will have to find another way to bring them supplies. Captain Venture, thank you for your report.”

With a nod to the princess I take my seat. While Blueballs might not want me here at least the princess appreciates my talents.

The next to stand is Lady Windy Haze, her gray coat showing her age. “While the siege of Vanhoover is a pressing concern, there is another matter to which we should attend”, she says as she motions her hoof over Galloping Gorge. “My cousin Arcing Hammer holds a keep at the Northern entrance to Galloping Gorge. His scouts have informed him that an enemy force numbering three thousand, maybe more, is massing near the gorge. Arcing’s force numbers only a fifth of that of the enemy.”

“We have more pressing matters than your cousin’s keep, Lady Windy Haze,” Blueblood declares, earning him a glare from Haze. “Vanhoover at the moment is more vital. A keep is just a keep.”

Wow, this moron doesn’t know much does he?

“Vanhoover might be a more well known target, but Galloping Gorge is one of the major passes from the north down to Canterlot itself,” I state, Blueblood looking at me wide eyed, as if he’s almost in shock someone would disagree with him.

“Whoever controls it can move ponies, supplies, artillery, and nearly anything else as they wish. So I’d say this is a most pressing matter.”

Before Blueblood has the chance to utter a word more, Luna cuts him off. “I agree, Captain Venture. While Vanhoover is vital, we need to be realistic about those we can help, and those we cannot. At this moment we can act to keep Galloping Gorge in our control,” Luna says as she looks around the assembled lords and ladies.

“Princess Luna, my troops and I shall make our way to Galloping Gorge to join the garrison.”

The voice comes from the assembly of northern lords and ladies. Everypony glances to the previous silent nobles. At the beginning of the war they were always the most vocal, as their lands are right next to Sombra and his armies. But as the war progressed, and more land fell to Sombra, the northern nobles became far more quiet and subdued. They’re not as proud as they used to be.

All that pride has turned into vengeance.

The Lady who spoke is Lady Icy Shield. She’s a cross old mare, but she’s certainly somepony you’d want on your side in any fight or dispute. Her lands have held out against Sombra the longest, and has had a surprisingly good set of victories.

“My one thousand troops, added with Arcing Hammer’s garrison, should be enough to hold Sombra’s forces for a time,” Lady Ice Shield says. “At least enough that the southern entrance to the gorge would be able to have a surprise for Sombra, should he get through.”

“Thank you Lady Ice Shield,” Princess Luna says. “Now, there is one last thing I wish to say before we conclude our meeting for today.”

Blueblood grins widely upon hearing that. He seems to know exactly what is going to be said next.

“Prince Blueblood, before arriving here, you led a counterattack against the incursions led by Ruby Red, one of Sombra’s most well known lieutenants. Before your actions, she repeatedly attacked our eastern coast, raiding many villages and towns. I commend you for your actions,” the princess says with respect.

“Thank you auntie,” Blueblood says as he rises. “My troops fought quite well. I had no doubt they’d succeed in their task. She will think twice before picking a fight with Equestria again.”

From what I know you should have kept sitting on your flank.

Rising to her hooves, Princess Luna says, “For now, I’d like to speak with Captain Venture and Prince Blueblood alone. I have private business to discuss with them both.”

I’d bet a thousand bits that Blueblood thinks he’s about to get showered in praise by Princess Luna. I hope more than anything right now that he’ll get the chewing out he deserves.

The nobles all leave quickly, and the moment the door behind them closes, Blueblood opens his spoiled, rotten mouth once more.

“Auntie, I think you should know that we were able to capture some of the enemy officers. They might have some information which-”

“Ugh, will you stop going on about that? And don’t call her ‘auntie’ when in front of the nobles. She’s your princess,” I say, getting Blueblood’s attention.

Immediately his eyes narrow and he steps towards me. “You watch your tongue Venture. Just because you have a ship doesn’t mean you are an equal to us. If it weren’t for the information you happened to gather, you wouldn’t even be here. And besides, Luna knows I meant no disrespect.”

“Whether you meant it or not doesn’t matter,” I say through clenched teeth. “And you’re lucky that she put on that little show when the other nobles were here. I wouldn’t have been so kind to you.”

“What are you talking about? I stopped Ruby Red’s attacks on Equestrian soil. If you were smart you’d know that’s a good thi-”

“Enough, Blueblood.”

Oh, here it comes. I think now’s the time for me to step away for a bit.

Luna glances my way as I do just that, before turning back to Blueblood. Just like before, she doesn’t reveal anything that she might be feeling.

“Tell me, Blueblood. What were your orders when you were given your soldiers and your command?” Princess Luna inquires as I look on, grinning all the while.

One of his eyebrows arches as he answers. “To hold our positions and only act in defense, not offense.”

Luna steps towards Blueblood, keeping her emotions hidden. “Yet you committed your forces to an offensive maneuver. In direct violation of your orders, no less.”

“I saw an opportunity. We took the fight to her and she was unable to stop us so she turned tail and ran. It was a great success,” Blueblood declares as he grins from ear to ear.

“A short term success. I wanted her to go in further. I had a lieutenant of mine waiting with a trap set. I wanted her to go south because she is blind to any traps. I could have her being interrogated right now,” Princess Luna states, narrowing her eyes. “Instead I have a few junior officers. Tell me, do you believe they will have any useful intel that can aid us in the way against Somba?”

Well Blue it looks like you’ve done bucked up.

His lips move but not a single word leaves them. It takes nearly a minute for him to find words to say. “No. But for every pony we lost Ruby Red lost--”

He stops speaking instantly as Luna leans in closer, and uses her very well known Canterlot voice.

“We need our soldiers more than the enemy needs theirs!”

Her voice sends chairs flying and nearly topples the table over. Blueblood has to grab the table so he won’t be sent flying, but even that just barely allows him to hold on. Though, as soon as the voice is used, it’s gone.

“Leave, Blueblood. I wish to speak with Captain Venture alone. And next time, you’d best follow my orders exactly as I give them, is that understood?,” the princess asks through bared teeth.

Damn I’m glad I’m not in Blueblood’s hooves right now.

At this point Blueblood is shaking. Even though I’m quite a bit away I can see his mane shaking, and think I can even hear his teeth chattering. Without a single word more he dashes out of the chamber, nearly knocking me over in the process.

The second he’s out Luna says, “I trust you shan’t tell anypony of what I said to him.”

“I admit I’d like to let the other nobles know how much of a screw up he is, but if it’s an order you know I’ll keep quiet,” I state as I shut the door.

“Then consider it an order,” Luna says as she slides into a chair, sighing. “He may be a fool. But he’s a fool who is part of my family.”

“I don’t know whether that’s more of an insult to you, or a complement to Blue,” I say as I sport a smirk and take a seat next to her.

Grinning, the princess says, “Maybe a bit of both. But enough of him. I have a new mission for you to undertake, as soon as you can.”

Oh? Hm, didn’t expect that.

“What would that be?” I ask, as I sit.

Princess Luna leans in close, her voice lowering to a whisper. “I want you to take your ship and sail north again. I want to know the movements of the fleet blockading Vanhoover. Get information on the number of ships, their patrols, any openings that a ship might be able to exploit. I want as much information as possible. Is that understood?”

“Yes, it is. Though, why are you whispering? There’s nopony here,” I state, gesturing to the obviously empty chamber.

“I do not wish for anypony outside the door to hear. I didn’t say this to the other nobles because I don’t trust them. I trust you alone with this information, and the mission. Do you accept it?”

Well this is one thing I definitely didn’t see coming. If Luna wants me to go and do this, I’ll do it.

Nodding, I say, “I’ll do it. But I can I ask why?”

All I get from the princess is a smile.

Author's Note:

Another chapter, yay! Sorry this one took so long. Had a lot of stuff to do.

I hope you liked the war council scene. Got some major influence from Game of Thrones in it.

Next, some light hearted moments.

Also, to the person who had an OC of a helper of Applejack, give me the details again. I can work him in next chapter.