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To Return Home - Yonah21

Sequel to My Very Little Ponies. Micah the human is brought to Equestria to save his life. But he finds there seems no way for him to reutrn. And as there's a war going on, he has to rely entirely on himself to get back. But what'll it take

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A meeting

Panic returned to me as my eyes snapped open, my flailing arms soaked with sweat as the image of that monster returns.

“Where are you?! Stay away f-from me!”

She was just here. A second ago she was right here in front of me in-

Wait a second. This isn’t the cell. I’m in a bed, with a blanket around me. This place smells of antiseptic. This is the hospital.

What the hell? How did I get here? I was in the cell with Chrysalis just a second ago. Chrysalis, she...

I just, she, Chrysalis was making me remember everything. Everything. Oh G-d that word means a lot more now.

“Whoa there! Easy Micah, don’t get up so fast.”

I jerked my head towards the voice, and blinked at the unexpected sight.

“Redheart? Where am I? N-no, wait, where’s C-Chrysalis?” I asked, as my eyes darted about the room. Looking around I see nopony here other than Redheart. No Chrysalis, changelings, or anything.

Redheart walked towards the bed and gently placed a hoof on my shoulder.

“Chrysalis is in her cell. After she hit you with her magic the guards made sure she wasn’t going anywhere,” she said with a smile.

“You s-swear? No lies.”

Placing her hoof on her chest she said, “I swear it. You’re safe here. You know I’m not the lying type. Now, please, just try to relax, okay? So long as I’m here, I promise you’ll be fine.”

Those words were all I needed to relax. After a sigh I fell straight back onto the bed, and I almost smiled. But her reassurance - pleasant as it might have been - was no more than a passing distraction.

How did she do that? It should have been impossible! That guard said there was a ward that should have stopped her! But it didn’t. Chrysalis… She actually…

“Redheart, is… Is there a spell that can create memories? Y-you know, make someone r-remember things that didn’t really happen?” I asked as I feel my heart quicken as more memories and thoughts fill my mind.

“I don’t know much about magic. Only spells I know about are healing ones,” she said as her ears flattened. “Why do you want to know?”

“You don’t kn-know everything she did to me, do y-you?”

There’s a moment of silence before she answered.

“No. I was never told any specifics.”

“Then I’ll tell you. H-have you ever come across a pony that w-was cruel? Cruel j-just for the sake of being cruel? Imagine that that pony t-took the place of somepony you l-love. I’m not talking about a c-crush, I mean actually head over h-heels in love. And even worse y-you don’t even know whether your l-love is alive or not.”

I tried to take a few breaths to calm down. It worked in the past, back on earth. But it didn’t bring any relief this time.

“And… And she d-does things to you. Sometimes she tries t-to get you to do it w-willingly. Other times she f-forces you. But t-to toy with you she rips that from your m-mind. Until she d-decided to make you remember again just to c-cause more pain,” I said as Redheart sat next to me.

“You don’t have to talk about this Micah. I think it’d be best if-”

“She raped me. It, I just, the things sh-she made me do… She hurt me, she humiliated me and sh-she had me…”

Oh not now, don’t do this now! Don’t let her see me like this. Control yourself. Stay calm.

But I couldn’t. Tears started flooding from my eyes. Through the tears I saw Redheart put her hoof on my hand, and immediately I grasped it.

“I… Micah I had no idea it was that bad. If you need to talk about it I know some kind ponies that can help.”

“Have you and I s-seen the same ponies? At least h-half of them are scared of me, the other h-half seem to th-think I’m a monster. It’s like… Like they think I’m as b-bad as Chrysalis!”

“That’s where you’re wrong. Ponies here, well, they’re just very skittish. Or at least most of us are. You should’ve seen how they acted when Zecora the zebra first arrived here,” Redheart said as she gently rubbed my hand.

“But it d-doesn’t make it right. Maybe if th-they knew what C-Chrysalis did… How… How she-”

It happened again, only that time it didn’t stop. My heart pounded so hard I’m surprised my chest didn’t burst open.

“Just breathe Micah. You’re safe here. So long as I’m around I promise you you won’t have to worry about her hurting you anymore. Okay?”

“You can’t promise me that R-Redheart.”

She grinned.

“I’m your nurse. What I say goes. Besides, imagine what the other nurses would say. ‘Redheart single hoofedly kept Chrysalis away from her patient’. Ponyville General’s gonna have to seriously increase my pay if they want to keep me around.”

That was able to get me to laugh.

“Hah! Having my d-delightful company wasn’t reason enough t-to stay around?”

“Oh please, they’re going to have to pay me double to put up with you,” Redheart said as she chuckled for a moment. “Since I’m taking care of such a dangerous creature.”

“Y-yes, I’m so dangerous. Fear the cripple!”

We both laughed after that. I’m so glad Redheart wasn’t like some of the more stuck up nurses I’ve met on earth.

“But, seriously, once you get back to Ponyville, I’m taking you in for a check up at the hospital. After being in a coma for a week Doctor Haywick is gonna want to see you for himself.”

“What?” I asked, eyebrows raised. “I’ve been asleep for a w-week? And if I’m not in P-Ponyville what are you doing here?”

“You were never in serious danger, but the magic Chrysalis used knocked you out cold. The doctors hoped it’d be temporary, and they didn’t want to risk a negative effect from trying to snap you out of it early, so they let it run its course. The reason I’m here is because I was invited while I was doing some shopping here in Canterlot.”

“Invited? B-by who?”

Redheart was about to answer, but was interrupted by a knock on the door.

“Hello? Nurse Redheart, may we come in?”

Redheart left my side to go to the door and opened it.

“Who’s there?” she asked before her eyes go wide.

I heard laughter from the now open door as Redheart quickly bowed.

“There’s no reason to fear us. This isn’t Nightmare Night after all, I’m not going to gobble you up.”

Wait a second… I remember that voice. Only one pony has that voice.

Redheart instantly moved away from the door while bowing. As soon as she did so, our visitors entered.

First was Princess Luna. The show doesn’t do her justice, not at all. If ever a pony could qualify as beautiful, it would be her. Her mane doesn’t look like simple hair, like Redheart’s or Skittles’. It’s seems almost otherworldly with the way it moves with no wind.

Her dark blue, near purple coat fits her title of Princess of the Night perfectly. Her small tiara and matching chest ornament both are jet black with the crescent moon on them. The only part of her that doesn’t match the dark motif she has going are what look like fancy horseshoes, which are a lighter shade of blue, and those eyes of hers.

Her eyes looked to Redheart first, but soon landed on me. For a pony that could be thousands of years old, her eyes showed absolutely no sign of age.

“Greetings Micah. It’s a pleasure to finally meet you,” she said with a smile, and glanced back at Redheart. “Thank you for coming Nurse Redheart.”

“Yes. Our special guest deserves the best care possible.”

And then she came in.

As much as she annoyed me, I had to admit that Princess Celestia was as impressive as ever. Luna’s mane might be lovely, but Celestia’s is far more so. It looks as if it's nearly angelic, if I dared say so. Along with that, her white coat is quite the contrast to Luna’s.

In just about all ways they are opposites. Celestia is taller and more welcoming an appearance. Luna has more of a guarded appearance to her. But why both of them are here is something I definitely don’t know.

“Micah, this is Princess Celestia, and Princess Luna,” Redheart said as she pointed her hoof towards them.

“I know who th-they are. I think anypony in Equestria would know these t-two,” I said to them both.

Celestia smiled.

“I’d hope so. No doubt Twilight and the others told you a lot about me,” she said as she and Luna walked towards my bed and quickly reached my side. Redheart however, stayed away.

“Well… If you need me I’ll be right outside. Just holler okay Micah?” she said as she went outside as I gave her a nod.

The moment the door shut, I spoke up.

“I deserve some answers f-from you C-Celestia.”

Celestia seemed unfazed by my abruptness, but Luna wasn’t.

“There’s no reason to be so curt Micah. We knew you’d have questions for us, and we will answer them,” Luna said as she narrowed her eyes.

“She’s being truthful Micah. I’ll gladly answer any and all questions you have,” Celestia said.

Wow. I could tell immediately Celestia was tall for a pony, I didn’t think she’d be able to stare right down at me like that.

“But first if you’ll let me, I’d like to know how things are going for you. How has your time in Ponyville been?” Celestia asked.

“You w-want to know? Alright then. S-save for Twilight, her friends, R-Redheart and a few others, most ponies either h-hate me or are scared of me,” I said.

“What happened exactly?” Celestia asked.

“A m-mix of insults, anger, and b-baseless accusations. If R-Rainbow Dash wasn’t nearby it very well could h-have been worse.”

Both Celestia and Luna frowned. They didn’t know? I’m surprised. I thought Twilight shared everything with Celestia.

“I am very sorry to hear that Micah. Twilight told me that you had some difficulties. But I did not think that most of those in Ponyville would act so poorly,” Celestia said.

“Well, they did. Or most of th-them did. There was one pony named T-Time Turner that was alright, but, w-well…”

“We understand Micah. We shall arrange a meeting between you and the press. You will be able to get out your side of the story,” Luna said.

“Hold on a s-second. That’s something I want to kn-know. You two queens-”

“Princesses”, they each interrupted.

“Princesses, whatever. You r-rule this place. All of Equestria is under your p-power, and you can d-do anything you want. Why did you w-wait until now to talk to me? You could have spoken to m-me whenever you wanted,” I said to the both of them.

The two of them shared a glance before Celestia responded.

“Cadance told me that she spoke to you about a unicorn named Sombra. Correct?”

I nodded, and Luna continued.

“After our failure to defeat Sombra, Cadance, Shining Armor and myself had to come back to Canterlot and call upon every single noble-pony. With their help, we raised an army to fight him. It’s the first time in centuries Equestria had engaged in full warfare,” Luna said.

Celestia placed a hoof onto her sister’s shoulder.

“It’s not your fault sister. Cadance told me of your encounter. You fought valiantly.”

“That doesn’t explain why y-you couldn’t have at least checked on me. At l-least once.”

“Leading a nation at war is time consuming. Our priority was the front lines, and everything else had to wait. I don’t deny that we should have tried to contact you earlier. That was a failing on our part. But what is in the past is in the past. We can’t change that now,” Luna said.

“G-d knows I w-wish we could,” I said.

Now to the million dollar question.

“When can you s-send me back?”

The silence that came from them wasn’t exactly comforting. They shuffled their hooves before Celestia answered.

“We’ve been looking for a way to send you back for some time. After what you’ve been through, anyone would want to go home.”

“I’m sensing there’s a b-big ‘but’ coming any second.”

The silence that stretched on before she answered was not exactly comforting.

“However I can’t send you back. I will not risk your life after what you’ve done for my subjects, and myself. I don’t want to see you hurt again.”

“That’s not your choice t-to make. I don’t b-belong here. I belong on my planet, w-with my family, my friends, my own s-species. You can’t just t-take that from me,” I say, my fists clenched.

“We shan’t take anything from you. We’re not robbing you of anything,” Luna interjected.

“Seriously? Ah, j-just like your sister didn’t r-rob you of your place when she cast you t-to the moon.”

“Would you truly wish for us to send you back when you could die?” Celestia asked.

I was about to last out again but stopped.

“No. But why can’t you s-send me back? You got back h-here safely enough,” I asked.

“If by safely enough you mean nearly killing ourselves falling out of the sky? If Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and myself had not been there, the others would have died. Teleportation magic is risky enough from city to city. But trying to teleport somepony across worlds? That’s far more dangerous,” Celestia responded.

“But it’s still p-possible. I can’t s-stay here forever.”

“And you won’t, I promise you. We have vast archives here. I’m certain we can find the information we need. It will just take time.”

I sighed.

“How much time exactly is ‘s-some time’? I just… I n-need to know. Just give me s-something.”

Luna’s eyes looked away.

“Most likely a few months.”

“A few m-months? What the hell am I g-going to be doing here for m-months?!”

Celestia smiled at hearing that.

“Well, Pinkie Pie has said there is an opening at Sugar Cube Corner.”

Author's Note:

I am so sorry for the long delay of a rather short chapter. A lot of stuff has been going on with me lately.I do hope you like this one. Also, I'd really like it if some would maybe visit my askmvlp blog. You can ask any of my characters anything there.

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