My Very Little Ponies

by Yonah21

Chat with Applejack

     “Ok, I need to go to the store. There’s not all that much in the fridge, other than eggs and a bit of milk. And there’s not all that much I can do with that.”

     One negative about living on a bakers salary, is that while you can get enough to live on, you have to be sparing with how much you buy with each grocery trip. And the fact that I need Kosher food makes the costs go up all the more. I wish it wasn’t so labor intensive for the food to be certified Kosher.

     “Oh, get lots and lots of sugar! Don’t forget to get a lot of cupcakes and sweets please!”, Pinkie says.

     “I’ll get some Pinkie, don’t worry”, I say, and I look at Applejack, standing next to Pinkie.

     “What are ya lookin’ at me for?”, Applejack asks.

     “Well, I was thinking that while I am shopping you and I could have a little chat. Do you remember yesterday, I told you that I wouldn’t mind talking today?” Hopefully she will remember.

     “Oh. Oh! Right, Ah remember. So when would ya like to get goin’?”, Applejack says as she walks towards me.

     “I wouldn’t mind going right now actually. Sooner we leave the sooner we can get back after all”, I say as I reach down and pick up my shoes.

     Applejack might not know much about magic, but she should have at least some manner of answers for me. If nothing else this will give me a chance to get this question out into the open. Often I feel better if I am able to just talk to someone about an issue. I don’t always need immediate answers. Though, immediate answers are rather nice.

     As I slip on my shoes, Fluttershy moves in front of my face, saying, “Oh, um, there is something else you should get too. If, if that’s alright.”

     “I’m open to any and all suggestions Fluttershy. What is it you would like?”, I ask after I tie my shoes.

     “Well um, if it is alright, you’re running low on cat food. I’ve noticed Bonnie has been eating a little bit more lately. You should probably get a little bit more for them”, Fluttershy says softly as ever.

     “Ah, right. I shall do that. Thanks for the reminder Fluttershy. It’s good of you to always look after them for me, like when I’m gone and such”, I say with a smile as I reach for my sweater I have left on a chair.

     With how Bonnie has been eating more lately, I do wonder how long it will take until she gives birth. Hopefully it will happen soon. There is nothing quite like the adorableness of newborn kittens. I really hope that she will have a bunch of them.

     “Well now, we better get going”, I say as I turn to look at Applejack and Pinkie. “Oh, and Pinkie, do me a favor please, don’t let Skittles get outside. I don’t want to have a hawk nearly get inside my apartment again.”

     “I heard that!”

     “Good, I’m glad you heard it Skittles! I mean it, stay inside! I don’t want a repeat of that!”

     As I hear no comeback from her, I drop it at that. Hopefully she won’t try going outside again. I wouldn’t want to risk that thing getting in here.

     “Alrighty Applejack, would you prefer to be in my pocket, or a bag, or something else or what?”, I ask as I place my hand down next to her.

     “Pocket would be alright with me. I ain’t fussy ‘bout that sort of thing”, Applejack says as she steps onto my hand.

     “Certainly different from Rarity. She complained about the lint inside. Good to know that you won’t do that”, I say with a grin as I place Applejack above my chest pocket, and let her jump inside of it.

     “Ah ain’t fussy like Rarity is. Ah get way more messy than this on Sweet Apple Acres any day I work. Now let’s get goin’!”

    “Indeed, let’s. Well ladies, have a nice time while I am out!”, I shout out to them as  I step out of the apartment.

     As I shut the door behind me, I hear shouts of ‘goodbye’ or ‘see you later’ from the mares inside. I do like those mares. Pinkie is funny and always has a smile on her face, and Twilight’s eagerness to learn is something I have to admire. Rarity, while a little I must admit is a little annoying at times, is certainly helpful and polite as all the others. Skittles can be a big freaking pain in the tuchus, but the more time I spend with her the more I don’t notice those things, and the more I like her. And while Fluttershy has not spoken much at all, it is adorable how much Bonnie and Clyde have bonded to her. Also Applejack...

     Hm. I haven’t spent much time with Applejack at all, now that I think on it. While I have not spent much time with Fluttershy either, that sort of makes sense. Her name sort of describes her being so shy, so I most likely wouldn’t be able to speak with her anyway.

     But why not Applejack? She and I have chatted every now and then, but never for that long like I have with Pinkie, Rarity, Skittles and Twilight. Well, at least now that she and I are by ourselves we can talk.

     “Micah, you alright?”

     Hearing that country voice pulls me out of my inner monologue, and I look down to see Applejack looking up at me from inside my pocket.

     “Ah think you zoned out again.”

     “Oh. Sorry about that Applejack. I was just thinking about stuff. I didn’t mean to zone out like that”, I say apologetically.

     “Ya seem to do that a lot partner”, Applejack says with a grin. “What were you thinkin’ about?”

     “Well, I was just thinking that I have spoken with you the least out of everypony else. I was wondering why that is”, I say as we reach the stairs, and start walking down.

     “Hm. Ah never really noticed, but, you’re right. You and Ah never spent more than a second here or a moment there to chat.”

     “Yeah… Sorry about that. I don’t know why I didn’t. I mean, you’re nice, polite, and you obviously care greatly about the other mares.”

     As we reach the bottom of the stairs and step outside, I hear a slight snickering. As I glance down I see Applejack looking up at me with a slight smirk.

     “Ah got a hunch why”, she says, keeping up the smirk.

     “Oh? And what’s that?”, I ask with a raised eyebrow as we start walking down the sidewalk.

     “Maybe it’s cause you’re still sore ‘bout me tying you up faster than a hog in a rodeo?”

     “What?! You know as well as I that only worked because of how surprised I was! If I was not surprised I would have gotten out of that easily! It isn’t every day I get hogtied by a talking cowpony with a stetson hat!”

     “Now now, don’t worry ‘bout a thing big guy”, Applejack says, her smugness clear. “Ah won’t tell anypony ‘bout that. Probably.”

     “Oh, your humility and kindness is astounding Applejack. Utterly astounding”, I say, trying to match her smugness with my sarcasm. I don’t really know if I can, but I might as well try.

     “Ain’t it just though? Ah’m plum glad you finally realized that”, the mare says with a tip of her hat.

     “You are a very odd and interesting mare, I’ll give you that.”

     “Why thank you. But Ah’m guessing that ain’t what you wanted to talk about”, Applejack says, her tone quickly shifting. “What do ya really want to talk about?”

     And now we come to it. At least this way I don’t have to think of some way to begin this chat. Hopefully Applejack will be able to give me some sort of answers.

     “Well, first of all, how much do you know of magic?”

     “Ah don’t know much. Why would you ask me ‘bout magic anyway? Twilight would be better.”

     “Do you remember what happened yesterday when I showed her the television show I thought the six of you were from? I didn’t want to add to all that. I think she had enough to deal with yesterday.”

     “Oh… Right”, Applejack says, her ears laying flat. “Ah see.”

     “And I feel that if anypony will give me a straight honest answer it is going to be you”, I say with a reassuring smile.

     “Why thank you Micah. So, what is it about magic you want to know ‘bout?”

     “Teleportation magic, specifically. Like the kind that was used to get you and the other five mares here”, I ask her.

     Her eyes widen for a moment before going back to normal, and again speaks up.

     “Ah, Ah don’t know much ‘bout that sort of thing. But Ah know that regular transportin’ ain’t difficult for Twilight.”

     “So, it would be easy for all of you to come back here after what you need to do is done?”, I ask hopefully, smiling.

     “Ah don’t know ‘bout that. Ah don’t think it’s that simple”, Applejack says as I notice her eyes aren’t meeting mine any longer.

     “How so?”

     “Ah just remember Twilight said that it usually ain’t safe to use the type of magic that brought us here.”

     Damn it. I really was hoping that wouldn’t be the case. But, just because it’s dangerous doesn’t mean that it’s also difficult right? Maybe it is dangerous but can and has been done many times before!

     “But it has been done many times before, right? I mean, come on, with something that can take you to many other worlds it has to have been done many times. I know if I had that ability I would use it all the time”, I say.

     “If it happens a lot Ah ain’t ever heard of it. Don’t think the other girls did either.”

     “Are you sure?”

     I quickly look around, and thankfully see nobody nearby. I reach into my pocket and gently pull her out, into the palm of my hand. Before I say anything else though I move between two buildings, so nobody will see if someone walks by.

     “Are you really sure about that? Just… Are you sure? You can’t think of any other time that anypony from Equestria ever went to another world, or dimension, or whatever the hell this is, safely and returned?”, I ask, hoping that she might be able to think of one instance when that happened. Just once.

     “Micah, why are ya askin’ that? You’re soundin’ more worried than a cat in a room full of rockin’ chairs”, Applejack says, her concern clear in her voice.

     “Applejack, just answer the question.”

     For a time, she just looks at me, as if analyzing me. Though soon enough she speaks.

     “Ah am sure. Ah’m definitely sure.”

     “That… That was not what I was hoping you would say”, I say to her as I bury my face in my free hand.

     Why? Just, just why? I have these six fun and funny and kind ponies in my home, and it seems that once they get back, they won’t ever come back here. If it’s so difficult to teleport as they did to get here, and if it is dangerous, why would they come back? Hell, Twilight said the only reason they are here is because they are after something that is extremely dangerous.

     So if Applejack is right, and it is as difficult as she says… I won’t see them again. This is it.

     Feeling a hoof on my chin, I look and see Applejack gazing at me. She looks worried. Not scared or anything like that, but definitely worried.

     “Wanna tell me what’s goin’ on in that head of yours sugarcube?”, she asks, smiling gently.

     “I just, I was really hoping that you would not have answered like that is all”, I say, my frustration coming out in my tone of voice.

     “You care to tell me why? Ah don’t think that’s the only reason”, Applejack says.

     “I am just wondering… Do you think you could ever come back?”

     “Ah know Ah would love to. This place ya got here, this huge city is mighty interesting. What pony wouldn’t want to come back here if they had the chance?”

     “That’s not an answer. You are saying you would love to, not that you can. Don’t think that I didn’t notice that.”

     Applejack takes a few steps back before sitting down on my palm.

     “Ah… Ah don’t think so. Ah would want to, but Ah don’t think Ah could with how hard it must be”, she says, her voice hushed and no longer meeting my gaze.

     “But if it’s so hard why did you come here? If it is so damn difficult why even risk it if it would be so hard to get back?!”, I say with a shout, frustrated with a lack of a real answer.

     Applejack seems taken aback by my abrupt change in tone, but only for a moment. Her eyes narrow, and she steps as close towards me as she can without falling off of my hand.

     “Now you listen here big guy. It ain’t my fault that magic works that way. Ah don’t have no say in that. So don’t get all mad at me for somethin’ that ain’t my fault”, Applejack says as her eyes narrow in frustration.

     “For goodness sake Applejack I’m not blaming you for this! I just don’t understand this! And you aren’t exactly doing a good job of explaining!”

     “If Ah ain’t to blame then why are you shoutin’ at me?! If you wanted a good explanation, why didn’t you just get Twilight instead?!”

     “Well excuse me for thinking you might have some sort of idea!”

     Really, was it so much of me to think that she might have some idea? And I can’t believe she is acting like I’m blaming her! I’m not blaming her! She should just know that it makes no sense of her to have on answer!

     And on top of that, why is she and everypony else so damn secretive about why they’re here? Don’t they trust me by now? Seriously, I think I have earned their trust at this point. I’ve never harmed then, and I’ve been kind! Hell, with Twilight yesterday I was able to stop her from going nuts when she heard about the show!

     Putting Applejack back into my pocket, I continue walking. I’ll deal with this crap later. Might as well get the groceries out of the way as no matter how angry I might get I still need food.

     “You know Ah’m right! You don’t got no reason to be angry with me! And Ah can tell there’s somethin’ else ya ain’t tellin’ me!”

     “Oh for goodness sake Applejack shut up! I don’t want to hear anymore of it!”

     “TOO BAD!”

     Applejack manages to climb up my shirt, grabbing onto my hair with her hooves. I can’t help but think, how does she do that with no thumbs?

     “Listen Micah, Ah ain’t going to just let you yell at me! You know it ain’t right to treat me like a dog that you’re angry at! You decided to have me be the gal to tell you ‘bout this, and Ah did. Don’t get angry at me for not likin’ the answer!”

     Applejack actually seems a little… Scary. I don’t know how, but she actually does. I have never seen anypony get as angry as she is right now.

     But that doesn’t change anything.

     “You could at least tell me something! You’ve lived in Equestria your whole damn life, you gotta have some kind of idea! I’m no scientist but I still got a basic understanding of how that works!”

     “Your fancy science and magic ain’t the same thing! Now stop being angry at me and tell me why you’re really angry!”

     “Applejack just shut up! I don’t want to hear about this anymore! I only wanted to bring you here because I wanted to say how worried I was about not seeing you all again! Not to hear you shout at me!”

     Any and all anger immediately leaves Applejack’s eyes. Instead of anger she seems to show… Sorrow?

     “You could have just told me that pardner”, she says as she slides down, and my hand catches her.

     Before speaking, I take in a deep breath to try and calm down a bit. “I know, I know”, I say, and sigh. “I just was upset and frustrated at what you told me and instead of dealing with it like I should have, I lashed out at you.”

     “Ya didn’t have to be a tough guy and deal with it yourself. You should’ve told me the second we were alone.”

     “I was going to tell you. But, when I heard that you probably couldn’t come back, and you couldn’t explain why-”

     “Ya’ll went and got upset, and instead of bein’ calm ya went and acted like a little filly.”

     “... I wouldn’t be so blunt about it, but, yeah, you’re right.”

     Applejack’s lips slowly form into a small smile, and she says, “And the reason you acted like that is ‘cause you’ll miss us, won’t you?”

     “Yeah”, I say as I lean against a nearby building wall. “I know you six have only been here a few days, but you have been a lot of fun. I, well, I wish that there was a way for you to come back.”

     Instead of speaking again, Applejack looks down, and shuffles her hoof for a while.

     “Applejack? Hey, I mean what I said. I really am sorry about my behavior, truly, and I do really, really wish that you could come back sometime.”

     “Ah know, don’t worry. Ah was just wonderin’ somethin’”, she says as she looks at me once more.

     “Care to tell me what that is?”

     “Well since we got here, Ah think that you could maybe, if you wanted to… Come back with us.”

     My jaw drops from her words. Out of all the things she might have said I certainly wasn’t expecting her to say that.

     Eventually I regain my senses and I say, “W-what did you say? Me, go to Equestria?”

     “Yeah. After all, you are definitely helpin’ us out. Ah don’t think Celestia would mind none”, Applejack says with a gentle smile.

     “Applejack that’s…. I just…. I don’t think I could”, I manage to say.

     Applejack’s ears flatten the moment my words leave my lips, and her smile leaves swiftly. She doesn’t look angry, but does look disappointed.

     “Why? Are you worried ‘bout how you’d live? Ah promise you we could get you a job no problem. Pinkie’d get you a job at Sugarcube Corner, and ya might be able to live there too for a while! And if anypony messes with you, you just tell Rainbow and Ah and we’ll-”

     “Applejack, please, stop”, I say, placing a finger over her lips. “I, I don’t doubt you’d do all of that, but still, I don’t think I could.”

     Brushing my finger away from her lips, Applejack continues.

     “But why? Now you’re the one who ain’t answerin’”, Applejack says as she points a hoof at me.

     “Don’t get me wrong Applejack. Truly I, I am flattered by that offer, truly I am. It is very kind of you, and I believe you. But I couldn’t do that. With how you talked about the magic that got you here, if I used that to go back to Equestria which I honestly doubt would work, don’t you think the chances of me getting back here would be pretty dang low?”

     Immediately Applejack face-hoofs, and I hear her muffled voice speak.

     “Ugh, horseapples, don’t know why Ah didn’t think of that. Ah remember you got yourself a family, a pretty mare, and a whole life here. You can’t just up and leave ‘em.”

     “Right. It would be as if I asked you to leave behind Big Mac, Granny Smith, and Applebloom to stay here. While it would definitely be interesting to have you here, I know you couldn’t stand to leave them”, I say to her.

     “You got that right. Ah know Ah would hate it if Ah couldn’t see ‘em again”, she says before placing her hoof back down. “And you pardner feel the same way with your family.”

     “Right. I do wonder what will happen once you all go back. There is no way I am just going to forget about all of this. But I can’t tell anybody about this either, as anyone I tell will think I am insane.”

     “Sometimes ya gotta keep things secret. Ah reckon we ain’t gonna tell nopony but Celestia ‘bout the show you got here.”

     “I know. But still, I just… I know I will probably not see you again, but by G-d I wish I could. I really don’t know exactly what I will do if I am not able to see you ladies again. I wish so much there was some way-”

     This time I am the one who is interrupted, when Applejack places her hoof over my lips.

     “Ah get ya Micah. Trust me, I do”, she says with a smile. “But not everythin’ can go the way we want. Sometimes we’ve gotta just keep on going best we can, and have a great time doin’ it. Worryin’ won’t help a thing.”

     “So, you say that instead of spending a lot of time worrying about this, I should focus more on the present. Stop worrying about something I can’t help and just enjoy the time I got with you all now.”

     “Ya got it”, she says, still smiling.

     “I like how you think”, I say as a smile of my own shows on my face. “Makes sense.”

     “Micah! There you are!”

     Oh my gosh Leah had to come around now?!

     Immediately I put Applejack into my pocket, and turn around to see Leah stepping out of her black truck. Dang it all, why is it she has to be out and about today?! And how the hell did she know I would be walking down this street?!

     “Um, hi, Leah. How have you be-hmph!”

     Well this is a little unexpected. Before I have the chance to say anything Leah grabs my sweater collar, pulls me close and plants her lips on mine in a kiss. And this isn’t some regular, ‘Hi sweety I love you’ kiss. It’s the sort of kiss that almost always leads to needing the door locked. Or as is often the case with Leah and I, locked, bolted, and nailed shut with soundproofing.

     After a while she pulls away, and I see a wide smile on that lovely face of hers. She is definitely in a good mood for some reason.

     “Well Leah I must say I never tire of meeting you with a kiss”, I say as I match her smile with my own.

     “I would hope you wouldn’t. I’d be insulted if that were the case”, she says, her hands on her hips.

     “And I definitely wouldn’t want to do that”, I say with a smile, and give her a quick peck on the cheek. “What are you doing here? Kind of odd you just happened to come across me.”

     “I was just driving home from the hospital. And since I saw you on the sidewalk I figured I should check on you”, she says, and then runs her fingers through my hair. “You know you should really fix your hair. Maybe you should shave it till you get the entire thing fixed.”

     “Oy vey, Leah, please, for the love of Hashem please stop the bald comments”, I say with a sigh, burying my face in my palms.

     “You know I’m only joking. So, what have you been up to the last two days?”

     “Oh, not much. Work, playing video games, the usual. Hanging out with some new friends as well.”

     “New friends? What are they like?”

     “Well, there’s a bookworm, a country lady, a tomboy, a kooky girl, fashionista, and an animal lover. Met them a few days ago.”

     “Quite a lot of ladies there Micah. Not thinking about replacing me now are you?”, Leah says with a pout, as she embraces me in another hug.

     “I’d never do that. No lady could ever compare to you”, I say, and give her a kiss. “And I doubt I’d live through your wrath if I did.”

     “I’d never hurt you. I’d get pissed and contemplate re-enacting the story of Jael and Sisera, but I wouldn’t actually do anything.”

     “Note to self, don’t piss you off”, I say with a grin.

     “Smart man. Though, now I gotta get back home. Take care, and I’ll see you later this week alright?”, Leah asks as she steps back towards her car.


     Before turning back she blows me a kiss. While walking towards the car I can’t help but notice how she moves her hips. I cannot think she is moving those hips that much accidentally. I don’t think that would be possible, to have hips moving like that, back and forth, back and forth… Back and forth...

     “Micah, you can stop starin’ now.”

     “Hm? What? Sorry Applejack my mind was, um... Somewhere else.”

     “Ah’m betting in your bedroom with your mare, right?”

     “That obvious?”

     “Very, very obvious.”