My Very Little Ponies

by Yonah21

Chat in the rain

     “Well, I’m certainly glad we got that all cleaned up. It wouldn’t have been good if Micah got back only to see all the frosting and the food all over the floor.”

     “Yep Twilight, and I am glad I still got to eat so much of it! It was super yummy!”

     After the accident which left such a mess on the kitchen floor, everypony quickly started cleaning everything up. It took them some time, and a food fight started between Rainbow Dash, Applejack and Pinkie Pie, but after some time they got it all cleaned up.

     “Just do us a favor Pinkie. Dontcha go and do that again, alright?”, Applejack says as she heads back to the main room from the kitchen.

     “Okey dokey Applejack! No problem!”, Pinkie Pie replies as she prances back towards the main room as well.

     Stretching her legs, Twilight says to herself, “Now that we got that taken care of, I can get to work on that spell I’ve been thinking of. If I can get it to work right, it will definitely help find those we are looking for. And the sooner we find them all the better.”

     Or at the very least it should. It certainly won’t hurt their efforts none.

     While talking to herself however, Twilight is interrupted when she hears grunting from the windows.

     “Urgh, come one, almost got it open enough!”

     Twilight facehoofs upon hearing the voice, immediately knowing who it is and what she is doing. She jumps onto the table, and from there onto the windowsill, eye to eye with Rainbow Dash pushing the window open bit by bit.

     “Hey Twilight”, Rainbow says dismissively as she continues to push open the window. “I’m going to go flying a bit.”

     “Um, Rainbow, you do remember how a hawk almost caught you earlier, right? And that happened because you were outside?”

     “Oh that was only because I wasn’t paying attention. I’ll be more careful this time, don’t worry so much. Besides, you do remember why we are here in the first place, right? We need to keep looking”, Rainbow says as she pushes the window open just enough for her to get through.

     “We do need to do that, yes, but not like this. I really don’t think that’s a good idea. You should probably stay here. We can go out together some time later, or maybe have Micah take us to different places, but you shouldn’t go right now. And besides, I am working on a spell that will help us.”

     “I’ll be right back, calm down. I won’t go that far away from here anyway.”

     Rainbow doesn’t wait for Twilight’s answer as she starts to move outside, though stops as she feels Twilight grabbing onto her tail with her magic.

     “Rainbow, no. I can’t just let you go outside after what happened earlier. It’s too dangerous for you or anypony else right now. So get back inside and-”

     “Twilight, I found another bit of frosting!”

     Before Twilight can say anything Pinkie shoves a hoof covered with frosting into her mouth, breaking her concentration and her control of her magic. Rainbow, of course, takes advantage of the situation immediately.

     “See ya Twilight! Don’t you worry, I’ll be fine!”

     Before Twilight has the chance to restrain Rainbow, she already gets far enough away she wouldn’t have a chance of holding her back. Soon Rainbow becomes nothing more than a blue dot in the sky.

     Pinkie waves at Rainbow as she flies away, before turning to Twilight.“Hey, where is Rainbow Dash going Twilight? Um, Twilight, why are you hitting your head against the wall?”


     “Leah, you have no idea how much fun I had today.”

     “Especially just an hour or so ago?”

     “I think you already know quite well what I thought of that bit. I swear you hypnotized me when you moved your hips like that.”

     “Hehe, if it is that easy maybe I should do it more often.”

     “Well it’s not like you won’t get anything out of it either. You do get to enjoy my stunning good looks after all whenever I am in your company.”

     Those clothes Rarity got me certainly did seem to be an improvement in Leah’s eyes. Well, they were anyway for most of the day. After spending some time outside, and just talking… Let’s just say they did not stay on for too long once we got back inside. She can be very convincing. I am only now putting on my clothes again.

     You know how some people have a girlfriend who can convince them to do anything given the right motivation? Yeah, that’s the type of lady I have. Now she doesn’t ever make me do anything bad or wrong, but she knows she can convince me to do anything she wants. And if she wants to have it happen fast she certainly knows how to motivate me.

     Though she rarely ever has to. I don’t know why but since we first met I was just bewitched by her. That service on Rosh Hashanah, the beginning of the new year was when it happened. I don’t know about many others but that day was certainly the start of more than a new year for me.

     “You would look far better if you had some more hair, baldy.”

     And sadly that new start involved many ‘going bald’ comments.

     “Leah, I’m not bald. My hair is just thinning a bit. That’s all. I don’t care what it takes though, I will get thick, gorgeous long hair”, I say as I pull on my shoes.

     “Let’s hope so. You’re only twenty five after all. I would still like to have some hair to grab onto when we are in bed together”, Leah says, and I feel her fingers going through my hair. “I don’t want your head to look like a pale white basketball.”

     Turning to her with a smile, I say, “But if I did I would at least look like a sexy pale white basketball. Or would it look more like a matzah ball?”

     She chuckles for a moment, then says, “Who knows. I do hope that you turn into neither. I would have far too much explaining to do to my parents.”

     “You know, as much as I love to stand around and listen to you make fun of my hair problems, I got to go home. I want to make sure I am well rested for tomorrow”, I say as I pull on my other shoe.

     “Ah, right, you got work tomorrow. I hope it goes well for you. I got most of tomorrow off, save for one meeting. For some reason I was the only doctor at the hospital called in for it. But I got the rest of the day off so I’m not complaining.”

     “Lucky you then. I got to be at work by seven in the morning.”

     “Then you better get a good amount of rest toda-”


     I jump into the air at that sound, almost landing into Leah’s arms as that sound echoes throughout her apartment. That thunder just sucks!

     “Geez I freaking hate that thunder! It scares the hell out of me!”

     “I’m not too scared of it, but I don’t like being out in it. Would you like me to drive you home though? You don’t have to walk you know.”

     “Thanks, but no. See you again later this week?”, I ask as I head to the door.

     “That you will Micah”, Leah says as she kisses me once more on the week with a smile. “I look forward to it.”

     “And I look forward to it just as much”, I say, stepping outside and shutting the door behind me.

     And the second I do I see that there is much more than just thunder outside. There is rain as well. Great, I am going to be soaked by the time I get home. Rarity probably won’t be happy once I get home with these new clothes waterlogged. Maybe I can get one of the other ponies to help me out so Rarity won’t kill me.


     “Ah, flying is awesome!”

     Rainbow has been ecstatic since she got outside. The moment she left she has been flying and exploring much of the city. Of course, she has been careful to not be spotted by anypo- er, anybody else. She has stayed fairly high up and away from any windows the entire time.

     Though she has yet to get on with searching. She will eventually, though as of now she is just loving the chance to be outside again. Having the wind blow through her coat and feathers, seeing the humans walking below, and the sky far above her. She also loves seeing the tall buildings here. Each building here is far taller than anything she saw in Ponyville, and she thinks they might even be taller than the buildings in Canterlot.

     One building that gets her attention is one somewhat odd shaped building. It has an odd, very wide base with a lot of humans walking inside. Though while the base is very wide it is extremely narrow as it goes up, then is wide once more at the very top, with a needle of some kind at there. She also notices a strange machine lifting the humans up from the ground all the way up to the top, where there is a restaurant inside. Now this is a nice idea, having a place to eat up this high. Has Micah ever been up here?


     Rainbow lets out a short scream from the loud thunder that seemed to crack out of nowhere. Why does the weather here seem to change so much? And it happens without anypony changing the weather on their own. She is still getting used to that.

     She figures that with the lightning it might be a good idea to head back for now, and do the searching later. And if Twilight asks? Well, she can just say while flying she didn’t find anything. Which is the truth, after all.

     The pegasus quickly flies off, back towards Micah’s apartment. Along the way however, she sees a certain human walking along the sidewalk, through the rain. If this was in Equestria a light bulb would have appeared over her head from the idea she just got, causing her to smile as she looks down at him.

     Quickly she flies down, right behind him. Thankfully she doesn’t need to worry about being spotted as the rain seems to have sent all the other humans inside. She now only needs to wait for the right moment.

     “Note to self, next time Leah offers to drive me home, I should take the offer”, Micah says as the rain continues to fall.


     Micah jumps for a moment upon hearing the thunder, then says, “My goodness it sounds as if it is getting closer and closer! I wouldn’t be surprised if the next one hits me.”

     Grinning wide enough to make even Pinkie Pie nervous, Rainbow takes a deep breath, leans in close to Micah, and then…


     Rainbow Dash nearly falls to the pavement from laughing so hard as Micah lets out a scream like a little filly. She would swear it looked like he is jumping almost ten feet in the air out of fright! Even more funny to her is when he gets back down to the pavement, he slips right onto his back as if a banana peel was under his foot.

     “Rainbow, what the hell is the matter with you?! You scared me almost to death!”, Micah says as he gets to his feet, wiping dirt off of the back of his shirt.

     Trying to stop from laughing so much, Rainbow flies towards his face.

     “I, hehe, I just couldn’t help it! It was the perfect moment! And, and your scream was, haha! Besides, you weren’t hurt were you?”

     “No, no I was not. At least not too badly. But I could have been”, Micah says, and starts walking again, with Rainbow flying right next to him. “And what the heck are you doing out of the apartment? Did you already forget about when you were attacked by that hawk earlier?”

     “Ah I’m not worried about that. I didn’t run into that featherbrain when I was out flying. I did see a very odd building earlier. It had a bunch of you humans eating at the top of it. It also had some kind of needle on top for some reason.”

     Micah says,“You are talking about the space needle. It is the only building I know of in Seattle that is like that. I will say I have been wanting to go there for a long, long time.”

     “Well why dontcha? There’s a machine that carries humans up there so you could get up there no problem”, Rainbow says, confused. If humans can get up there so easily why hasn’t he?

     “Money. I get paid enough that I can afford my apartment and some small luxuries, but not enough to eat up there. One meal can cost… Um, I don’t know how much you can buy with a bit in Equestria, but here it would cost me about fifty units of our currency, a dollar, to have a meal up there. And for a baker, that’s a lot of cash I can’t afford to spend.”

     Rainbow’s ears flatten upon hearing that. She didn’t think much about how that could be the reason.“Oh. Uh, sorry. I thought that-”

     “Don’t worry about it. I sometimes whine about it, but my financial situation isn’t awful or anything. I have enough money to allow me a steady enough income that lets me live in the city, close to my family and Leah.”

     “Yeah yeah, whatever. Still, I bet even you would like it there. The view is awesome!”

     “I bet that it is. Though you know that is not the highest building in the city right?”

     “Yeah , I know. It just looked weird and got my attention so I flew up to the top to check it out”, Rainbow says. “What’s wrong with that?”

     “Heh, nothing. Just makes me wonder what else might get your attention, that’s all. I thought Pinkie was the weird one of you lot”, Micah says with a grin.

     Gasping, Rainbow moves in front of him, accusingly pointing a hoof at Micah.

     “I’m not weird! You’re the weird one!”

     “Rainbow Dash, you are a toy sized, talking, blue, rainbow haired pony. In this world that makes you weird. You and the other five are all weird, in your own ways.”

     “What are you talking about?”, Rainbow asks, not getting his meaning.

     Sighing, Micah moves under cover momentarily so as to be out of the rainfall. He leans against the wall, folding his arms over his chest as he starts speaking.

     “You, for starters, can fly so fast you seem to break the sound barrier, or magic barrier or whatever it is. Fact of the matter is that is really, really weird. Pinkie Pie? I don’t even need to go into detail. Rarity is very strange with her detail to fashion and keeping clean at nearly any cost. Twilight is the biggest bookworm I have ever heard of. She lives in a treehouse/library for goodness sake. Applejack is obsessive over her family farm and work. And Fluttershy can talk to every animal. Need I go on?”

     “But, you, I… You’re weird too!”

     Micah flashes her a grin, and says, “And you think I don’t know that? I know I am weird. I am having thinning hair at the age of 25, I am a major fantasy nerd, I have six toy sized ponies in my house, and I keep to dietary laws written over three thousand years ago.”

     “And that doesn’t bother you that I think you’re weird? I don’t get that”, Rainbow says, confused. “I wouldn’t want anypony to think I’m weird.”

     “The way I see it, everybody is weird. At least in some way. Even you, Rainbow”, Micah says and starts to scratch the underside of her chin gently. Or at least tries to.

     Rainbow however doesn’t let him, and instead backs away and looks at him in confusion.

     She isn’t weird, is she? Yeah, she can do the sonic rainboom, but that’s just an awesome thing only she can do! That’s not weird, is it? Right? No. No it’s not weird. Though it is good for him he doesn’t mind being weird. If he is going to be, he might as well be glad about it.

     “Whatever. I think we should just get going now. Rarity is going to be ticked when she sees your new clothes all soaked and messed up. You better hope she isn’t too angry”, Rainbow says, smirking as she looks Micah up and down. He truly is drenched.

     “Yeah, um, I was actually hoping that maybe you could help me out with that. I don’t want Rarity to be angry at me, you know? I don’t want to know what she is like when angry”, Micah says, almost shuddering at the thought.

     At first Rainbow just stares at him, surprised. Shortly though she changes from being surprised to laughing.

     “Are you scared of Rarity?”, Rainbow asks as she covers her mouth with her hoof while she laughs. “You, a big guy, scared of Rarity?”

     “I, I just don’t want to stress her out is all. I don’t like seeing any lady, or mare in your case upset. Though I admit I have yet to see anything more terrifying than an angry woman”, Micah says. “Nothing can stop an angry woman.”

     Rainbow grins, and “Well, I will might help. If you say please.”

     Micah lets out a sigh, but says, “Please Rainbow Dash, will you help me out with Rarity?”

     “Hm, I’m not sure I believe you. I think you should ask me again”, Rainbow says while floating in front of Micah still.

     “Oh for-fine, fine. Please please Rainbow Dash, help me with Rarity. Pretty pretty please”, Micah says with another sigh.

     Rainbow leans in close to Micah, no more than three inches from his eyes as she speaks once more. “Now, say that you are a scaredy colt who is terrified of tiny little Rarity and needs tough and awesome Rainbow Dash to protect you.”

     Micah’s eyes go wide, not expecting Rainbow to demand something that humiliating.

     “What?! Oh hell no, I am not doing that much. I will just handle Rarity on my own.”

     Micah starts off again into the rain, and hears Rainbow Dash right behind him, laughing slightly as she flies right to the side of his head.

     “Hey, calm down, I was only joking with the last part. I’ll make sure Rarity won’t be too upset”, Rainbow says with a smile. “Though you are still a scaredy colt.”

     “And you are still an annoying sack of-”


     Both Rainbow and Micah let out a short shriek at that one, as it seems the lightning was getting closer and closer. That one sounded as if it struck almost right behind them. Micah also feels something grabbing onto his shoulder.

     Apparently Rainbow felt the urge to grab onto the closest thing. That being Micah himself.

     “So, Rainbow, I am a scaredy colt? I think you screamed more than I did there. Does that make you a scaredy filly?”

     “Oh Shut up Micah.”