My Very Little Ponies

by Yonah21

Questions and singing.

     “So, ladies, I presume that everything is in order and to your liking?”

     “Mhm, thank you Micah, that was very nice of you.”

     “Darling, you are quite the cook. Everything was exquisite.”

     Following Fluttershy and Rarity, everypony else also voiced their enjoyment of the food. I am just glad that they all enjoyed it. After spending time cooking, no one wants to hear that their efforts were all for nothing. Ask any cook and they will all say the same.

     Skittles was actually as helpful as Pinkie Pie in the kitchen. Even though she had a habit at times to toss some flour and sugar at my face, I didn’t mind. She is actually growing on me a lot lately. And the fact that I tossed some sugar at her as well probably helped too.

     “What did you make for yourself Micah?”, Twilight asks as she takes another bite out of her food.

     I respond as I sit down with my bowl and plate of food, “Nothing fancy. Just some porridge and toast. With extra sugar in the porridge of course.”

     And now, time to taste it. I dip the toast, lightly toasted, and not too much butter of course, into the porridge. I know it sounds a bit odd, but I don’t care, it tastes amazing. With a wide smile I take a bite and the flavor is just as good as I remember it.

     The porridge is not too thick or too thin. That is the problem with porridge, it is difficult to reach that point. So often people make it so that it is almost as thin as water or so thick that you could dig it out and eat it with a fork.

     Thankfully my ima taught me how to do it properly. When you cook it you have to add just enough milk and porridge to get it right, and whatever you do, don’t ever stop stirring it. You stop for too long and it will thicken up really fast. Only when it is done can you stop.

     The sweetness level is also perfect. It is small enough that I won’t make a face from having it, but not too much that it would even make Pinkie Pie go crazy. Or more crazy than is normal for her.

     “Mm, delicious. I just love this so much. So simple, so good”, I say with a wide smile.

     I am brought out of my almost blissful state when I notice Twilight looking at me, her eyes most inquisitive. When she notices she has my attention she starts speaking.

     “Um, Micah, not to be too forward, but do you remember how some time ago you mentioned I could ask some more questions?”

     “Hm? Oh… Oh! Yes, right, sorry. I don’t know how I forgot that. I did say I would answer some more of your questions. Well, uh, what would they be about, might I ask? Government? Human anatomy? More things about religion? Or maybe technology?”

     “Actually, I was wondering if we could know more about you.”

     It is a good thing I wasn’t drinking any water at the moment, for if I was I would have done a spit-take.

     “Say what? Why would you want that?”, I ask with a raised eyebrow.

     “You are the human that we are staying with, after all. And when we eventually go back we will have a record of all that happened to report to Celestia. I feel part of that report should be about you, since you have been helping us”, Twilight says with a smile. “If you don’t want to though, I-”

     “No. Twilight, get a piece of paper and a pencil, and let the interview commence. Ask whatever you wish”, I say with a smile.

     Twilight grins, and quickly gets off the table. Though it would seem that not everyone is glad that this interview is about to start.

     “Ugh, this is going to take forever”, Rainbow says with a groan, and looks at me. “I hope your answers won’t be too boring.”

     “I can only say I shall tell the truth. I promise no more than that.”

     “Well now that’s always a darn good thing to hear”, Applejack says, tipping her hat to me.

     “Alright, let’s get started!”

     Twilight gets back onto the table, pencil and paper levitated in her magic as she looks at me with a very eager smile.

     “What would your first question be?”, I ask as I get into a more comfortable position in my chair. I have a feeling this might take a while.

     “First just some basics. Where you were born and raised for starters.”

     “Born and raised right here in the city of Seattle. I occasionally left for trips and such, like when I went to Israel, a country thousands of miles away”, I say, recalling that trip.

     “Oh, about that, how were you able to afford that? From what you have told us, you do not make exactly a lot of money”, Twilight asks as she writes everything down.

     “Well I had some help. There is an organization called Birthright that helps young Jews like myself who have never gone before to be able to do so. It was quite an amazing trip I got to say. I think you might have liked it too Twilight. We got to see a lot of historical sites. Later I can talk about it more, as I am sure you have more questions.”

     “I would love to hear more of that. It’s nice to see somepony else who is interested in history and learning”, Twilight says as she scribbles down all that I said.

     Rainbow speaks up before Twilight has a chance to ask anything else. “History is boring. I can barely hear anypony talk about it without falling asleep.”

     “Nobody, or nopony in your case Rainbow should be averse to learning history. In this world we have a saying; ‘Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it’”, I say to her.

     “Well said Micah. I agree wholeheartedly. Now, next question”, Twilight says as she looks up at me. “How long have you and your mate Leah been together?”

     “Ah, well, she and I have been together for a little over a year”, I say. “I do rather like her. Even with all the bald jokes she makes.”

     “Oh, and about that, darling if I may ask, why are you already having thinning hair when you are so young?”, Rarity asks.

     Oy vey I had a feeling that one of them might ask that.

     “No idea. With humans it is somewhat random, as far as I know. Some of us don’t go bald until they reach fourty ears old or more, others go bald early like me. I don’t like having hair like this. I wish it was like the… How do I put this, um… Oh! You remember that commercial you saw for that fantasy film, how some of the male humans have long flowing hair? That is what I wish to have”, I say.

     The sides and back of my hair is thick and in good shape, but gosh darn it the front and parts of my scalp is far too thin to pull off that look. But one day, one day I will have that long flowing hair.

     “Darling that is a wonderful choice. I believe if you can get thicker hair you can certainly pull off that look. I only hope that I might be able to style it for you. Oh my, what I could do with all of that hair… I would be the first pony ever to be a humans stylist!”, Rarity says, the look in her eyes that of pure glee.

     “It would be an honor, lady Rarity”, I say with a grin. I think she actually would be able to do that fairly well. If anypony has a chance at that it would be her.

     “Well, how nice. A stallion with proper manners”, Rarity says, smiling. “Blueblood could learn how to treat a lady properly from you.”

     “I have my mother to thank for that. She really made sure I know how to treat a lady.”

     “That is something else I was wondering about. What is your family like?”, Twilight says as the pencil continues to write.

     “They are all good folk. My mother, named Sarah, was born in Tacoma. My father, Joseph, was born here. She was twenty two and he was twenty one when they got married. They claim it was love at first sight, though I have a bit of a hard time believing that. I also have an older brother named Solomon who is a veterinarian, and a younger sister named Deborah who is a police officer. We all get along pretty well, save for of course the occasional bickering that is pretty much standard with all families. You should have seen Hanukkah last year, that was not pleasant.”

     I hear a small, quiet voice that must be Fluttershy say, “Um, excuse me, but, I am wondering, what kinds of animals does your brother take care of?”

     “All kinds, actually. Usually he takes care of cats, dogs, mice and such. But sometimes he is called in to take care of other animals like deer, racoons, those sorts of animals. You would probably like being there. Maybe I could take you there some day before you leave so you can see some of our animals.”

     “That would be wonderful. Um, if you want to, since you of course don’t have to”, Fluttershy says with a smile.

     “I wouldn’t mind at all. He would probably love to see you. So, Twilight, what would you like to ask next?”

     Twilight looks apprehensive about something, as she rubs the back of her neck with her hoof. “Pinkie Pie mentioned a few days ago that you have claustrophobia. If it is alright, could you tell me why you have that fear?”

     Damnit. Why did she have to ask that? I should have mentioned that that is one thing I don’t like to talk about at all. It even took me a long time to feel comfortable enough to explain it to Leah.

     “I’m not going to answer that one. I don’t like talking about that fear, nor why I have it. I might explain it to you some other time, but not today.”

     Twilight opens her mouth, I guess to try and get me to tell, though she doesn’t. She seems a bit disappointed, but thankfully does not decide to press the matter at all.

     “Okay then”, Twilight says with a small smile. “Next question.”


     For some time all six of the ponies asked him many different questions. None of them at all were invasive or rude, and the conversation was pleasant all the way through. Save for that one question about Micah’s claustrophobia.

     “I think that’s about enough for tonight Twilight, if you don’t mind. Though I would be fine answering some more tomorrow, if that’s alright with you”, Micah says as he steps away from the table, and starts picking up his silverware.

     “Alright. I enjoyed our conversation by the way. I would also like to learn more about the history of the area as well, if you don’t mind”, Twilight says as she places the now text covered paper and pencil down.

     Micah responds once he has the silverware in his hands and heads to the kitchen, “I don’t see why not. Maybe I can take you to a museum in the future before you go. We got quite a few in this city and in the surrounding areas.”

     Twilight was about to voice her eagerness to go to the museum, though stops when she hears a ‘clink’ sound of a knife in Micah’s hand slipping and colliding with the ground..

     “Oh do be careful dear. You keep that up and you very well might blunt the knives”, Rarity says as she looks down at the knife.

     For some reason unbeknownst to the ponies, Micah doesn’t say a word. He just slowly looks up from the knife towards Rarity. Very slowly, his mouth curves up into a smile. Not an average smile, but almost as close as a human can get to a Pinkie Pie smile.

     Micah leans over the table towards Rarity, and says, keeping up the smile, “Did you just say, ‘blunt the knives’? Please, please tell me I did not hear that wrong.”

     Rarity, not totally comfortable with how close Micah is, nearly backs all the way off of the table while saying, “Uh, yes, yes darling, I did.”

     Micah then gently places all the silverware on the table, and with that, Micah dashes away from the table towards his bedroom without a word. Each pony just looks at the others, trying to understand why he is behaving so oddly.

     “Now what’s up with that feller? He ran off faster than a dog runnin’ away from a bath”, Applejack says, looking towards his room.

     “It is not rude in human culture for me to say such a thing about knives, is it?”, Rarity asks, a worried look in her eyes, her ears down.

     “I don’t think you offended him Rarity. You just seemed to have excited him is all. But I don’t know why”, Twilight adds as she again grasps her pencil and paper with her magic.

     Nopony else though has a chance to say anything as Micah comes running back towards the table with just as much speed as when he left. Except his stop is quite abrupt. Abrupt meaning, he trips and falls flat onto the ground.

     “Oh dear, are you alright?”, Fluttershy asks with concern as she flies down to him, Applejack following her and speaking right after she does.

     “You took quite a tumble there pardner, do you need anything?”

     Micah though just gets back up, seemingly unharmed or ignoring any pain. He gently grasps Applejack and places her on the table as he says, still grinning, “I would like your assistance in this short musical venture I am about to undertake.”

     “What are you talking about?”, Rainbow asks as she flies up to his shoulder, perching there.

     “Thanks to the lovely Rarity I have an excuse to sing a song I have been wanting to sing for over a year”, Micah says, while raising a small, metallic, and slightly old looking rectangular object in his hand.

     “What is that? And why would you wait so long to just sing?”, Twilight asks as she writes down more and more.

     “It is a device called an iPod that plays music. I will explain the way it works later as best as I can, but for now I need to play the song.”

     Pinkie gasps, and rushes towards him with just as wide a smile as he has.

     “A song?! Can I sing too? Can I can I?”

     “I doubt that I could stop you if I said no, Pinkie. Besides, I was hoping that you would say yes. Just copy my words as I sing them as best you can, alright?”, Micah says as he places his iPod on the table, and pushing it’s screen. “And the rest of you can join in if you want. Either sing, or kick the plates, cups, and silverware towards me. Don’t worry about breaking them, they are rather sturdy”

     Before anypony can say anything else, music starts coming forth from the device he calls an iPod. It is a strange music, a sort of beating sound than anything else. Micah then picks up some of the silverware, and what he does next surprises everypony, save for Pinkie.

     He doesn’t carry the silverware to the kitchen. Instead, he throws it towards the sink, in time with the music.

     While singing.

     All of the ponies look at him, at first with surprise though very soon Pinkie Pie joins in with him. Not only does she sing with him, she kicks some of the plates right towards him, which he is able to catch perfectly.

     Applejack joins in, not with the singing but with the plates and silverware at least. As more of the kitchenware is sent towards Micah, he practically turns it into a dance. He twirls and turns, and while it looks somewhat silly he actually never trips or gets hit with a single plate.

     Twilight of course is writing down everything she sees eagerly, glad to be able to observe this. She hasn’t seen any human dancing or singing before, whether in person or on the television. And she is certainly not going to just let this opportunity pass her by.

     Rainbow Dash joins Applejack and Pinkie Pie, and she actually tries singing along as well. Though most of her effort is spent kicking the plates on the table. Unlike Applejack who is being careful, Rainbow is not doing so. Once or twice she nearly sends a plate straight at Micah’s face, though he grabs them each time.

     Fluttershy however doesn’t sing, nor does she take part with the dishes either. Though anypony glancing at her can tell she does find it at least amusing.

     Rarity however is having the opposite reaction. She alternates between yelling at them all to stop this, and ducking down to avoid getting hit by any flying cutlery or crumbs of food. Rarity doesn’t get how just earlier Micah had such good manners and now he is acting like this.
     When the song ends, everypony, minus Rarity of course are at least chuckling, with Pinkie Pie laughing. Whether laughing at Micah, or out of just being happy, all save for Rarity are doing so.

     Micah though is laughing the hardest, holding his abdomen with one hand while placing his other one on the table to steady himself. “Hahaha! Oh, oh you ponies, I have been wanting to do that since I heard that song!”

     After his laughter eases up, his gaze moves to Rarity.

     “Uh, heh, sorry about all that. I hope you didn’t get messed up or any food in your hair. I just… After you said that, I just felt like I had to do that song. It was the absolute perfect moment”, Micah says, sitting back down to the table.

     “Well, um, it, it wasn’t awful or anything, but do at least give me a proper warning before you do that. I was almost struck multiple times!”, Rarity says.

     “Oh calm down Rarity, you weren’t hurt none. Sometimes it’s rip roarin’ fun to act silly like that”, Applejack says, smiling.

     Micah then turns to Rainbow Dash, and says, “Though please be careful next time Skittles, you almost clocked me a few times there.”

     “Oh stop worrying. You grabbed each thing I sent at ya. I wouldn’t have done that if I didn’t think you could catch ‘em”, Rainbow says with a grin.

     “I did not think you could do that so easily! It looks like you have actually practiced that before”, Twilight says with a smile.

     “It looks like that because I have. My brother and I saw the movie this song is from over a year ago and he and I have actually practiced that in our spare time. We are that nerdy”, Micah says as he leans back in his chair.

     “That was fun! Can we do that every time we need to clean the dishes?”, Pinkie asks as she jumps onto his chest, looking up at him with puppy dog eyes.

     “Well, I don’t see why not. It will definitely make cleaning the dishes more fun, and since I got you all here, I can actually do it in a group, which is always far more fun”, Micah says as he gently rubs Pinkie’s head with his finger as she looks up at him with her adorable smile. “And I don’t think I could say no to that face.”

     Pinkie gladly lets him rub her head so, while Twilight walks towards Micah, dropping her paper and pencil.

     “Micah, while I will not expect any more answers tonight, there is something that I think we have waited quite some time to know.”

     “And? What might that be Twilight?”, Micah asks as he continues to gently pet Pinkie Pie, who stretches out on his chest.

     “How is it that from when we first met, you knew our names, and know so much about us? That was something you did say you would explain eventually.”

     “Oooh. Right… I think it’s time to show you. Just do me a favor, and don’t freak out or go insane, alright?”